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What are you?! - Sleepy_meep_92

When a powerful villain sends Deku and others to the MLP universe, everything can go wrong!

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chapter 3-The conflict

Author's Note:

Hello y’all.
Sorry for this coming out late, I was sick the first few days and busy with other stuff.

But here it is! My best continuation of the second chapter!

Happy Pride month! [I’m Asexual/Ace]

The portal in front of Joycce that had opened showed three people very odd. A strange human, a student like the others here earlier, and...
a head.
“I wanted to bring a welcome gift for ‘the Mare of Mystery’,” He retorted as he tossed the head over to her, making her wince at the rotted face it had. But what creeped her out most was the eye-socket, which laid nothing but black abyss and blood from them. It was too graphic for her eyes. And when her disgust caught the attention of the masked man, he shrugged while holding the wrist of his second victim.

“Assuming you’d dislike it. So I brought a live one so you could watch it die live!” He grabbed the kid, who looked like his brain had fried, and brought his arm to their face.

“As soon as I pulse enough venom to this kid, he’ll be dead within seconds, unless..-”

He expected to look up to a scared mare, but instead, he saw a mare with a displeased expression.

“You really are stupid.”
“I am not stupid, horse! I will kill him! I’m not kidding!-”
“With what quirk?”
“Idiot! With my quirk-”
He tried to release a small amount of venom, but nothing ever happened.
“The hell did you do to me?!”
“Nothing, your just too power-hungry to realize that your power only works in your dimension.

She opened a portal where he had come from, right before snatching the kid away and smashing his face to the ground.
“Return where you came from, villain.”
He was brought to his own world again, only he was teleported into the prison.

She sighed heavily after she dealt with that, and stared at the kid, he didn’t look that badly hurt, but there was a few bruises and scratches. She used the rest of her energy to open up a portal again.

“They should be able to help you.” She said as she tossed the boy in there. And he replied with a word only familiars would understand, “YAy!”

Bakugou yanked Deku to the road, to where his muzzle met the ground.

"Bakugou what the fuck?" Deku had harshly whispered at the pegasus, making him jump a little, but he soon had snapped back as he leaned down next to Deku, his presence unbearing.

"The hell are you looking so sad about?! You act like we never met that da-"
Deku shoved his hoof in front of Bakugou's mouth, of course, gesturing him to 'shut up', but of course this made bakugou more irritated even more.
“You little SHI-”

Before Bakugou was to finish his sentence, a medium-sized portal had dropped something on the both of them.
“What the fuck?”

Indeed they were correct, for their once energetic friend was now a yellow unicorn. He wearily scratched his head and he stared at a bunch of colorful creatures.
“Man, I must’ve REALLY short-circuited myself this time!”
“Nope! You really ARE seeing ponies who talk, sir!”

Pinkie bounced at the new friend that had appeared infront of them. Then she started to ruffle through her puffy mane.

“Man. I’m gonna need a LOT of welcome parties planned!”

Later that afternoon everybody went to chill in Twilight’s castle. Everyone was either gazing in amazement or doing their own thing there. Of what seemed pretty decent, came other circumstances
Like plotting

“So...It seems little princess of friends has brought new acquaintances.”
“Why must she bring more for us to vanquish?! Six was enough, not TWELVE.”
“Calm down, crazy filly. You’ll blow this all if you YELL out OUR plans, Idiot!”
[UH yeah, THAT...]

Midoriya walked down into a bedroom, looking around and ready to go to sleep, when someone had slammed his door open.
“Get the fuck up, we need to talk.”
Deku rolled his eyes annoyingly.
“What now, kacchan? More death threats?!”
“Just come nerd.”

Midoriya levitated the blanket off his body and neatly upon the bed once more. He walked over to Bakugou, staying as far away from his hooves as possible. For many reasons.

He and Bakugou reached a small grassy area outside the castle, and Bakugou sat down, a pout over his chin and his ears straight down. Although this gave Midoriya mixed emotions, he sat across from him, his face filled with confusion.

“Look, nerd...you’re really WERE stupid earlier, but don’t take it so seriously.”
Midoriya’s eyes widened, with such surprise of what he heard.
“UGH! What I’m trying to say is sorry. I SAID IT DAMMIT. “
Midoriya just nervously chuckles.
”Aaaanndd he’s back.” Midoriya sighed with relief. Even though he really is bad at admitting some problems, atleast he tries.

“Yes! I’m trying to get this under control!”
“This isn’t irrational!”
“Ok Ok.. I know the human almost found out more than it needed, especially you.”
“Yes Ok? But he didn’t see you! None of them did!.”
“I know... we need the one kid, he has alot of potential, but we can’t keep him! He has a life!”
“I...understand...and what if he rejects?”
“Oh you just can’t do that do the poor boy!
“Ok! I’ll visit his dreams tommorow night! Just please don’t be irrational when i’m gone ok?”

I know you’re here.

No one hides from me, not even you viewers.

You will understand what we will do to the boy when it is time...

for now you musn’t tell a living soul.

i h o p e h e l l u p o n t h e b r o k e n

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I only credit the art as mine when it looks tacky!

Why would you do that?

Oh there was a misspell T^T
I meant to say I only credit my art as tacky
Sorry about that!
I’ll change it.

Yeah the first time I added this on I rushed on it very much. I meant to fix that error a long time ago, just hadn’t got the time.

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