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I just really like worldbuilding!

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And that moment you realize Celestia can use it, too.


God help us all if she decides to use it

She did use dark magic in show, once.

This gives an interesting head cannon on what dark magic is.

Ooc but fucking hilarious

ah, so 'dark' in the scientific sense then.

That was a good story.

Should have had one student say: "so thats why your covered in blood"

This is twilight were talking about. While not Rarity in her fastidiousness, even Twi will take a shower before a important imposium

And boom goes the dynamite

Somehow expanding the hell equivalent to three syllables just kind of takes the fun out of it.

I'm having a conversation with someone on this site and realized something about dark magic - the only time it was called dark magic in canon was the episode "Inspiration Manifestation," which, if you remember, turned Rarity's magic green while she was under its effects. There is exactly one other time where a magic object changed a unicorn's aura color, and that was the Alicorn Amulet in "Magic Duel." Taking that into consideration, it's only logical to call the Amulet a dark magic artifact as well. So if that's dark magic in canon, then just what the Hell is that black bubbly stuff we've seen Twilight, Sombra and Celestia do?

perhaps Black Magic? Or maybe a different word altogether like Sorcery. Either way, while the premise of the story itself is more for comedy, looking into how magic actually operates in Equestria would make for some interesting stories. I like the concept that magic isn't in itself "good" nor "evil", it's a tool like any other that can be used for good/neutral purposes or for selfish/cruel purposes. That said, there are some areas that just ought not be touched and things like mind/body/spirit control are one of them. I can't think of any situations where needing to control someone's mind or whatever could be done for a good reason.

Love the TF2 reference and the story was quite amusing to read. Keep up the good work.

God that's Going to take forever to clean up

.... Yup.

This is going in the One-Shot Wonders shelf.

What a shitter, he Omae wa mo shindeiru'd himself. That's hilarious

There is actually one story I can think of where mind control was used to help ponies combat an unnatural rage that was affecting them, by giving them a minor 'control' to make them not angry.

Fun fact: Fist of the North Star had a scene framed to look like this was what happened (what had actually happened was that Kenshiro had elbowed the jobber slightly earlier in the fight and that was what caused the guy's head to explode).

I suppose mental health could be one of those super rare areas where mind magic could be considered benevolent but mind control is extremely dicey to say the least.

That it is, which is why it's not something used lightly. But when you have windigos returning and driving everypony mad with rage, some minor control to stop that rage from spreading is an understandable use of a dangerous magic.

No it's not. The guy just hooked the forest animals up with a buffet!

I guess you could say he went out... with a bang.

Boo! Get off the stage! Just kidding.

On the other hoof, she might appreciate it as a visual aid, and wait until after the lecture to shower?

Not quite.

Twilight Sparkle: King Sombra's dark magic. A doorway that leads to your worst fear.

“My name does not matter. What matters, Ms. Sparkle, is that I have been looking for you for a very long time. And now, I have found you.”

:twilightoops:: "Yeah, because my address isn't public knowledge and my house is particular easy to miss..."

A loud thump right in front of her snapped Twilight out of her haze. The creature’s skull, still smoldering and deprived of its sick grin (as well as anything else), came to a rolling stop just a few steps away.

Maybe you can made a trophy out of it.
Would be quite an conversation starter.

So I have been thinking about this a bit and I think the explanation I like is that the bubbly stuff is "pure" dark magic, while dark magic filtered through normal magic, like the Alicorn Amulet or the Inspiration Manifestation changes the aura color of the unicorn involved.

“By Celestia, they’re going to have to glue you back together.”

She shoved her face just inches away from the skull, and screamed.


TF2 fan right here boys. (it is a fun game.)

in case of you wondering what he says he says oh they're gonna haff to glue you back together. IN HELL!!

That's one way to show students Dark Magic is a bad idea. :trollestia:

Black magic, I have had many years to investigate the arcane and thaumaturgical of all kinds, what is defined as black, white, dark, blue magic, etc. they are more than anything denominations, normally certain types of magic are grouped into categories, I have a whole theory but it is complicated to say something, let's say that both rarity and the amulet of the alicorn are dark magic because they have the particularity of altering behavior and perception of reality as well as their emotions for something more deranged, driving them crazy so to speak by granting an immense amount of power, the magic used in this fic can be considered more of a forbidden magic than a dark one in the category of magic. mind and has some similarities to the shadow king mind control magic although they are not the same, but keep in mind that shadow uses black, dark and shadow magic, his mind control spell is a magic of his own creation that targets have a different functionality, in this case enslaving crowds, that makes it dark magic due to its operation and for example the mind control magic of chrisalys is almost the same as the one in this fic that falls into the category like here of forbidden magic of the mind.

I don't think this needs to be mature and you'd get a larger audience if it was rated teen. I almost missed it.

Or should I say mist it lol. As in red mist pretend I figured out to also put in the read homophone there

Anyway I'm always down with badass Twilight!

I agree with this. It's a T-rating, not an M, due to the fact that other than mild gore, there's not much that's really disturbing in here.

Good story though. I'd kind of like a bit more of the aftermath, because that's where it's at, but I really like the concept of a villain just not knowing how their spell is supposed to work and exploding.



That thought crossed my mind! However I erred on the side of caution with the M-rating, especially since the Tag Information page describes gruesome injuries as something that requires the M rating. Although it is just for one scene, my dedication to describing the fallout (pun intended) of a backfired spell would require the M rating all by itself. Kinda like how movies automatically jump to R rating if someone says more than one "fuck" in the movie. :pinkiehappy:

Absolutely brilliant. I love this whole idea, and I also liked the Demoman reference in there. XD

Frankly, I'd love to see a one-shot sequel about the aftermath of this presentation on Celestia, Luna, and the students. :p

Twilight keeping it real:moustache:

“By Celestia, they’re going to have to glue you back together.”

She shoved her face just inches away from the skull, and screamed.


I didn't know Twilight was Scottish... :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, that was a great story. Who knew drunk Twilight was so sassy and yet still so smart.

Practice your safe magic or be like that guy and be a bomb.
This was funny.

This was a very good one-shot.

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