• Published 17th Sep 2012
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Because Love Conquers All - BlackRoseRaven

Alternate Timeline. Luna's journey into corruption and complete darkness.

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Holy balls, 479k words!!@!@!@#!@$!@#

just wait until you see the next story:pinkiehappy:

TBH This is about as far as I've read of your stories on the other site, I started the next One but never finished, 1290912 70+ chapters my friend, shit gunna go down.


Well, I do hope that if you pick Decretum up again you find it enjoyable as the others. It's. It's long after all, yes. But it should be up on this site in a few days. And thanks kindly for the fave.

it's not that I don't enjoy it, I just blow it off for a day or two for one reason or another and then when I remember come back to around 12 chapters and just can't be bothered to read all of them at the same time. I did the same thing with this story to be honest, I ended up reading 2-3 chapters in a sitting and then taking a break for anywhere between 4-5 hours to a day.


I do that with things a lot myself. It's definitely good to take things slower, I agree. I still find it amazing people are reading my stuff at all, much less going through as fast as they do.

i have never seen a troll fic before, and im not sure if this is one (haven't really looked at it) have you done the honor of being the first troll fic i stumbled upon or is it just that long and hard to read?


No, it's a real story and part of the series. It's just rather... dark.

I'm about half way through and want to keep reading but with every chapter I just scream "No, no please stop it you're ruining everything!" then curl up in a ball and cry bitter tears...
Its just pure unadulterated agony to watch it all fall to pieces....
I want to but I can't T^T
I'll manage it some day....


Yeah. Yeah. That... sums up this story pretty well. Everything kind of just... falls until the last Stage. Then everything really goes to hell. I've been told by a few people this is uh... scarring. It's a big part of why I made sure to make this optional reading.


I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope you're able to continue to right to the end, because it definitely will get darker... but I promise there'll be so... interesting twists and turns, too. Some happiness, here and there, in spite of everything. Because I think it's the 'good' parts of this story that help make it so scary, even more than the 'bad' parts.

That was awesome! I really felt my own emotions twisting throughout the whole thing. I kept on switching sides throughout it all, until finally I gave in myself, and especially enjoyed Applejack and Rainbow Dash's punishment/torture. Does that make me a bad person? I think it does, my smile never left my face that chapter :pinkiecrazy:
Only thing I disagreed with past that point was Scarlet and Applebloom becoming concubines...

I had a lot of fun poking at how this all related to the "main" plot of the other parts, from time travelling back to where Scrivener became a Tyrant Wyrm to stop all from happening (Although I did remember Valthrudnir's explanation on how time Travel wasn't possible, Midnight Hour's special talent, however, made me actually believe this(:derpytongue2:)) to me deeply thinking about all of the realities Odin replicated and confusing myself. I was too dumb to realize the answer was in the first few paragraphs, that it was a story (hurr).

Part of me wonders if that in some other reality, it DID happen with that little tease at the end there...

Truly, I will miss this dark possible-future you created in your universe. If the Blooming Moon Chronicles were books, they'd be on one of my higher shelves, with all my other favorites.


Thanks very much. I'm thrilled to hear you ended up finding it so enjoyable, since. It did get into some very dark places. And well... there is definitely a connection to Decretum, I'll say that at least. I ended up making this. Rather crazy whole. Well, it's hard to explain. You'll see, and I hope you enjoy it.
But thanks again. I hope the series continues to be just as enjoyable as it goes on. There's still quite a few places to go, and some of them are even crazier than where BLCA went, so with luck, it'll continue to be just as thrilling a ride as it's been so far.

I was surfing around and saw this:

It's a song about Rarity as a vampire. Sounds familiar eh?


I think the last I played was an emulated Fire Red or Leaf Green. I like the older stuff, have no idea about most of the newer stuff.


Yes, this is admittedly a story that likes to kick you when you're down. And it doesn't get really bad until the final sequence.

Just looking at the picture is creeping me the hell out and I can't figure out why, granted she looks like she just got out of an extremely intense surgery but it's something else about it that's creeping me out.

Just looking at the picture is creeping me the hell out and I can't figure out why, granted she looks like she just got out of an extremely intense surgery but it's something else about it that's creeping me out.


That's actually good to hear. Considering the subject matter of this story, creeped out is a good response to have from the start, and Twilight does get a little... damaged, shall we say. I'm glad the image evokes that.

I love the first 4 of this series, but I can't do grim dark, and this looks really close. Gonna skip this one and pick up Decretum.


That's probably a good call. This story gets uh. Very dark, yes. But I am glad you're continuin' to read and enjoy, and Decretum should still come together well enough. A lot of people skip BLCA because it's kind of. Yes.

Well, finally finished this after stalling because its grimdark. Tis good, but tis stuffy. Thou art stuffy Raven, thou art stuffy like Celestia


My wretched Celestianess is my greatest secret. Or was.
But thank you for reading. A lot of people just avoid BLCA. And I can't ever really blame them for that.
Thanks kindly for the fave of Decretum, too. I hope it proves enjoyable through and through.

Leroy Jenkins


Thanks very much. I always do all the chapter titles and stuff after I write the story, helps me divide it up a little more evenly and make sure the titles fit a little better.
But horror is a good word for this story, oh yes. As I always uh. Try and warn people, it doesn't get really bad until Stage Seven. Before then, yes, it will get pretty bad. But uh. Just prepare for the worst, and then some.

I'm scared
I don't know what is worse, if Seven is what was vaguely talked about in Glory Be, or if it will be something different and new and horrible. Don't tell me though.

Also, I'm a bit surprised you didn't do nine stages, though I guess this fits better with the seven deadly sins and all that
Aren't there seven hells in Dantés Inferno? I can't remember


I'm glad you're enjoying the story, then. Or at least there's the whole car crash syndrome thing going on, yes.
There are nine hells in the Inferno. Not counting all the sublevels, too. But I thought of using the sins, but... this path of enlightenment thing worked out pretty well, all-in-all. I was thinking of dividing it up to nine stages but. Well. That would have been too many parts. As it is, seven felt like it was pushing it, division-wise.
But uh. I hope you continue to enjoy as much as possible until things start. Going to Hell. No pun intended.

See, I knew, I knew when I saw the Image for this story that things were gonna get bad. I knew when I read the discussion and saw BlackRose giving people 'permission' to skip this story.

I knew things were gonna be bad.

Good Lord, I have never read a story that made my physically sick before, I had to take quite a few breaks while reading BLCA to try to emotionally calm myself, remind myself that its just a story...

And then I wondered; how could a story that 'didn't' happen have any relevance to the story that 'is' happening? You made it work, you brought it full circle. I am still amazed and impressed beyond belief.


Thank you very much. It really is quite a pleasure - albeit a little twisted - to know that the story was so uh... powerful. The fact you continued to read and even found it so fascinating in spite of that reassures me quite a bit to the content and it's place in the series, even though uh. Yes. I always do my best to warn people ahead of time that it's pretty rough. One or two people have given up on the series because of it, after all.


Its fascinating watching what happens when our hero(s) decide to go down the dark path, begin pursuing those short-cuts to power, throw caution to the wind. After all, whats the worst that could happen?

This idea is so seldom explored in fiction, usually temptation is to be resisted, but we never really get to explore 'why'. It seems like the answer to what went wrong in BLCA only becomes clear later in the series. It is of course the abandonment of 'honor' that dooms our heroes, for without honor they are no better than the villains they have fought.


The best tortures have hope in good supply. But thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying, even as it all goes uh. Yes. Eventually, though, I think all the happy bits end up just kind of. Adding to the horror level, though. Especially as we touch on the later stages.

Yeah, that's kindof what I'm both hoping for and dreading.


I'm glad to hear that, since this is the start of the fun chapters. And from here on we'll see how long it takes for things to uh. Really start into the horror spiral. I hope you continue to enjoy as much as you can, though. Right up until the inevitable crash.


Possibly. But yeah: the characters definitely develop down a very different path, although there'll be flashes here and there now and then of their old selves.

How do you pronounce Iðavöll?


The d with the squiggle is called an eth, and it's usually a "th" sound in Norse. So it would be "Ith-a-voel," I believe. I hope that makes some sense, anyway.

This has been the most emotionally confusing thing I have ever read. You made me laugh without knowing why, support the "villans," denounce the "heroes," and question the concept of morality and honor. But above all, you left me speechless in horror at the end of it all, but I still enjoyed almost all of it; which is somehow even worse.

I really wish I could say all that I wanted to; all the little things I loved, hated, and loved to hate, but I'd be here all day. So I'll just say good job, screw you, and this is definitely one of my favorite things I've ever read.


Thank you very much. I'm glad that at the end of it all, you were able to enjoy it, fave it, and it turned out to be... well. A goodbad experience. I'm glad I made you question, feel turbulence, all that stuff: the good and the bad, that's what I intended to do with this story. To show the slip, because the slope is a steep one.
Thanks again. I'm sure at the rate I'm going, there'll be more darker stories in the future, and I hope you're able to enjoy those, too, and any of my other writing. On the bright side, as you may have noticed, what I'm posting right now is basically the karmic opposite of BLCA, so you won't have to worry about as much. Goodbadness.
Probably just a little.

I'm probably going to wait to read the new one until I finish the rest, but I might just get impatient and want my dose of Sleipnir early. Either way, I'm gonna keep reading your stuff.

By the way, do you have any other writing that isn't on this site? Especially stuff that's straight original and not fanfic? I just wanna see what kind of other stuff you might do.


Sort of. I have a FictionPress account that. I. Keep forgetting to put stuff on. I think there's like one short story on there right now. And I write mostly depressing poetry on tumblr sometimes.


One day I'll add my other crap on there. I wrote a supernatural western called Camptown Races about a drug addict assassin, for example. Yes I just crammed all those words together in one sentence. It's way older work, though, and needs a bit of editing before I do anything with it. It's only a novella, though, so I should probably do that sometime soon and get it up there.

Thou art monstrous. Like George R.R. Martin. Like Edgar Allen Poe.


I hear that surprisingly a lot.
Thank you very much, though. And I much appreciate the faves on Slap's Big Adventure and Decretum as well.


This story uh. Hits where it hurts, yes. It's always interesting to see people's reactions to it, though: while it nearly steiners some people completely, other people force their way through the whole thing, then end up actually liking the damned thing.


Thanks. But uh. You think this is bad? Just wait until the later arcs. The final part, well. It's a doozy.

But uh, to answer your questions: first, if they die, they end up going to the Void, where they... well. That's it. The Void will be talked about more in later books and stuff: think of it as kind of a giant recycling vat, where everything is broken down into pure energy and precious little can survive.
Secondly, if I recall right, Luna's wish was that Odin would save Slap from Helheim at the end of Starlit Knights. So it was kind of implied that Odin went down and rescued him from the ice. That's how he's present in Valhalla and able to hang around for this story and future ones.


This question makes me ridiculously happy for some reason.
But yes. Even as a pony, his mass has increased greatly, but when he goes full Tyrant Wyrm, there's a huge increase in his weight, although his density actually lessens slightly. So it's not as enormous a jump in weight as it could be, even if still quite large.

4901088 ...happy? how so?:rainbowhuh:
Also, danke for the quick response.


My pleasure.
And I think... because it's a small but important detail. I like the little details, stuff that I don't often get to talk about. And I like when people are interested enough in the stories to point something out or question something. It helps me see my own writing from angles I might not have considered before and to build a more thorough storyline and better outline the characters. There's always room for improvement, after all.
But I might also just be crazy.


That is fantastic. That. Really does work for this story, too. I love the Boondocks.
But thanks very much. I hope you continue to enjoy as the story starts to really get blacker and darker as it goes on.


Bob lets me work in really weird and crazy references. The fun part is seeing how many of them people get. And. How many I remember myself, since often I pile references on top of references.
But oh, that is a uh. "Time of the month" reference, to be tactful. And Pinkamena doesn't really do so well with certain personal subjects. Especially since Bob is also technically implying that part of her doesn't uh, work.

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