• Published 31st Mar 2022
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Enforcing Change - Scootaboom1

By pretending to have a special power to explain his knowledge Nightlight manipulates everyone around him for the future.

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Ch 26 The Crystal Empire Returns (rewrite)


Since I had sent a shadow copy to the outpost where we would watch for signs of the Crystal Empire's return.

This would allow me to be the first one in Canterlot to know when it shows up.

Though given the nature of the situation Celestia had actually set up an effective method of alerting her.

Rather than inform the princess a little earlier I decided to start up a conversation with Shining Armor about O&O.

Specifically about a one shot that we had done once.

It involved a labyrinth of corridors that would change when switches were flipped.

Creating two labyrinthitis that combined in parts.

When he was called to Celestia I could hope that he would remember my advice.

Unfortunately it appears that my subtle went right over his head.

Shining Armor

Cadance and I made it to the Crystal Empire as quickly as we could.

Once we made it to the end of the train line we had to continue the rest of the way on hoof.

I was still new to the wings and had no idea of how to use them.

The added earth pony strength was certainly a bonus though.

When we arrived at the Empire we noticed that it was being protected by some kind of barrier.

Though it seemed to be just barely holding on.

Cadance and I began our investigation but we were coming out short.

We did find that Cadance could boast the power of the barrier.

Eventually we sensed a strange magical phenomena from outside the border of the Empire.

Despite it being night we had to investigate it immediately.

It led us to a large crack in the ice.

When we looked down the hole we heard a cracking sound came from down below.

A black fog seemed to be condensing inside when suddenly an cackling laugh came from it and an eye opened in it.

Cadance and I ran back from the hole as a shadowy creature with a vaguely unicorn shaped head emerged from the ice.

It began to mumble what sounded like words but the only thing I recognized was crystals.

Was this the unicorn king who enslaved the Empire.

I attempted to trap him in a barrier and it seemed to work, after I few attempts he no longer bounced off it.

Rather his magic seemed to seep into my barrier.

It almost seemed to rot away as he passed through it.

As we gained distance from he the black cloud seeped into the ice below our hooves.

When the shadows spread throughout the ice a series of horrid screeches came from below.

Coming from the many horrible evil beings had been sealed away and forgotten beneath the ice.

In our path was now being blocked by four creatures with pitch black forms.

I recognized them as a chenoo, a qalupalik, a ijiraq, and a akhlut.

I blasted them with magic which managed to push them back but it wouldn't be enough.

Cadance blasted them with love and it caused their bodies to dissolve.

She noted that this meant that they were not the real ones but rather shadows made of Sombras' dark magic.

This gave her an idea.

She said that she needed me to hold him off for a few minutes before returning to the Empire.

I knew that this would be our best chance since I had no better ideas.

I knew went Cadance's plan was completed when the barrier around the Crystal Empire suddenly became stronger.

As the sun rose the shadows which Sombra created as well as Sombra himself began to fade away.

But their was a limit to how much we could hold him off.

So we had to send a message to Celestia.


I had always wondered what kinds of dangers would appear at night that Shining mentioned in the premier.

Not to mention that there were still the monsters that continued to naturally roam.

Chrysalis was finishing preparations for our or rather her plan.

These poor kitten creatures they did not stand a chance.

At least their end was quick.

For some reason I did not feel as bad as I should have.

This worries me.

I still know that I am terrible.

Velvet said that I was over thinking it.


After I sent Twilight and her friends to help with the situation in the Crystal Empire I invited Nightlight over to talk.

He seemed to be a little out of it.

I had worried that something had gone wrong but he said that nothing was with complete confidence.

This worried me so I decided that I should talk to Velvet about it but with my current schedule I would not be able.

So I asked Luna to ask about it in the dream realm.


When I arrived in the dreams of Velvet she was a little confused when it became harder to control her dream.

When I revealed myself her expression turned to one of understanding.

She asked if there was any particular reason for my method of contact.

Her raised brow let me know that she saw straight through me.

In truth I had not wanted Nightlight to know about this conversation.

He hates it when others worry about he according to Velvet.

Velvet sighed and said that not only did he know that I would do this at one point but that it would be about him in a time like this.

I took a back step at this.

It really was not to surprising but still.

Velvet sighed and told me that this happens to him every now and again behind closed doors.

Nightlight was just feeling guilt over an event that he could not prevent but nothing that I should worry about.

More so now that it was already happened.

He would be fine.


The biggest main change in events during the return of the Crystal Empire was that Shining had not lost the ability to cast magic like he had in the show.

Spike was really hamming up his fame.

It put a smile on my face.

Still there was more to do so I could not slow down now.

Author's Note:

I just learned that I had missed Fluttershy Day so happy Fluttershy Day.