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I'm out.

Sorry, Boopy. I've read most of your stories and I've liked a good number of them. But this is looking like it's going to be a rehash of Beyond Me, just tens of thousands of words of your protagonist endlessly whining like an angtsy teenager, totally oblivious to the realities around him and just constantly whining about the same, single thing no matter how good or bad or nice or dangerous or deadly anything going on around him is. If you want to write stories about gender dysphoria, ok fine. I'm sure that can be an interesting topic. Lots of stories on this site are about transformation content. Becoming a pony, becoming a mare, becoming a stallion, becoming a goat or a dragon or alicorn or...I vaguely remember seeing a story about becoming a tree at one point. And drama is ok too. We've all read angtsy stories about newly immortal Twilight coming to terms with the mortality of her friends. To be fair those also get tired and stale after a while, but at least they generally have some thought put into them.

But when the response to absolutely every situation and character interaction is "WAHH!!!!! I have a penis! WAHHH!!!" that makes for a shallow character and a boring story. "Oh, wow! I've been transported to Equestria!" --> "WAHH I have a penis! WAHHH!" "Oh no, I may be about to die of frostbite or starvation or falling off a mountain!" --> "WAHH I have a penis! WAHHH!" Hello, human! I want to be your friend!" --> "WAHH I have a penis! WAHHH!" ...over and over ad nauseum and over again...it makes a terribly boring and often frustrating story.

(No matter what happens) --> whine about body parts. You've written this story before. Once was enough. If you want to write about gender dysphoria, ok fine...but please at least make it more interesting than just one-dimensional whining about it no matter what happens.

Absolutely understandable. The early part of the story is a lot of that, I will admit. But just like Beyond Me has, it's going to move past that. I understand if you don't want to read it though. Thank you for taking the time to comment, always appreciated it. I'm sorry that you don't think there's any thought put into it though.

Well, getting frostbite in right places may fix the penis problem once and for all :trollestia:
Also, seems you kinda described like, over a half of gender dysphoria fics on this site...

Well, either way, it is helpful for how to adjust future chapters and make her more sympathetic and interesting.

Beware.... one should be weary of rousing a wizards wrath! Lest ye be turned into a newt!

On a side note, why is that the go to? Newts are cool. Their cute little lizards with derpy faces and blue gloves.

Of course there could always be a dysphoria story where the protagonist is a masochist so they like that they hate it.

That would be the most interesting story of all time. One that deserves to be told by someone who is not me.

Hi new friend!

(Sorry, but it was just too perfect : ) Interesting story so far! )

It seems odd to me that their disphoria is focused solely around gender. I would expect being the wrong species would be equally traumatic.

All I can say on that is that I disagree, doubly so since Rally specifically asked to be a pony.

This is a really entertaining story. I put it on tracking.

Was that a Green Day reference I saw?

It's a possibility. Maybe even from the song Basket Case.

I'm kinda sad that they don't get to see cadence. Tell them it's an emergency whatever...sigh...poor little ponies.

I think there is a possibile plot point that you should address in some form... While getting a formal audience with Cadence will take a year, a less formal letter written to Twilight would likely get to her in just a few days or weeks.
Even if universe Twilight has a staff to read her correspondence rather than doing it herself...(hmmm naaa Twilight would speed read happily through bags and bags of mail) if the include info about the likely inadation of new strange ponies from Earth popping up near ponyville, her letter would like draw Twilight attention.
While this seems the likely outcome... You may want to just explain why it wouldn't work. Perhaps there been a long term mail strike from CE to Equestria because of too many accidents caused by a certain gray mail pony?

It might work and may or may not be written into the story already.

Yes, I have to admit, I came to this website to read novels for a few days, and I have seen the author's gender recognition problem more than once.

D'aww, that was a nice ending scene.

Moberly needs to fuck off in to the sun.

Why do I get the feeling that Rally saw his(her) future foal?

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