• Published 11th Apr 2022
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The Angel of the Everfree - FluttershyForever2058

Fluttershy discovers something earth-shattering after a deadly encounter in the Everfree

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Rarity smiled. She was very pleased with what she saw, yes, very pleased. This gi- Terra was the very definition of a gentlecolt. She wasn’t going to lie to herself, lying was uncouth and unfitting of a lady, but when she had first seen him she was intimidated by his size and appearance, though getting distracted by his scales helped alleviate the fear. Having heard how he speaks she just couldn’t find it within herself to be afraid. He was so gentle. His voice may have been deep but she didn’t find it to be booming but instead rich and smooth. She didn’t feel fear while looking at him anymore, but instead a feeling of warmth.

Looking over at Fluttershy she could see that she didn’t seem as nervous as she usually was, though it was still there.

I wonder what she thinks of him. Rarity decided she would ask Fluttershy about Terra later. Right now there were still important questions to be asked. She cleared her throat to get their attention.

“It’s very nice to meet you Terra,” Rarity began, “but now that we have gotten introductions out of the way I would still like to ask a few questions if you don’t mind.”

Terra looked over at Rarity and nodded, “Not at all. I will answer to the best of my ability.”

Rarity smiled, “Excellent. Now darling, I think the first question should be the most obvious one.” She gave a quick look to Fluttershy. “The one that we are both curious about. What exactly kind of creature are you?”

Terra’s smile faltered at this and was replaced by a more thoughtful look. He looked himself over a bit before answering, a bit embarrassingly, “I-I’m not exactly sure to be honest.”

This caught the two mares off guard and they gave each other confused looks. After a bit of confused silence it was Rarity that spoke up.

"I don't mean to sound rude but how can you not know what you are?"

Terra shifted a bit in place before answering, "T-the truth is I don't have much memory of anything aside from the forest and my own name." He admitted. "I'm sorry I can't be of more help."

Fluttershy put a hoof up to her muzzle in shock, "Oh my goodness, that's horrible!"

Rarity nodded in agreement, a similar look on her face, "Yes quite,” She looked over at Terra and gave him a sympathetic look, “I'm sorry dear."

He shook his head, the warm smile returning to his face, “I appreciate your concern, but you have no reason to be sorry, and in any case I believe there is hope to get them back somehow.”

“Oh my, are you sure?” Fluttershy asked, the concern clear in her voice. Terra turned to look into her kind eyes, causing her to shy away a bit. She might have felt a bit more comfortable around him but he was still intimidating.

“Yes Miss Fluttershy, I’m not completely sure how or why but while I was unconscious I had a dream that led me to believe that it is possible.” He then proceeded to tell the two mares about his meeting with LuLu, though he left out the part about what she had told him about the angel. He wasn’t sure how Fluttershy would react to him saying that she was THE angel, though that didn’t quite stop him from wanting to call her just that.

Rarity and Fluttershy were fascinated with what he said about his mysterious dream visitor, and they also couldn’t help but be reminded of Pinkie as he described her.

Fluttershy suddenly remembered something and looked at Terra before asking, “Is that what was causing you to panic so much?”

“No.” Terra said the word with no warmth as his face fell completely. The mares wouldn’t have called the new face he wore as angry, but it was definitely upset. Fluttershy hid behind her mane, scared of the new shift in mood.

“O-oh, um, w-what did cause you to panic then, unless you don’t want to answer of c-course.” she asked timidly.

He took a deep, long breath. He couldn’t just tell them that what caused him to freak out was watching the yellow pegasus currently standing in front of him get violently ripped apart limb from limb. She probably wouldn’t take that well. Taking another deep breath, and taking a quick glance at Fluttershy, he simply stated, “I had to watch somebody die, not even being able to move to help them.”

Fluttershy went a little pale not only from hearing his words but also from the pain she could hear in them.

Rarity, who had noticed him taking a quick glance at Fluttershy, knew he wasn’t telling the full story. However, also hearing the pain in his voice, she decided that he had his reasons and didn’t push the issue. She and Fluttershy decided to give him some space and excused themselves to a different room.

They started discussing what they should do. It was quite a conundrum they found themselves in. It was obvious to both of them that contrary to his intimidating size and physique Terra didn’t seem like a danger to anypony, though they were still reluctant to bring him into town. However, without knowing what he was or how he had gotten into the Everfree could complicate matters, especially with him having amnesia. For all they knew he could be some sort of terrible villain and just didn’t remember it, though Fluttershy thought to herself that that didn’t feel likely to her.

After putting their heads together they decided on what they believed would be an appropriate course of action and went to discuss it with the crimson giant in the living room. Walking in they noticed that he didn’t seem as upset anymore, though his smile still had yet to return. Rarity walked up to him while Fluttershy remained further back, hiding behind her mane once more.

“Well darling, me and Fluttershy were talking and we think we have an idea of how to start helping you figure out who and what you are, as well as maybe fixing your little bout of amnesia.” Rarity explained to him. He just raised his brow in interest and gestured to her to go on. “You see we have a very intelligent friend named Twilight Sparkle, if anypony would be able to help us it would be her.” She continued with a certain note of pride for her friend present in her voice.

“However,” Fluttershy spoke up timidly, “She won’t be back in town until tomorrow.”

Rarity’s smile fell away for a second before returning as she added, “Yes, she is still out of town investigating some sort of attack in the south, but her assistant, Spike, is still here and while he may not be as scholarly as Twilight he is still quite intelligent himself. Not to mention, he knows his way around that massive library better than anypony I know.” She was practically beaming at that point while talking about her other close friend and gem-hunting buddy.

“He can also let Twilight know about our situation so she can help once she gets back.” Fluttershy added, trying to keep things on track.

Terra seemed to agree with the idea as he said, “They both sound like wonderful individuals, and neither of you have really given me a reason not to trust you.” ‘Especially Fluttershy’ he thought to himself, “So, considering I have no better idea on fixing this, I am on board with this plan.”

He started to stand up when he noticed that both mares were shifting uncomfortably.

“Is something wrong?”

“Well… I’m sorry darling but I believe that it might be better for you to remain here while we meet with Spike.” Rarity said.

Terra raised a brow, “And why is that?”

Rarity took a deep breath before answering, “Because, to be frank, you are a strange creature that is covered in injuries that is taller than Celestia and looks to have enough muscle to lift a house. Me and Fluttershy may have reacted well but there is no guarantee that the rest of Ponyville won’t go into a full blown panic at the mere sight of you.”

Terra blinked his eyes a bit before looking down at himself as if noticing for the first time that he was, in fact, much larger than the ponies before him. He was brought out of this utterly surprising realization by Fluttershy’s voice.

“You’re also still injured, and I don’t feel comfortable with you moving around while you heal, so I am going to suggest that you stay here and rest.” She said much more sternly than he was expecting.

“Ok, ok I get it, I’ll stay here and rest.” he said as he laid back down which caused Fluttershy to smile.

Now with everything in order, Fluttershy and Rarity went to leave but right before going out the door, Fluttershy turned back to Terra.

“Actually there was one other thing. I’m a complete stranger to you. Why did you save me?” she asked her giant savior.

Looking right back at her with his silver eyes, his warm smile returning, he answered, “Because I couldn’t just sit back and watch an angel die.”

Fluttershy’s face went completely scarlet when he said this and her smile grew even larger.

“Thank you” she said before leaving, failing to notice the sly smirk on Rarity’s face.

It was starting to creep into the evening hours and the orange tint in the sky said that Celestia would soon be lowering the Sun. The temperature was starting to get cooler as Summer was reaching its end and everypony was enjoying a beautiful end to the day.

This was all lost on Fluttershy.

She could only think about Terra and the horrible situation he found himself in. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how horrible it must feel to have no memory of who you were, where you came from. She then realized that he probably couldn’t even remember his own family. Did he even have a family to remember? That thought alone nearly brought her to tears.

Yet he’s acting as if it doesn’t even bother him. She thought to herself. He was obviously putting on a strong face to not worry them, but she saw that façade fade for just a moment when they mentioned his dream. She may not have had the social graces of Rarity but even she could tell that he wasn’t telling the whole story. She began to wonder if maybe his dream was connected to why he had called her an angel…


…why had he called her that anyway…


…actually, thinking back, he seemed to have been far more focused on her than Rarity. She felt her cheeks warm up a bit at this realization.


“Eep!” She was brought out of her thoughts by Rarity yelling out her name, not even realizing she was speaking to her.

“Excuse my uncouth behavior darling, but you seemed to have been stuck in your own thoughts again and unfortunately I didn’t have a pin to get your attention this time.” Rarity said with some amusement.

“Oh I’m sorry Rarity, I was just thinking about Terra. I’m just so worried about him.”

“I know darling, I am too, but he seems to be handling it well all things considered.”

“That’s the thing though!” Fluttershy exclaimed, or as much as a normal speaking voice can be considered exclaiming anyway, “I think he’s hiding how he really feels so that we don’t worry more than we already are.”

Rarity raised an eyebrow, “No offense dear, but we only just met him. We have no idea what his normal reactions might be and this very well could be normal for him.” Rarity was kind of surprised that Fluttershy was so worried for a complete stranger when her usual response to new ponies was to get as small as possible and hope they ignored her. That’s when a thought came to mind that caused a sly smile to come to her face.

It was time for some friendly teasing.

“I must say Fluttershy, you seem to have definitely warmed up to him quite quickly,” She looked back at Fluttershy and continued in a more sultry voice, “I mean he is quite handsome…”

Fluttershy froze in her tracks, her face going a lovely shade of crimson, “W-w-what?”

“Oh and such a gentlecolt, not to mention those muscles.”

“RARITY!” Fluttershy squeaked out, her whole body now doing a great impression of a cherry tomato.

Rarity burst into what was most definitely NOT lady-like laughter.

Once she finally stopped laughing she started walking again, “I’m sorry darling, you know I’m only teasing you. However I still must say that it is unlike you to warm-up to a stranger this quickly.”

Fluttershy, her blush starting to disappear, quickened her own trot to catch up, “It’s ok, and I know it’s weird for me but I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s almost like I can feel an actual energy coming off of him that makes me feel I don’t know… safe? Comfortable? Oh I must sound so silly.”

Rarity shook her head, “Not at all, I don’t know about some kind of ‘energy’ but he seemed to seem quite nice, though I think that is something that we can ask Twilight once she returns”

“That would be nice.” Fluttershy answered.

Rarity suddenly perked up as she remembered something, “I just realized that there was something I meant to ask before our attention was focused on his memory problems.

“Yes?” Fluttershy inquired.

“Well I was curious, Terra no doubt has the strength and size to make Big Macintosh look like a newborn colt in comparison, but I find it hard to believe he could drive off a full grown hydra. Even Twilight couldn’t do that with all of her magical talent.”

“Oh, well he was a bit bigger when he rescued me.” Fluttershy said rather calmly.

Rarity raised a brow in fascination at that, “Bigger?”

“Oh yes!” Fluttershy seemed almost weirdly excited, “He shrunk down to what I assume is his normal size after he passed out so I think he must have the ability to size-shift.”

“You seem quite excited about this.”

“Well the only creatures I know that can shift size are dragons so I figure that might give us a lead as to what Terra is.” Fluttershy said with hope present in her voice.

“I suppose that does make some sense and we can definitely ask Spikey-Wikey about it.” She only had one question left, “So how much larger was he?”

“Do you remember that dragon we had to ask to leave all those years ago? The one that was blocking out the sky with his snoring?”

Rarity nodded.

“A little longer and taller than that, and probably twice the bulk.” Fluttershy said nonchalantly.

Rarity’s jaw hit the ground faster than Rainbow Dash at a Daring Doo convention and could only stare at her clearly crazy friend.

“Are you ok Rarity?” Fluttershy asked in a concerned voice.

Rarity shook her head to get rid of the shock, “Y-yes, sorry let’s just get to the castle so that we can hopefully get some answers.”

Fluttershy nodded her head in agreement. They continued to talk, their conversation turning more casual, as they made their way into Ponyville.

The merchants were closing their stands down and the rest of the citizens heading home to prepare for the night, meaning Ponyville was settling down for the night.

Red Horizon loved this part of the day. He hadn’t been in Ponyville long, only having moved there about a week ago to take a job as a psychiatrist at the Ponyville hospital, but he found he quite enjoyed the small town. In natural air was like Celestia’s gift to his lungs, and he adored the gentle breeze blowing through his sky blue coat and red mane. The town was also, to his surprise, home to one of the largest libraries in all of Equestria and as both a unicorn and a doctor he knew he could take great advantage of a resource like that. But as a young, handsome stallion he was most interested in the mares, and Ponyville absolutely didn’t disappoint in the pretty mare department.

Speaking of which he saw two mares walking down the road. One was a white unicorn with a gorgeous purple mane and tail. It was obvious that she put a lot of work into her appearance as her coat almost seemed to shine. Her toned body made it clear that while she exercised, it also said that she only did enough to keep any excess fat off. She was a true beauty and the confidence in her trot said that she knew it.

She could be a lot of fun. He thought to himself before looking toward the other mare…

“Sweet wings of Celestia!” Horizon nearly screamed out when he took a closer look at the pegasus. She had a lovely canary-yellow coat and a long, flowing rose-pink mane. Her tail was the same rosey pink as her mane, and just as long and elegant. He could only imagine how soft any of them would feel against his own coat. Her legs were long and slender, she could very well be a model with legs like that. While one of her wings was wrapped up, probably from an accident, the one he could see was large and fluffy. Probably not great for flying, he thought, but they would probably feel amazing wrapped around him. He usually didn’t go for pegasi as they tended to have more muscle than he preferred, but this mare didn’t have that problem. In fact she seemed naturally thin. Well, except for what he was quickly deciding was his favorite attribute. Her flanks. Dear Celestia, those flanks. They looked like big yellow pillows with pink butterflies emblazoned onto them, and Horizon bet they probably felt about the same.

She was perfect.

Deciding that he had had enough of simply staring he decided to walk up to the two gorgeous mares. He might as well take his time and have some fun.

“Excuse me,” He began, “I hope I’m not bothering you two but I was just curious what two such lovely mares such as yourselves are off to this lovely evening.” He was putting on the charm almost immediately.

Fluttershy squeaked and hid behind her mane. Rarity let out an exasperated sigh at her shy friend before turning to the sky-blue stallion and smiling, “It’s quite alright darling, it is no bother, we are just on our way to the castle library to meet a friend, though I am sorry to say we are in a bit of a rush.”

Her voice was just as elegant as her looks. She reminded Horizon a little bit of the snobs in Canterlot, though the alabaster mare before him seemed less full of herself than them. Yes, she would definitely be fun.

“Oh I understand, actually do you mind if I tag along?” He asked in his most innocent voice. “I’m new in town and have been meaning to find the library.”

“Hm, well I don't have any problem with that, how about you darling?” She said looking at Fluttershy.

“I don’t m-mind.” Fluttershy said, still hiding behind her mane.

Red Horizon hid his smile as he realized something else about this goddess in the form of a pegasus.

She was shy.

He may have loved confident mares, he found it entertaining to break that confidence, but he absolutely adored the shrinking violets of the world. They were always so innocent and while there was no real challenge in manipulating them, there was just something about ruining that innocence that sent such a rush through him.

And he was currently in the presence of what was probably the most shy and innocent mare he had ever laid eyes on. He had to play his cards right though. While the shy ones were easy to manipulate, you needed to get their trust first. That could take time, so for now he would just have to lay on the charm and then he would strike. This was going to be the most fun he’s had since Manehatten!

“Excellent, by the way my name is Red Horizon but please just call me Horizon, may I get your names?”

“Oh course, I am Rarity.”

“My name is… F-fluttershy” She said, her voice becoming nearly inaudible.

“It’s alright dear, I know I may be a stranger but there’s no reason to be afraid, just take your time.” Horizon said softening both his voice and facial features, a tactic that worked wonders with shy mares.

Apparently Fluttershy was no different as she came out from behind her mane, “T-thank you.” She took a calming breath, “My name is Fluttershy.”

How fitting “A lovely name for a lovely mare.” He said with a soft smile, though hidden unseen behind that smile was something far more… predatory.

Fluttershy blushed slightly when she noticed his cutie mark. It was simple, just a pocket watch in front of a glowing unicorn horn, but she wondered what it could mean. “Excuse me Horizon, I don’t mean to be rude but I couldn’t help noticing your cutie mark and um, if you don’t mind, what does it mean?”

“Yes, I’m quite curious myself.” Rarity added.

Horizon smiled, “It’s no problem at all, my mark represents my expertise with the mind and psychology.” That wasn’t the complete truth but they didn’t need to know that. “I actually moved to Ponyville to take on the psychologist position at the hospital.”

“My, my, darling, that is quite impressive.” Rarity said, clearly thinking highly of this stallion.

“Yes, you must help a lot of ponies.” Fluttershy chimed in, also clearly impressed.

“Oh in ways you would never even imagine!” And when I’m done you won’t have to imagine. “But enough about me, how about you two? What do you do?”

Rarity brightened up, always happy to talk about her work, “I am a dressmaker, I run the boutique here in Ponyville as well as a couple in Manehatten and Canterlot.”

“That’s quite the accomplishment Miss Rarity, and I’m sure if the dresses are even a fraction as beautiful as you are you must be quite successful.”

“Oh you flatterer.” Rarity said through a giggle. “If you come by the boutique I can make you an absolutely fabulous suit.”

“I’ll have to take you up on that offer sometime.” He said, not meaning a word of it. He had no real interest in Rarity, he was just being nice to keep up appearances. No, the true prize was the slender yellow pegasus with pillowy flanks. “How about you Miss Fluttershy?”

“Oh n-nothing special, I’m just the animal caretaker of Ponyville.” Fluttershy said in her usual shy manner.

Horizon was actually surprised by this, “That’s not nothing at all, I was led to believe that was a position generally held by earth ponies so to do so as a pegasus must mean you are quite good at your job.”

“Oh it’s not that difficult, I just like helping all of the animals.” She said with a small smile.

Red Horizon was about to say something when the words got caught in his throat and he could only stare in awe at the sight before him.

It was a truly enormous tree. He figured there was probably magic, both unicorn and earth pony, involved to make it. It was as if someone had combined an enormous oak with the royal castle in Canterlot.

Rarity couldn't help but giggle at his reaction, "I see you've noticed the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle, quite lovely isn't it?"

"It's incredible." He said, still in awe.

"Yes quite, you see when Twilight ascended to alicorn hood she didn't want to leave the library. So with some help from the other Princesses, and a great many unicorns and earth ponies, they moved the Golden Oaks Library out to the edge of town, grew it to a larger size and molded it into a proper castle that also houses one of the largest libraries in Equestria, second only to the Royal Canterlot Library." Rarity said with pride. If there was one thing she enjoyed more than talking about her work it was talking about her friends.

Horizon was actually impressed with Rarity's knowledge, "Miss Rarity, you seem to know quite a lot about this."

"Well of course darling, me and Fluttershy are some of Twilight's closest friends after all." Rarity was practically beaming at this point.

"How fascinating…" His current mark was close friends with the Princess of Friendship herself. That would definitely make things more difficult. However, instead of being deterred he was practically giddy with excitement. Oh how he loved a challenge.

The three of them walked up to the front door of the castle and Rarity gave it a good knock. After a moment a masculine voice called out from inside.

"I'll be there in just a second!"

Another moment later Spike came to the door and Red Horizon found out that he wasn't done with surprises for that day.

He had heard that Princess Twilight Sparkle had a dragon assistant, something the Canterlot nobility apparently took great offense to, and from what he heard the dragon was supposed to be about the size of a foal and walked on its hind legs. However what stood before him was a purple and green dragon that would give Princess Luna a run for her bits in terms of size. He was also standing on all four legs, though his chest was noticeably larger than his hindquarters. What were the most eye-catching, however, were his massive, bat-like wings. Even folded up it was apparent that his wingspan would make even Celestia jealous.

"Oh hey Rarity and Fluttershy, what can I do for you?" Spike asked in a smooth tenor, his voice having lost its high-pitched squeakiness a couple of years ago.

Rarity was the first to answer, "Sorry to bother you Spikey-Wikey, but we were wondering if you could get a message to Twilight for us? We can discuss the context inside."

"Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. Anything for a couple of friends. Anything else you need?"

This time it was Fluttershy to speak out, "Well, um, since you took that year in the Dragonlands to learn about your kind from Dragonlord Ember we were hoping you could tell us a bit about dragons? If you don't mind that is."

Spike raised his brow slightly at that, "Uh… yeah no, I don't mind at all, it would actually be nice to tell ponies a bit about my species." It was at that moment that Spike noticed the red-maned unicorn behind his two friends. "Sorry sir, I didn't notice you there, is there anything I can help you with?"

Red Horizon shook his head, "Oh no, these lovely mares were just showing me where the castle was, I actually need to be heading home now. "He looked at the two mares, "It was a delight to meet the both of you and I hope this won't be our only meeting."

"Of course darling, have a safe trip home!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Please be careful…" Fluttershy said, a small blush forming on her cheeks.

After a simple wave from Spike, Red Horizon went on his way. He smiled. He noticed the blush on Fluttershy's face. He was making good progress. But there was still work to be done.

He picked up the pace a bit. He had planning to do.

Once they were in the library Spike turned around, an intense look now on his face, "Ok, before anything else, Fluttershy." His gaze was now directed at the timid mare.


"What happened to your wing? I know you were supposed to go to the Everfree today to get some herbs for Twilight, but when you didn't show up I started to get worried."

"Oh I'm so sorry Spike, but, um, actually that's what we're here to talk to you about." Fluttershy explained.

Spike's intense look didn't disappear, but it did soften a bit. He sat down on a cushion and gestured for them to continue. Taking the cue they began from the beginning. They told Spike everything. How Fluttershy was nearly killed by a hydra but was saved by a truly massive creature, a creature they later learned was named Terra. They explained what Terra looked like, how he lost his memories and finally his size-shifting.

When they finished Spike sat there for a while thinking over what he was just told. After a bit more thinking he finally spoke.

"So let me make sure I got this straight. Fluttershy nearly got eaten by a multi-headed snake abomination only for some strange creature that, by the way, can apparently grow to the size of a mountain to save her. Then when said creature passes out due to what can only be blood loss she brings him back to the cottage where, when Rarity shows up, he starts having some sort of panic attack until Fluttershy is able to calm him down. When he wakes up you question him and that's where you learn that he has no memories except his name and a pretty feathered creature named LuLu. And now you're here asking for my help to figure out what he is. I get all of that right?"

"Y-yes, that about covers it." Fluttershy said nervously.

Spike took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "So just a usual Tuesday. Ok, Twilight will be back tomorrow so when she gets to the castle I'll send Fluttershy a message. I have a couple of books I can give you but I can tell you just from his description that he's not a dragon."

“Really, how can you be so sure darling?” Rarity inquired.

"Well, I mean there are definitely similarities, but there are also some key differences. For one Terra is obviously an adult and dragons always grow their wings but adulthood. For two his feet are all wrong, dragons only have claws, not the weird stumps you said he has. Finally, you said he has completely different scales, and keeled scales are something that are completely universal to all dragons." Spike explained.

“What about the size-shifting? I remember you doing that several years ago.” Fluttershy asked, still a bit hopeful.

Spike however only shook his head, “That was different, I couldn’t control my growth due to a surplus of greed. Even then, greed related growth is actually extremely rare for dragons, it happened to me because my body wasn’t used to getting things and it overcompensated. No, Terra’s ability sounds like something that comes far more naturally to him.”

“Oh…” Fluttershy said, the disappointment clear in her voice.

“I’m sorry Flutters, but hey Twilight should be here in the morning and I’m sure she can help!” Spike said, trying to cheer up the sad pegasus.

“He’s right dear, even if Twilight somehow doesn’t know what Terra is, she’ll be able to figure it out as well how to get his memories back.” Rarity added, seeing her best friend’s distress.

It only seemed to marginally work, “I k-know, I’m just so worried about him.” The beginning of tears could be seen in her teal eyes.

“Shh, it’ll be alright darling.” Rarity wrapped her friend in a hug and rubbed her back as Fluttershy let out a few soft whimpers. As she was doing this Spike went to grab the books he thought might be of help. By the time he returned Fluttershy had calmed down a bit.

“Sorry I couldn’t be more help,” He said while rubbing his spines, “but you might look in these books to see if you can find anything.” He put the two books in Fluttershy’s saddlebags.

“It’s ok Spike, I know you tried your best, and thank you for the books.” Fluttershy said before wrapping the dragon in a tight hug that he gladly returned.

“Well it’s getting late and I need to get back to the boutique.” She then shot Fluttershy a sly look, “And I’m most certain you don’t want to keep your handsome houseguest waiting any longer, hm?”

“R-r-right, t-thanks again Spike.” Fluttershy stuttered out, blushing profusely.

Spike tried to stifle a laugh at Rarity’s light teasing. Some things never change.

“It was no problem, I’ll see you guys tomorrow once Twilight gets back.” He said as the two mares walked out the door.

With one final goodbye to their dragon friend, and then two each other, Fluttershy and Rarity went their separate ways to their respective homes.

Fluttershy was impatient to look at the books Spike gave her and she didn't really want to be out in the dark any longer than she had to be, though with her wing still broken the best she could do was pick up the pace of her trot. As she basically galloped home she took a moment to review the events of the day. She honestly never expected a simple trip for herbs to end with her now housing what she can only describe as the strangest “stallion” she’s ever seen. Ok maybe strange was too harsh, he was just different. He was also gentle, calm, had a protective warmth to him, not to mention handsome…

She felt her cheeks burn at that thought. Where did that come from? She thought to herself before shaking the thought out of her mind as a new one replaced it.

‘You’re the angel.’ Her blush returned as she remembered the first thing he said to her. Why did he keep calling her that and why did it feel so important to her? She had been complimented before, as much as it made her feel awkward she didn’t really mind it, but this felt so different. It felt less like he was complimenting her and more like he was stating a fact. She felt a small shiver along her spine.

“It’s starting to get a bit chilly…” She said aloud. She decided the “angel” issue could be settled once they got Terra’s memories back. For right now she needed to get home.

When she got to her cottage she paused right before her door.

Did she hear… singing?

Quietly opening her door, she snuck into her living room and had to silence a gasp at what she saw. Terra was still in the middle of the living room, but now he was surrounded by all of her little critters, some of them lying on his back, even Harry the Bear was snuggling up to him.

And he was singing.

He sang in a lovely basso profundo, the low voice smooth to her ears. While it was soft she could feel a certain amount of power coming from it. She pointed her ears toward him so she could hear the words he was singing.

Hush now sweet child

Don’t make a sound

Fear not dear child

For dreams will be found

Sleep now sweet child

I will give lease

Listen dear child

To my song of peace.

As she got lost in his song she stopped hearing the words and only just felt the music emanating from him. It brought a smile to her face. She was so enraptured that she didn’t notice when he stopped until he spoke to her.

“Welcome back Miss Fluttershy.” Terra greeted her.

Being jolted back to the world of the living, she greeted him back, “Thank you Terra, and please, just Fluttershy is fine. That was a beautiful song, I didn’t know you could sing.”

It was Terra’s turn to blush this time, though it was barely noticeable under his red scales, *ahem* “Yes, well you see all of what I assume are your animals started coming out when you left and they seemed kind of nervous so I just kind of… started singing.” He said while rubbing the back of his neck. “I don’t know why but the song felt important to me.”

“Oh maybe it’s a memory trying to resurface!” She said excitedly.

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” He said, less convinced. He decided to change topics slightly. “So how did your visit to the library go?”

She seemed to get a little deflated at the question and he was worried that maybe he had said something wrong. Before he could say anything else she spoke up.

“I’m meeting with Twilight tomorrow, and I think I’ll bring her back here to meet you, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” He said, relieved that she wasn’t acting any differently.

“Unfortunately, Spike didn’t know what you were either.” She reached into her saddlebags and pulled out two books, one on rare fauna and another on magical creatures. “He did give me these though, I think we should look through them to see if we find anything useful” she said, reaching for one of the books.

“I think that would be a wonderful idea” he said as he grabbed the other book. It was at that moment that something occurred to Fluttershy.

“Um, Terra? I d-don’t mean to be rude but do you remember how to read?” she asked, hoping she hadn’t just offended him.

Terra, however, was anything but offended. After a brief look of confusion he actually started chuckling at her question, though even a chuckle sent small tremors through the cottage.

“I appreciate the concern Fluttershy, but yes I do remember how to read.” he said as his laughter died down.

“Oh o-ok, then let’s get to work.” she said quickly, trying desperately to hide her blush.

***Two Hours Later***


They had spent two hours looking through the books Spike gave Fluttershy and they had found nothing. At one point Fluttershy had thought that she had found something when she read about something called a behemoth in the magical creatures book, but only found herself getting more frustrated when it turned out to be a dead end as well. Frustrated was a good word for how she felt right then. She was so frustrated that she could just kick something, so she did. With all the unyielding force of a slightly miffed dust bunny she kicked her couch.

“Fluttershy are you ok?” Terra asked, having seen her most heinous act.

“No! We keep finding nothing to help and every idea I have just leads to another dead end. I’m just so…so…USELESS!” she screamed out the last word, an actual scream, as her eyes started to water. Terra hadn’t realized how much his predicament was getting to her. He did know one thing though.

“Fluttershy, you are NOT useless” he said matter-of-factly.

“Oh please,” she said in between whimpers, “I can’t do anything to help you. Anything to pay you back for what you did in the Everfree.”

“You don’t owe me anything” he tried to placate the distressed pegasus.

“YES I DO! If it wasn’t for you I would… I would be…” She couldn’t finish her sentence, instead she curled up into a ball and devolved into crying hysterics.

Terra was caught off guard. It hadn’t really fully occurred to him that if he hadn’t arrived when he did then Fluttershy wouldn’t just be hurt. She’d be dead. I’m such an idiot he thought to himself. Of course she would want to pay him back for that. Now he was stuck in a cottage with a crying angel and had no idea what to do to make her feel better. Not really knowing anything better to do, he went to comfort the crying mare when he felt something on his side. Looking at what it was he smiled. He had an idea.

“Fluttershy?” He tried to get her attention.

No response.

“Fluttershy, please look at me” he said a bit more sternly. After a couple more sniffles she looked at him and he nearly cringed at how puffy and red her eyes had gotten. However, now that he had her full attention he decided to remind her of something important.

“You say you’re useless and that you haven’t been able to help me but look at these.” he gestured to the bandages all across his body. “You did this.”

“It wasn’t anything special…” she said, still not convinced.

“Of course it was! If you hadn’t patched me up I would be dead right now and that is the simple truth.” he wrapped his tail around her and brought her close to his body. She was surprised with how warm he was. “Thank you for saving my life Fluttershy.”

She snuggled up closer to him, “And thank you for saving mine” she finally said.

As he held her tighter he said, “So, while I appreciate your concern for me, please don’t run yourself ragged over it.”

“Ok I t-think I can do that.” They spent a little more time in each other's embrace, Fluttershy surprised with how warm and smooth his scales were while Terra was surprised by the softness of her coat. After a bit Fluttershy let out a yawn and, looking at the time, they headed to bed.

As Terra made himself comfortable in the living room, Fluttershy looked back with a fond smile.

“Goodnight Terra, and thank you.”

Author's Note:

Well here's chapter two, sorry it's a bit late but life kind of happened. Anyway I added the Dark tag because of Red Horizon as he's going to get much worse throughout the story (hey I need a villain somewhere). Also while I might tease it a bit don't expect any actual romance in this story, though I might expand on it in future stories.

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