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Brony, gamer, and I want to design games when I grow up. I have a WILD IMAGINATION and sometimes like to write. If I do write please don't be afraid to criticize me. :) /)


The internet is a vast entity. The internet is only reached through web browsers. These web browser are held up by their creators. The 5 browser ponies aren't my creation, I just wrote this fanfic. Check out the originals on ParalaxMLP's Deviant art page. http://parallaxmlp.deviantart.com

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Not sure if it's the rum in my blood, buuut..

Some sort of family appreciation day, google chrome and other fancy devices transformed into ponies, a nice picknick in the summer-sun. I think I give this a thump-up..dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Derpy_Hooves.png

Hmmmm... Interesting, i can't really make a judgement until i see more. Keep it up.

Good story... Kinda... But I don't really see the point of it all... :derpyderp1:

> As the fillies frolicked, a white pegasus with light blue mane and tail.
That line doesn't make any sense.

Don't think you should be showing those young ponies the internet.

Nice concept. Just make funnier jokes about Kindle. You need a little more HEAT in your jokes.

1283959 i was trying to make that image the background but it kept failing so i put up Kindle for now:twilightsmile:

1284261 Thanks for the advice :twilightsmile:

This is awesome. I'm pretty sure Kindle is Firefox, Chromia is Chrome, not so much that Pepsi is IE, and I'm not sure whether Ivy or Saffire are Opera or Safari. Help, I'm such an idiot.

1307154 It's in the first chapter, one of them, sapphire i think, is a not popular browser.

Okay, first two are right. Ivy is Internet Explorer, Saffire is Safari and Pepsi is Opera.
This is based off a comic, so if you want to see what they look like just find it on Deviant art. Look up My little Websurfers.

i want to know what happened with Applejack and Apple Bloom after the apple incident. Please tell us about that in the next chapter. Please.....:applecry:

Miss Ivy seems to have a memory exception problem. I am enjoying this story so far

I was about to get violent because you haven't updated.

You have 24 hours for the next update to make up for the gap before I get violent. Write faster.

1662192 sorry school's been piling up I will try and update more don't worry about it Art takes Time (too much time and feel free to kill me:twilightsmile:)

Well. That really when forward fast.

Which is why I'm typing this on the floor, away from the chair, laughing, and typing with the wireless keyboard.

10/10 sir. Please take your time, however.

2155801 Thanks for the support and I hope to bring you more chapters that bring you down to the floor laughing :twilightsmile:


What's the reasoning behind Opera being named Pepsi?

Sapphire sounds like Safari; Ivy sounds like IE, which is short for Internet Explorer; Kindle (Fire)/Firefox; and Chromia is pretty self-explanatory.

6951414 The Opera logo looks kinda like the pepsi logo
I think that's why.

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