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The Angel of the Everfree - FluttershyForever2058

Fluttershy discovers something earth-shattering after a deadly encounter in the Everfree

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Blood and Rainbows

Everything was ringing.

Fluttershy tried to open her eyes, only to be met with dust and dirt stinging them. She thought she could hear yelling but the ringing was overpowering to her ears. She felt something wet covering her body and had a horrible taste in her mouth. The scent of iron was in the air.

She tried to take a step forward but stopped as a searing pain shot through her wing. In her panicked rush to stop Rainbow Dash she had definitely re-broken her wing. The ringing in her ears started to subside and she could finally make out the voices around her better. She directed her ears to the voices in an attempt to hear them better, but she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. Her head ached and she could still feel the harsh sting in her wing.

She tried again to open her eyes. It took effort but the dust had settled a bit so it didn’t sting as much. She managed to fully open her eyes.

She immediately wished she hadn’t.

Twilight was busy coughing up a lung.

She had had barely any time to analyze the situation before being blinded by a nearly point-blank Sonic Rainnuke. The only thing she did see was that Rainbow Dash was in a fight, but unfortunately hadn’t seen exactly what she had been fighting.

Her coughing finally calming down she walked forward in search of her friends, hoping they were not hurt. The thick cloud of dust made it extremely difficult to see where she was going, which meant it was of little surprise when she ran straight into the solid form of Spike. She shook her head to rid the sudden surprise and looked at her assistant/younger brother and saw that he was still as a statue and his eyes were as wide as saucers. Now even more concerned, she took a step toward him, only for her hoof to bump into something soft. She looked down and let out a surprised gasp at what she saw.

At her hooves was the small, unconscious form of Rainbow Dash.

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight was able to scream out after getting over her initial. She crouched down to her prismatic friend to make sure she was ok. Aside from being unconscious, she could not find any physical sign of damage. Not yet satisfied, Twilight lit up her horn. After a moment the glow faded from her horn and she let out a sigh of relief. There was no internal damage either.

She then looked back up at Spike. His face hadn’t changed from its shocked expression.

“Spike?” Twilight tried to get his attention, but he didn’t even twitch.

She poked him in the shoulder, her concern quickly growing once more, “Spike? What’s wrong? You’re starting to scare me.”

Spike, not moving his eyes an inch, gently grabbed Twilight’s head and turned it in the direction he was looking.

Twilight was about to protest but the words caught in her throat as she saw what had shocked him.

She froze in place and her jaw hit the ground.

All around Fluttershy was destruction.

Rainbow Dash’s impact had left a small crater where she was currently standing. The dust had settled completely now and she could see the shockwave from the blast had managed to shatter many of the windows of her cottage as well as knocking the leaves off of all of the trees in the immediate area. One especially old and damaged tree had been completely toppled over. Out in the middle of the horrible sight were her friends. She let out a small gasp when she saw Rainbow Dash’s unconscious form. She paused, however, when she saw the utter shock on Twilight and Spike’s faces.

They were staring in her direction but were not staring at her specifically. Instead they seemed to be staring at something above her.

At that moment she realized she was standing in shade and in between two large trees. At least she thought they were trees. Upon closer examination she noticed that the “trees” were a rusty crimson color.

And they had scales.

Her eyes widened in realization. The horrible taste in her mouth was suddenly unbearable.

“T-Terra?” she weakly got out.

Terra, who had grown to the same enormous size he had been in the Everfree, angled his massive head down so that he could look at the golden pegasus protected beneath him. He gave her a warm, but weak, smile.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

Fluttershy was in complete shock and could only nod in confirmation.

“That’s good.” With that his eyes rolled back into his head and with a might BOOM the giant fell. He shrunk back down to his normal size.

Fluttershy could now see that all of his previous wounds had reopened, and were leaking blood.

Her mind was reeling. The destruction all around and the near-dead form of Terra right in front of her made her believe she was back in a horrible nightmare. Still in a state of shock, she reached out a single hoof toward Terra but froze.

Instead of the smooth, butter-yellow fur and hoof she was used to what greeted her was a leg covered in a dark red liquid. She slowly looked over the rest of her body and noticed that it too was covered in the red liquid. She looked back at Terra and his leaking wounds. She suddenly knew what that horrible taste in her mouth was.

It was blood.

Terra’s blood.

She let out a scream that chilled everyone to the bone.

Rarity was exhausted and out of breath. She didn’t have any pressing orders at the boutique so she thought it would be a grand idea to visit Fluttershy and Terra. She had just gotten out of Ponyville when the explosion happened and immediately started galloping to the source, a rainbow-colored mushroom cloud having formed. She had a pretty good idea as to what, or more specifically who, had caused it.

Rarity was by no means out of shape (all claims from Blueblood were nothing but slander!). There was more to keeping up a lady-like figure than proper mane and coat care, at least some exercise was involved. That being said, she usually only did enough so that she had muscles just large enough to give her toned legs and just enough fat to accentuate her curves. She was currently putting her body through more than it was used to.

But she didn’t care. Her friends were potentially in trouble and she would gallop as hard and as fast as her hooves would take her to reach them.

She was suddenly shaken to the very core of her being when she heard Fluttershy’s horrific scream. However, instead of freezing in place, hearing her distraught friend only caused her to pick up her pace.

Once she arrived at the scene she skid to a stop, breathing heavily. She could see Twilight and Spike, both with expressions of utter shock strewn across their faces, standing over an unconscious Rainbow Dash and, a little further away, Terra bleeding on the ground. While all of this was definitely a shock, none of it caught her attention as much as the blood-soaked pegasus screaming into the sky, the tears streaming from her eyes doing little to wash away the blood.

“Fluttershy!” she managed to scream out as she galloped toward her friend, who had stopped screaming and was now embracing Terra. Once Rarity got closer though she froze and nearly emptied the contents of her stomach at what she saw.

Before her was Terra, and he looked like he had just lost a fight with a woodchipper. There were slashes everywhere, some of them were large enough that she could even see the muscle pulsing. The one that really made her stomach churn though was the nearly four foot long gash running across his body. The cut was clean, as if cut with a very sharp blade, and she was pretty sure if it was any deeper she would be able to see his organs.

“…p-please…h-help him…” Fluttershy was barely able to stutter out. She was so quiet that Rarity almost didn’t hear her.


But Rarity had heard her friend’s soft and desperate plea, and it was enough to break her out of her shock.

This isn’t the time to freeze up Rarity. Your friends need you.

She looked at Terra with a furrowed brow, determination in her sapphire eyes.

All of them.

She spun around to face Twilight and Spike, who were still in shock.

“Twilight! Spike! Snap out of it this instant!” There was an authority in the alabaster mare’s tone that would make Shining Armor jealous.

Twilight and Spike were immediately brought back to Earth.

“Rarity? What are you doing here?” Twilight asked.

Rarity kept the authority in her voice as she answered, “There will be time for that later. For now, Twilight, I need you to come over here and help me stabilize Terra. I can stop the bleeding somewhat with my magic but I do not know the healing spells that you do.” She looked over at Spike, “Spike I need you to run into the cottage and grab Fluttershy’s medical supplies, they should be in the large cabinet in the living room. Make sure the stitching equipment is with it!”

Twilight and Spike, knowing that Rarity was serious about this, shoved the questions they had to the back of their minds and gave her a determined nod. They sped off to their destinations, Spike to the cottage and Twilight to Terra. As Twilight got to work stabilizing the bleeding giant Rarity turned toward Fluttershy.

The now scarlet mare was an absolute wreck. She was wrapped around Terra’s neck so tight that Rarity was almost afraid that she was strangling him, and she was trembling worse than Rarity had ever seen. Which, considering the mare in question, was saying quite a bit.

Rarity put a hoof on Fluttershy, not even caring about the still wet blood covering her body, and gently rubbed her back in a comforting manner. She didn’t say anything. No words would help at this moment.

She did this for a little bit until Twilight got her attention.

“Rarity, I’ve managed to temporarily stop the bleeding but there’s a problem.” she looked into Rarity’s sapphire eyes, the worry and panic present in her own, “I can’t use any healing magic on him!”

Rarity’s already pale coat somehow grew a shade paler, “W-what do you mean you can’t?”

“I mean I can’t! I don’t know how or why but it’s almost like his body is resisting my magic. It’s taking most of my concentration just to keep a simple field around his wounds so he doesn’t bleed out!” Twilight yelled out in full panic.

Before they could continue they were interrupted by Spike bursting out of the cottage, the entire contents of Fluttershy’s medical cabinet wrapped in his massive wings. Rarity let out a little sigh of relief.

When Spike got to the two mares he gently set all the supplies down next to them. While not on Fluttershy’s level, they all had a basic understanding on how to apply medical aid due to their many adventures and they quickly got to work patching up Terra. Rarity grabbed the stitching kit and focused on the four foot gash.

They were too busy to notice that Rainbow Dash had started to stir from her slumber.

Rainbow Dash managed to open her eyes with great effort. Her vision was swimming and her head felt like it was about to explode. It had been many, many years since she had used the Sonic Rainboom in an offensive way, a Sonic Rainnuke her friends had decided to call it, and she had miscalculated slightly and knocked herself out.

She wasn’t upset though. She had no doubt that she had finally taken down that monster and saved the day once again. Applejack would never believe her, she thought to herself as she shakily got to her hooves. She felt awesome! She needed to tell all her friends how she, Rainbow Dash, had single-hoofidly taken down a giant monster.

All of those happy feelings of accomplishment left her as though they had just walked in on Queen Chrysalis in the shower. Before her was the monster, on the ground unmoving and bleeding. She would have been happy to see that her admittedly desperate attack had worked if it wasn’t for the fact that she could see Fluttershy, covered in blood, as well as Twilight, Spike and Rarity gathered around it.

And they were helping it!

Her shock was replaced by burning anger. Why were they helping it?! It was a danger and she had stopped it! Even Fluttershy didn’t seem to be afraid, and why was she covered in blood? Through all of these questions Rainbow Dash couldn’t feel Red Horizon’s magic subtly influence her mind to make her angrier.

“Hey, what are you doing around that thing?!” Rainbow all but screamed through gritted teeth. Fluttershy was still too hysterical to pay attention and while Twilight and Rarity did hear, and were internally glad that their other friend was ok, they had to keep their attention on Terra. Rarity had stitched up the largest wound but there was still work to do. This only left Spike to answer the irate pegasus.

He was hesitant. His prismatic friend was, to put it simply, angry. To be honest there was a part of him that was also upset with her but he decided that diplomacy would be better for the moment.

“Dash, I’m glad you’re ok but I need you to calm down…”

There was a glint in Rainbow Dash’s rose eyes and knew immediately that he had said the wrong thing.

“Calm down?! CALM DOWN?! Why are you helping that thing?! That monster!”

Spike never got to make a retort. Fluttershy had rocketed to Rainbow Dash in an instant and had turned around and with unbelievable force bucked Rainbow right in the face. Her nose was now bleeding profusely. She went to give the bloodsoaked pegasus a seething glare but froze completely at the glare she was receiving.

It was The Stare, but she was about to find out that was the least of her worries. Nopony could see her cutie mark glowing underneath the blood.

HOW DARE YOU!!! Her voice had power in it. It was like the Royal Canterlot Voice but something was different. It was more primal. It demanded everyone’s attention and so that is what it was given, even Twilight and Rarity had to pause to direct their attention toward Fluttershy. With their attention away from Terra they didn’t see his wounds glow a soft yellow and start mending themselves.

Fluttershy noticed none of this. She had heard Rainbow Dash, one of her best friends, call Terra, the creature that vowed to be her protector, a monster. It had caused something to snap. The timid yellow mare was nowhere to be seen, in its place was a mare covered in blood and filled with what can only be described as divine fury.

All of it was directed at Rainbow Dash, who was now cowering.


Everything was silent after Fluttershy’s outburst, even the wind dared not make a sound. Fluttershy herself was standing there breathing heavily, it almost looked like smoke was coming off of her body. That and the now dried and crusted blood covering her body made her to be one of the single most terrifying things any of them had ever witnessed. Fluttershy was furious and it seemed to the world that nothing could soothe the savage beast.

Then they heard the whimper.

The sound was soft and broken, but to everypony there it was the loudest noise in the world. The power running through Fluttershy left her in an instant as she stared at the heart wrenching source of the whimper. The power emanating from Fluttershy had completely destroyed whatever of Red Horizon’s magic was left and without the influence on her emotions the sheer magnitude of what she had done hit her like a freight train.

Rainbow Dash was already smaller than the average mare of her age, and was in fact noticeably shorter than all of her friends. Now, however, she had shrunken in on herself to such an extent that she was no bigger than a filly, which wasn’t terribly far off from how she felt. Her eyes were glistening and it was obvious that the dam would shatter at any moment. No one had ever seen the usually bombastic pegasus in such a broken state and it broke their hearts.

Rainbow suddenly flared her wings and in a soft, broken and barely audible voice said, “...I’m sorry…” before flying off at near supersonic speeds.

Fluttershy opened her own wings as if to go follow her but was painfully reminded that one of her wings was currently out of commission. With tears welling up she felt a hand gently place itself on her withers. Looking back she could see that it was Spike, a sad yet understanding look written across his face.

"Let her go for now." he said in as even a voice as he could manage, though considering he was also shaken to the core by Fluttershy's rage that it was a challenge.

"B-b-but…" Fluttershy tried to stutter out a protest.

Spike put a claw to her muzzle to shush her, "I don't think anypony here is in the right state of mind to help her at the moment, let's take a second to cool off." He looked over her body. The blood coating it had long dried and was clumping her fur and mane together in spots. Her wing looked bad but not as bad as he thought it had looked earlier, which was weird. Hadn't it been almost completely shattered earlier?

He shook his head and let out a deep sigh, "Listen Shy, we can handle Terra. We'll finish fixing him up and bring him inside, but I think it would be best for you to go and clean up and clear your mind."

She took a worried look back at Terra, who had remained unconscious throughout the whole ordeal. Spike noticed this and put a claw on her withers again while giving the friendliest smile he could muster, "He'll be ok, we'll make sure of that. Do you trust us?"

She didn't say anything to answer his question. She only gave him another sad look and nodded in affirmation before slowly trotting over to her cottage. As she went Spike let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding. He turned around to face the other two mares. He noticed that while both of them had looks of sadness, and a hint of fear, Twilight also had a bit of pride in her eyes.

Twilight was indeed proud of her brother for how he handled the situation. She knew that he had shown more maturity since his growth spurt but this proved just how much he had grown and she couldn't be happier for him. Unfortunately, she was distracted by her questions on just what happened with Fluttershy and this mysterious Terra.

Questions that, to her slight annoyance, would have to wait.

"Ok, let's finish up getting the big guy in a stable state and then we can move him inside the cottage." Spike said, bringing Twilight and Rarity out of their daze. They nodded and all three went to face Terra only for their jaws to drop.


"No way…"

"That's impossible!"

They all screamed in shock as laying before them was not a bloody giant with dozens of deep cuts and gashes on the brink of death. Before them was a slumbering Terra, his dark red scales nearly void of any injury. Somehow, aside from the massive gash on his side, all of his injuries had healed.

“Twilight, I thought you said your healing magic wouldn’t work on him.” Rarity asked, trying to find some sort of explanation.

“This wasn’t me…” Twilight knew this wasn’t her magic. Even if it had worked, her magic wasn’t capable of healing injuries at that speed. In fact, now that she thought about it, the fact that he could resist her magic to the point of near nullification was a cause for concern itself. It was no secret that there were some creatures, such as dragons and changelings, that had slight magic resistance but when faced with as powerful of a magical creature like an alicorn their resistance was negligible. Yet this Terra had resisted her magic as if it was nothing but a light breeze. It was even more concerning considering what she had just gotten back from…

“Twilight?” Spike tried to get her attention, noticing that she had lost herself a little in thinking.

Twilight came back to the situation at hoof, “Sorry, I just have so many questions for our new friend here.”

“I’m sure you do, darling, but before we do any sort of questioning we should probably get him back in the cottage, yes?”

“You’re right Rarity. Spike,” she looked over at the purple drake, “do you think you can help me carry him?”

Spike gave her a quick salute and went to position Terra on his and Twilight’s back. He was somehow even heavier than he looked so it was a bit of a challenge to get him situated, they even had to enlist Rarity’s help, but eventually they were able to carry him to the cottage.

Fluttershy went straight to her bathroom and started a bath, almost as if she were in a trance.

The truth was that she had a lot on her mind, and most of what she was thinking about made her feel just awful. She trusted her friends but she was still deeply worried about Terra. Twice now he had managed to get critically injured protecting her and this second time had been even worse. She looked down into the water of the bath. It had quickly turned red with the blood that was covering her. Blood that she knew was Terra’s. Blood that she knew had been spread due to one of her best friends attacking him for seemingly no reason. That brought her to the other thing going through her mind.

Rainbow Dash.

As she had calmed down from earlier she started to realize just how out of character Rainbow had been acting. While Fluttershy considered Rarity to be her best friend, she had known Rainbow the longest and she knew that her friend could be a hot head but today was different. It had almost seemed that Rainbow was ready to actually murder Terra. She may have been more hoofs-on than the rest of the gang (except Applejack) but she never went so far to actually try killing somepony.

It didn’t sit right with Fluttershy.

She then remembered the pain she saw in Rainbow’s eyes after she tore into her and her heart sank. She hadn’t meant to say all of those things but she was just so angry, more than she had ever been in her life. It was actually kind of strange, she had actually felt like something powerful was surging through her. She couldn’t really explain.

It didn’t matter.

The only thing that did matter was that two of her friends were hurt and she was in some way at fault for both of them.


She was brought out of her depressing thoughts by hearing her door open and close. She assumed it was her friends bringing Terra in and seeing that she had washed off the blood decided to get out of the bath and dry off. She also rewrapped her wing once she got out, thankfully she didn’t have to reset any bones this time. With all of that done, she went down to meet up with her friends.

“Fluttershy! How are you doing darling?” Rarity was the first to notice her come down the stairs and promptly went to check on her best friend.

“I’m…ok” Fluttershy lied, “How is Terra doing?”

Rarity gave her a knowing look but decided not to press anything yet. It had been a long day, “He’s doing much better, he’s resting right now.”

Fluttershy gave her an appreciative nod and went over to Terra, giving Twilight and Spike thankful looks as she passed them. Once she came up to Terra she could only stare at his sleeping form for a second. He looked so peaceful. She reached out a hoof and gently rubbed the contours of his strong jaw.

“F-flutt-ersh-shy?” Terra groggily said.

Fluttershy let out an eep and along with everyone else in the room lept a little bit back in surprise. Apparently he wasn’t as deep in sleep as they had thought.

Terra slowly opened his shiny silver eyes and, with some effort, got to his feet and took a look around the room and focused on the two new faces. One was a purple alicorn with a straightened, navy-blue mane and tail that had a stripe of magenta and a stripe of purple in it. She was only very slightly taller than the other two mares in the room, the difference was actually barely noticeable, and her build was very slim. She didn’t seem to have a lot of muscle, though her wings were noticeably larger than Fluttershy’s. Her purple eyes held huge amounts of knowledge within them, and there was a general air of intelligence to her. The other one was a purple dragon with green spines and belly scales who wasn’t much shorter than Terra himself. His eyes widened a bit, he wasn’t expecting two such powerful creatures. Though to be fair he didn’t really have room to talk, he wasn’t exactly normal either.

“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Terra, may I get your names?” he asked as politely as he could.

Twilight was a bit in shock herself. Now that she was up close to him and things were a bit calmer she could actually get a feel for his size. He was definitely taller than Celestia, she could tell that much, but what really impressed her was how muscular his frame was. The size of his muscles would have made Bulk Biceps jealous, but they didn’t bulge out unnaturally. In fact from a distance his frame would have been startlingly similar to Big Macintosh. And then there was his voice. It was so deep and smooth, like relaxing in a warm bath. It made her spine tingle a little. She saw that he was looking at her and blushed a little when she realized she hadn’t answered his question.

“I’m Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, personal student of Princess Celestia and Element of Magic and this is Spike, my #1 assistant and my favorite little brother.” she introduced herself and Spike with a bit more flair than she usually did, she wasn’t quite sure why.

“I’m your only little brother.” Spike said in a deadpanned tone.

“Hush you.”

Terra bent one of his knees and bowed before them, “It is a pleasure to meet you Princess as well as you Spike.”

“P-please, just call me Twilight.” she said a bit awkwardly.

He lifted his head and gave her a warm smile and she felt her cheeks increase in temperature and she thought she was going to melt on the spot, “As you wish, Twilight. Fluttershy and Rarity have told me a few things about you.”

She raised her brow a bit at that, “Oh? Like what?”

“They said that you were the smartest pony they knew and that if anypony could help it would be you.”

“Oh w-well thank you.” Twilight felt almost like Fluttershy in that moment in that she just wanted to hide her blushing face behind her mane.

Terra looked around the room again and grew concerned, “Excuse me, but there was a blue pegasus mare earlier with a rainbow mane. Where is she?”

The mood took a sudden shift for the worst at that question. They were afraid that he was going to be angry and try to get revenge on her. It was Fluttershy who answered.

“She’s gone.”

“That’s unfortunate, something seemed to be affecting her mind and I wanted to make sure she was alright.” he then noticed that they all had shocked looks on their faces, except Fluttershy, who looked on the brink of tears.

“What do you mean ‘something was affecting her mind’?” Twilight asked cautiously.

“I’m not sure how to explain it exactly, obviously I don’t know how this mare usually acts, but there was this kind of rancid energy coming off of her that just didn’t feel natural.” he tried to explain.

Twilight put a hoof to her chin. It would make a little bit of sense. Rainbow Dash was rash but going for the kill was quite a bit further than she was willing to believe Rainbow would go. However, if foul play was involved that would mean that there is somepony around messing with other pony’s minds. That was something she couldn’t stand for. Before she could say anything though, Fluttershy broke into hysterics.

“I-I knew it! I knew something was wrong! Something was making Rainbow Dash act like that and hurting her and I said all of those horrible things to her! I called her a monster, what kind of friend does that?!” The dam had broken completely now and the tears were flowing freely.

“I’m s-such a h-h-horible friend.” she said in between her balling. She suddenly felt the embrace of all her friends, who couldn’t stand to see her in that state.

“It’s ok darling, we know you were just angry, we were all a bit shocked to be frank, and didn’t mean any of those nasty things.” Rarity was the first to say.

“Yeah Shy, you’re a wonderful friend.” Spike added in.

“You made a mistake, all you have to do is make amends.” Twilight gave her advice. She knew how horrible both of her friends must have felt at the moment and she just wanted to help them.

“B-but how?” Fluttershy weakly asked.

It was Terra to answer, “Find her and talk to her. Be direct and honest. If you two are as close as I’m being led to believe then that should be the best fix to this.”

It was a simple answer really, but sometimes the best solutions are the simple ones. Fluttershy gave him a weak smile, “O-ok, I’ll do it. I’ll fix this.”

They broke off the hug. Fluttershy was about to leave when Twilight stopped her.

“Do you mind if I come with you? With your wing out of commission I can help you get to any clouds Rainbow might be hiding in, also I want to make sure she’s ok as well.”

“I’d like that, thank you Twilight.” Fluttershy smiled at her friend and with a final goodbye to everyone she left with Twilight to find Rainbow Dash, leaving Terra, Rarity and Spike at the cottage.

It was time to make amends.

The part of the Everfree surrounding Fluttershy’s cottage was usually very quiet and tranquil, but today there was something there watching. No one would be able to see it as its flakey scales blended perfectly with the forest around it. If they could see it, they would have been horrified and disgusted. It was the size of the average pony but was bone-thin, like it hadn’t eaten in weeks. It stood on two legs but its arms were long enough that it could easily walk on them. Its claws were the color of old blood, as were the spikes covering its body.

As Fluttershy and Twilight the nightmare creature gave a cruel smile, showing off its hundreds of needle-like teeth.

It had to inform its Mistress of what it had learned.

Author's Note:

So this chapter was the original reason for the gore tag if you couldn't tell.
Even with how many rewrites I had to do, I actually really enjoyed writing this chapter. Also don't worry Rainbow Dash fans, she's going to have plenty of opportunities to be awesome! Also I have no plans for actual romance in this story, I just think it's fun to write the awkward reactions and making Terra completely oblivious:rainbowlaugh:

Next Time: Terra gets a history lesson.

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