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Seven Neighs, evoke these words to summon a spirit of vengeance and hatred...

Also a devourer of noodles, reader of manga, and fan fiction writer of totally not overpowered protagonists.

Featured 4/22/22, 4/23/22, 4/24/22!

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Manga? Ugh! Real fans read the raw web novel version!

Wishing your story the best of luck! :twilightsmile::heart:

I'm keeping my eye on this.

hope the dead mare can be in the daylight.

The raw web novel version! Ugh! Real fans break into the authors house and drink the concept from their brain with a bendy straw!

Isn't there a crossover tag?

Sounds like a hoot!

...and then Fluttershy, after getting over her initial fright, got to know the other mare, starting with talking about One Punch Mare. Then about how lonely the mare was, all alone in the smelly old well, only memories of her past life - and her lover, her betrayer, and her murderer, though she didn't like to think of him - to keep her company. Then, despite her horrid appearance, Fluttershy started to summon her each rainstorm to talk with her, and read the newest manga Fluttershy had bought just for the occasion together, or discussing past ones they'd read together. Both mares started to look forward to each scheduled rainstorm, as it meant they got to see each other again.

After all, friendship is magic, even if it's friendship with a long-dead ghost-corpse-thing, I guess!

it's not quite a crossover so much as it's a parody

11219034 REAL fans sneak on a freighter to Japan and abduct the mangaka, then drag them back to their creepy house in northern Maine where the creepy spider-clown lives in a cavern underground, to force them to write your IDEAL manga the way YOU want it to be, while keeping the poor mangaka in abject "Misery". :pinkiecrazy:



Mm-hmm, it's a parody with horror references.


she blew up.

hope she gets better.

Oh dear. Hope Rainbow didn't get stranded anywhere too unfortunate...

Alright, I'm keeping my eye on this one. I just hope no pony else has to explode.

Uh oh spaghettios
Da shoe gets trolled

Blowing people up is rude, Rainbow.

Lol, pony otakus. Okay, this should be good. :rainbowlaugh:

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