• Published 25th Apr 2022
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Smol Packages - 21 KM To Nerdiness

Are you satisfied with your cuddles? ❤

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Sunset's Sushi Surprise! 🐟🍣

"Um, yes, can I get the tekk-a-maki, is it? Mmhmm, soy sauce would be good, thank you. Okay, great. It's Kobe."

It was a chill afternoon. Too lazy to get his narrow nerd behind up to get groceries for his humble apartment, Kobe was in the process of ordering from one of the most popular restaurants in the city, Kawaī Ponī.

Finishing his order, he frowned. "The pony package?" he pondered, clutching his phone for a quick search on the restaurant's website.

~ Speedy delivery :rainbowdetermined2:
~ Cozy service :twilightsmile:
~ Customer satisfaction guaranteed :heart:

The description read.

"Uh, I suppose I'll get that then?" Kobe scratched his head. "Thank you again."

Hanging up, the man strolled out of the kitchen into the living room. With a heavy, lethargic sigh, he plopped into the deep depths of the couch's bulky cushions, sinking in as he flailed his arms to reach the TV remote.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. a soft thud tapped the door.

"Goodbye, comfy spot," Kobe grunted, wiggling out of the puckered seat's hold. "I hardly knew ye. Who is it?"

At the door, Kobe spotted nobody through the peephole. Ready to conclude it being ditchers, the same three knocks poked upon the door. Opening up, he took a quick peek around before looking down.

"Oh," the man uttered. "Hey there, little one. What's your name?"

Looking back up at him was a small unicorn pony with a light amber coat, a fiery red and yellow mane and tail, all dressed up in a sushi-themed apron topped off with an adorkable pufferfish pin in her hair. Smiling with a white and blue tote bag crinkled between her lips, she puffed her chest to reveal her festive fish-shaped name tag.

"Sunset Shimmer, huh?" Kobe said to himself, turning his attention to the bag. "Is that for me?"

The pony nodded warmly.

"Wow, that was speedy. Come on in!"

Ducking under the human's legs toward the living room, Sunset placed the bag on the low table in front of the couch. Kobe watched on in awe as she set the table with chopsticks, sauces, everything. He sat down before the lovely spread, gratefully plucking a thin stack of bills for the mare to gratefully put and zip in her apron's pouch.

Kobe dug into the cold but flavorful meal, humming in blissful delight as he tasted everything with the succulent sauces, washing it all down with occasional swigs of a warm cup of tea. As he savored the exotic dish, he turned to find the chipper pony sitting by his foot watching him with shining eyes.

"Did you forget something?" he asked. "Want a tip?"

Sunset hopped onto the cushion beside the confused human with an enthused nod.

"Well, uh, I'm sure I can find a couple bucks around here somewhere. Let me—"

The pony rested a hoof on his hand, shaking her head.

"No? You don't want money?"

Sunset shook her head again, rubbing her face against the knuckles of the man's hand with an adorkable pout.

"What, you want me to pet you?"

She nodded.

"Hmm, the thing did promise 'cozy service'. Odd. As weird as a colorful unicorn delivering food to you is, I will admit, you are super cute. Plus, I already sat down. Why not?"

A light squeak escaped the mare as she cutely squished her beaming cheeks with her hooves. Wiggling close, Sunset scooped Kobe's arm over her head with her nose like a wee pup, moving to curl up in his lap. Her head rested on his chest, Kobe brushed soft strokes across her stylish mane, earning a thankful sigh from the smol creature.

"Omigosh, you are so soft..." Kobe cooed, his fingers lost in the floof.

The ball of fuzz looked up to stick her tongue out with a silly wink before clinging to the man's arm to guide it to her li'l belly, caressing it in pleasing circles.

"D'awww, does the sweet pony like the rubs?"

Sunset wiggled and shook her squishy limbs, nodding in excitement.

"Heh, would a nice boop seal the deal for you, cutie?"

The mare's ears perked upon hearing the sacred word. Sitting up in her customer's lap, she twitched her nose expectantly. Kobe smiled, moving to raise a finger between her enormous, anime-like eyes.

"Am I gonna boop you here, or am I gonna boop you there?" he giggled, zipping his hand all around the unicorn's blushing face. "Or am I gonna– BOOP!"

The unicorn flinched in a happy shock, her nose scrunched up from the surprise boop attack. Happy with her tip, Sunset leaped in to pull the man into a tight but soft huggle, planting a tiny kiss on his cheek.

"Aww, you're a sweetheart." Kobe cupped the li'l fuzzy's face to smooch her warm forehead. "Thank you very much, everything was all lovely and satisfactory."

Her job done, the cutie grabbed a tablet, holding it out to show five blank stars on the screen.

Rubbing a finger across it, Kobe highlighted all the stars. "Oh, you've got yourself five awesome stars from me, little missy."

With a grateful clap of her hooves, Sunset finally hopped out of his lap. Her horn grew bright yellow, a tiny fortune cookie was levitated onto the man's hand. As she trotted toward the door, she paused.

"Missed something?" Kobe asked.

There, she stood on her hind hooves, waving at the high doorknob to the human's embarrassment.

"Oop, my bad!" he flung himself up, to hold the door open for the pony. "Forgot about your smolness."

Opening the packet, Kobe cracked the treat open.

A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose.

It read.

Sunset waved Kobe down to her level.

Boop! she booped him.

The unicorn bounced in a hyper circle until finally heading off.

Turning to close the door behind him, Kobe reaches for the phone.

"Yes, I have an emergency? I think I might have contracted diabetes this very moment. A nurse pony is on the way? Great."