• Published 6th Apr 2022
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I See You. - crystaltunes

Everyone knows Celestia as the innocent, kindhearted princess. But she’s afraid that somepony who thinks otherwise has come back to haunt her.

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Please, no. No, no, no, no…

Her heart was racing, pounding out of her chest nearly. Her eyes watered, and her back was pressed against the door of the royal bathroom.

Neverending calls, screams, even. The sound of scurrying hooves along the palace floor. Celestia needed help, but she knew what happened last time. And she wasn’t ready to sacrifice the lives of her guards once again. Whatever this was, she had to face it.

She… had to be brave. Sweat collected on her forehead.

What am I so afraid of? It… Can’t be Luna. Luna isn’t alive. Luna died that night, when I tried to remove the Nightmare from her soul with the Elements of Harmony. I thought it would just hurt her. It killed her. Luna is dead.

She drew a breath in. Nothing could hurt her more than that night. She wasn’t scared. She wouldn’t be scared.

“Princess!” somepony screamed, banging on the door with might.

“Cease,” Celestia squeaked, ordering them to stop.

All sounds came to a halt. It was as the world was spinning around her. The princess drew one more deep breath, and stood up on shaky legs. She felt… powerless, somehow. It took her a second to comprehend everything that had just taken place; she heard something. She felt it. It touched her. Maybe she was hallucinating. A sarcastic, shaky laugh emit from her mouth. Somewhere inside, the alicorn knew she was going “crazy”. But now, she had felt it.

And, more importantly, the princess had fled her very first Summer Sun Celebration that the ponies had waited so long for. If she strained her ears, she could still hear the annoyed and concerned demands of the crowd. But that was the least of her worries, for now. Celestia needed to calm down.

Hastily, the mare washed her face.

It’s gonna be… okay? she attempted to convince herself, looking up to the mirror. What did she see now?

She saw someone who she wasn’t. She was a paranoid, self-loathing, lunatic version of herself, with dark circles and wrinkles. Celestia saw the guilt on her face, like she felt it every minute. Tears formed. Her breath was shaky again.

“I’m… so sorry,” she looked down, and closed her eyes.

She was apologizing to Luna. To the people, everypony she had let down.

And suddenly, a scratched raved on the concrete of the palace’s bathroom. Celestia jumped, her head bobbing up to face the mirror once more. In horror, she rubbed her eyes, and found her legs were unmovable. She saw… She saw-

Nothing. It was nothing, she was just imagining things. But for a split second, if she just blinked, she would see it again. She would see her again. Celestia didn’t know if she wanted to see, and subject herself to the curse of reality (or was it fantasy?) once more. But curiosity drove over all other repressed emotions. When she closed her eyes just now, she saw something in the mirror next to her.

Her eyelids fluttered down, hesitantly. And in the moment, she saw a lively figure. A figure of a small alicorn, gazing up at her, in wonder. The filly had silky light-blue mane, curling down to her neck, and a navy coat. Angelic at the least, hm? Well, the sight was far from it. The little alicorn had no eyes, it seemed. Her eyes were black, like a void; the longer you looked, the more disturbing it would get. Let’s just classify them as empty, and black, for now. And in her chest, was another hole. But this wasn’t endless, or confusing- it was clear. Her chest was bleeding, and a patch of skin was missing.

But the filly had no reaction, no pain to the wound. It was as if she was unaware of it, or couldn’t even feel it. The little Luna smiled up at her big sister, her eyes widening. Her teeth were sharp. Celestia’s eyes fluttered open, as she gasped.

“Princess, is everything okay in there?”

“Leave.” she ordered after a few deep breaths. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

But when she opened her eyes, and looked back, there was nothing there. Nothing to be afraid of. She was alone… She was…

“Sorry I’ve been gone so long, I missed you, Tia,” the voice was light, joyful, and childish. Something the princess would have once enjoyed and laughed with. But now, it was the very thing she dreaded.

She knew it was Luna the second she heard it. Ghost? Reincarnation? That was the least of the worry. Something was there. It was… It was… her sister, the thing she had wished for so long. For Luna to come back once again. But somehow she couldn’t comprehend it.

“Let me in your room, okay? You never let me see it,” a whine burst out.

Celestia felt lightheaded, and looked back to the mirror. She felt her legs gel to the floor, as the world spun once more around her and she heard one last soft thud.

It was dark, very dark. The type even magical auras could not brighten. Something a laugh of joy could not lighten. Something undefeated, and something more. She was seated in a throne, prickly and uncomfortable.

Above her, the words were clearly written. “Queen of Equestria”. She couldn’t read the words, but she knew they were there. She could not move. Celestia didn’t want to move, she didn’t want to speak. She wanted to sit there in the dark, forever, until her body rotted away and-

A sudden light tune played over her. The music circled her head, never stopping. Slowly, the darkness moved- making way for something greater, something more terrifying. Now, she wished she could close her eyes or just hold onto her throne. The music became stronger, and they were no longer formed in a song. They were words. They were orders. And her brain had no power over these.

A void. Celestia was right under a void. It went down, down, down, and never stopped. Whoever fell would never be saved, but would be past repair. Would not be remembered, but forgotten. Would no longer be loved, but would completely vanish. The princess could feel her hooves being moved up to eye level.

The lyrics, now words, played once again.

“Do you see what you have done now?”

“It’s all fake. What you’ve got on your throne, no longer matters.”

“You are nothing.”

Until they were no longer in her head, but spoken. Spoken by a voice she dreaded. Celestia wanted to open her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. It was dry. Dry, dry, dry, and useless. Her hooves weren’t just bloodstained now, they were dripping with the very blood of the sister she loved, pouring down on herself and dripping through the void. They were falling on her more and more, and if she tried to clean it up (which she couldn’t) it would only dirty herself more. Make her more guilty. Make her more useless than she already thought she was. Knew she was.

The words became louder and louder until her ears rung. She could hear things in the distances as she felt a pit in her stomach form. A metallic taste remained in her mouth and her eyes began to burn- oh, just let her blink now- but she was never let out of this misery. What would she have to give to be forgiven?

And then her eyes opened. She was draped in white, lying in that canopy of hell, with bandages around her head. She awoke in cold sweat, and gasped, as the taste of medicine lingered on her tongue. She had passed out, and the room was once again dark. Craning her neck to check the clock, she realized it was 2 A.M. Two hours had passed.

She let out an exasperated whimper as she crawled up out of the covers, her head still spinning.

Was it all some fever dream? Celestia placed a hoof near her forehead, looking around. Was Luna… ever really here?

And though she had just suffered the depths of hell, hope rose in her chest. If Luna was… here… If she didn’t just dream it all up, the princess could make it up to her. Give her a happy, lovely life, with no worries or cares. It would make her sister happy. Even if it wouldn’t free her from this punishment- oh! Just to see that little smile emerge on the navy alicorn’s face, or hear the laughter she sang once more… Celestia would give it all. It would all be worth it.

A knock rang from her door.

“Come… in,” she ordered.

A knight trotted in- Blueblood, with a few others by his side. His face was worried, and Celestia could almost read it. What would happen when the citizens realized they had a maniac for a queen? It was what he thought of her, at least, no doubt.

“Princess… Are you alright?” he inquired, gazing at her.

Celestia stared back. “The citizens…” she mumbled, only finally thinking of what had happened to them after she burst out of the scene.

“About that, don’t worry… we’ve got it under control.” he licked his lips, not making it too believable. “But… what was all this?”

“I…” she began to stall for a second as her head rumbled with excuses- if they heard what she experienced, they would deem her as mad for once! And nobody knew her secret.

Nobody knew what really happened to Luna… That night. And she didn’t plan to tell a soul.

“I haven’t… been eating well, and I began to feel lightheaded at that time. I ran out because- ahem, uhm… I wouldn’t want the citizens to worry, right? Or see their queen like that…” she pondered through pauses. “Is everything alright?”

Blueblood blinked, obviously more relaxed by her answer. “Yes, they’ve somewhat calmed down by now. Maybe… you should make it up sometime, when you’re better.”

As if she would ever be better. This sickness felt eternal. Every day it felt more real. And today… she didn’t even know…

But if Luna was really there, her life would once again gain purpose. Gain happiness.

If she doesn’t seek vengeance. Would she really ever forgive you? something in her head spoke. She tried her best to ignore it.

“If you’re feeling sick, we have more medicine, just give a call. We’ll get your food out soon, the chef who sickened you will be fired.”

“Blueblood, wait- no need for that. And…” she blinked, looking at him. His cold, tired blue eyes glared at her, as if he were trying to stay as loyal as ever, though he was slowly giving up on her. “I’m… sorry.”


“All this… Everything. I know, I haven’t been my best.” she gave a light smile. “I’m- I’m gonna… try harder, this time. I won’t let Equestria down any longer.”

He looked at her, tears forming. He smiled, giving a subtle nod, as he trotted out silently.

But how- how could she make such a bold claim? She didn’t know how to try harder. Could she do any better if she didn’t even take care of herself properly?

Celestia looked out to the moon solemnly, still taking in everything that had happened. She sighed. Would this all be worth it, someday? The princess pressed her hoof against her chest. If she hadn’t hallucinated the Luna she saw in the bathroom, it would be. She needed to figure it out, she needed to know.

All the information she had was… she passed out after hearing her voice. And then she faded into sleep paralysis. And here she was… In reality. Cold, hard, reality. And suddenly, she heard a light pounding.

The guards, already here?Nay, I wasn’t even hungry,

“Could you give me a minute?” she spoke, annoyed. She struggled to get to her feet, but soon realized it was a bad idea as blood rushed to the queen’s head. Celestia shook as she grasped onto the bed frame for support, until her legs steadied.

“I’m coming.”

“Could you just let me in? It’s Luna! I’m back, Tia. But I just forgot something in your room, would you mind letting me in?”

Once again, Celestia felt herself wobble. She shut her eyes tight. Breathe in, breathe out. You need to know. You need to be brave. Slowly, she made herself to the door, and she touched the knob. A force pulled it open before she could, and it creaked a bit. She stood stiff, unknowing- as a nothing appeared. As the space between the door and the frame increased just by an inch, something else was there. Something dark. Something undefeated. It stood in black, with multiple eyes- but Celestia didn’t even get a glimpse for a second before she slammed the doors on the thing.

What the hell was that? It wasn’t… it wasn’t Luna. That wasn’t my sister. That wasn’t my sister. That wasn’t-

From that point, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The lightless bedroom looked as it was out to get her. The delighting chirps of the night now sounded ominous. The few steps she had to take back to her bed felt like miles, each step dragging her back somewhere in her mind.

“You could be a little inviting. Or just pretend you cared.”

“Who- who’s there?” Celestia’s horn shone, wielding a pocketknife from her bedstand. Her voice was shaky.

A high pitched scream filled her ears as she winced, and placed the dagger down. “Aah, just- show yourself.”

“Is that any way to invite your beloved guest?” something pouted, an obvious annoyed tone to it’s voice. “You can’t tell me you haven’t missed me, it’s been like, 5 years! C’mon sis, you’re just a douche!”

“L-Luna?” Celestia whispered.

“That’s right! Can you see me? I can see you. You look really really old. And scary. You’re different.”

“How are you here? I- I… I don’t see anything, I’m imagining you. My brain, it’s all a trick…”

“Maybe you’ll see me if you talk to me more!” it squeaked.

“…Are you really… Luna?”

“I thought I had made that clear, silly. Are you really Tia though?”

Celestia stopped in her tracks. Could she really… imagine all this? But, hallucination or not, she had to try to communicate with whatever the hell this was. She rocked back and forth in her bed, contemplating. No, no… no…

“Why are you here?”

Suddenly, the high pitched voice took a pause, and hummed a little.

“L-Luna…?” Celestia cried.

“Do you remember the years I suffered? The years that you ignored me and made me feel like I was loved by no one?” the ghost half-sobbed, making Celestia grimace. “You do, I’d say. How could you forget? Well, it was five years. Five, long years. So it’s only fair to give you back what you gave me! Consider it a gift. Five days, I’ll be here to remind you everything you did! How horrible you are! How worthless you are!” she paused.

“And on the fifth day, I’ll tell everypony your dirty little secret. Deal?” she questioned, joyfully.

Celestia was beyond words. This was all becoming real, her worst nightmares.

“Let’s start today then!” the voice chirped. “Remember how-“

Degrading words fell out of “Luna’s” mouth, as they were somehow blocked out by Celestia. She was frozen.

So long, she had waited for something to happen.

And now, it was just beginning.