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The old potionmaker lives deep in the woods with her adopted daughters Lily and Daisy. Their days together are simple and sweet, and the flowers in their garden bloom every summer without fail. But in the darkness of the Everfree something else is stirring, and its roots stretch deep.

Written for the Q&S Flower Ponies Contest.

TW: Some gore and horror.

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Wow, that was great! I love this! The horror is a slow build, not too quick, and the prospect of what Daisy and Lily are, instead of what they look like, is a great idea!

My goodness-

This was beautiful, and ugly

And I love it

And I hate it

At the same time...

In other words, good job, Shaslan. Amazing job. Well done.

Alondro #3 · April 6th · · 22 ·

I'm too genre-savvy, after 50,000 stories, I pretty much know everything before it happens.

Gore no longer affects me. I simply destroy all that is deemed 'unnatural'. All that strays from 'perfection' is to be eliminated. :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome! I love a good fairy-tale horror story!

I love this! Great job!!!

Ok this was a decent read (I general avoid gore story's after a few just really messed up ones I read at the wrong time)

I got a question though, did Zecora really not know what they were or did she and tried to raise them "properly"?

Eh. I'm just not a horror fan in general.

A good finale, but what I really loved was the cover. :twilightsmile:

tavie #9 · April 7th · · ·

if i go to ur profile im expecting 2 see 50,000 stories in ur library:trollestia:

lol cut the Twisted Freaking Cycle Path act, bud. you're a fan of a little girl's tv show, you're not as tough as'ya think you are. and, looking at your profile, while you might have Quite the assortment of favorited stories, the like:dislike ratio of your own stories seems quite poor. if you think'ya can do better, then go ahead. write something good that people like.

Alondro #11 · April 7th · · 17 ·

11204640 50,000 total stories of all genres. Maybe more... plus a full set of encyclopedias, 40,000 research papers, and countless science magazines.

I have amassed too much knowledge and went completely MAD!! :pinkiecrazy:

Alondro #12 · April 7th · · 15 ·

11204893 What Alondro hears, "Blah blah, if you not rite masterpeace, you can't not never critique nothin'."

Heard that argument for 40 years. Still doesn't hold water.

I'm not saying this story's bad. It's fine for a one-shot horror tale. I simply think the presentation overstays its welcome and broadcasts the 'truth' strongly enough within about two pages that anyone reading analytically immediately picks up what's going on, and the 'reveal' no longer has much weight, and then the narrative must rely on a splash of gore to make an impact, as with many horror tales.

It just that this sort of thing doesn't affect me at all.

I appreciate well-crafted horror narratives (as few of those as there are), but the 'horror' aspect of it almost never does anything to me emotionally, aside from make me wish to destroy the evil alien/monster, entity when it's a simple antagonist like that. Basically, my thoughts are along the lines of, "Oh, it's a killer with no redeeming qualities. It must be obliterated." It takes something extra-special creepy to unnerve me, one of the rare examples being the first 'chest-burster' scene in "Alien", and a HUGE part of that effect is due to John Hurt's phenomenal acting which portrayed so exquisitely the sensation of abject, unbearable agony of being torn apart from the inside.

Lmao the "reveal" isn't meant to be a huge twist, it's literally in the cover art.

I'm glad your 50000 novels prepared you for it though.

Alondro #14 · April 8th · · 6 ·

11205042 I know, but that does deaden the impact. There could have been more to it. Horror depends heavily on shock value, AND/OR psychological perturbation. The little verses set between scenes are a literary device I also do not find fitting for horror save when used once or twice at very well-placed points where it serves the narrative, for otherwise it tends to break the stream of consciousness, and the immersion necessary to keep the reader within the scene and heighten the tension.

it is times like this i want to see an alternate happy ending because it just makes me sad even though it's horror lol

WHICH IS GOOD BY THE WAY but like!! tragedy

I knew what I was getting into, and read on regardless. Why oh why did I read this alone in the dead of night?

Thought Rose was going to kill Lily and Daisy initially, but turns out they where just like her in the end. Do wonder if the will keep up appearances in ponyville and just take a elder or a stranger every once in a while,the flowers tending a garden of ponies. Nurture it, grow it and prune the "bad" bits.

I dunno why but there needs to be more carnivorous plant stories.

You know if you play this right you can get a great series out of this and explain some of the oddities the flower ponies have


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