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Miro MM

Hey! I write interesting stories with interesting concepts. Brony since Late 2017, Music nerd & Movie Nerd. Poetry, Philosophy & Surrealism


Fights from all Seasons of MLP and Ancient Equestria, But all told in a more Dramatic, Cinematic, & Intense fashion.

Including, Queen Chrysalis, Changelings, The Storm King, Tempest Shadow, The 6 Pillars, The Pony Of Shadows, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, Celestia, Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Grogar & Nightmare Moon.

~Music used for the fight for you to visualize it in your head~

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You're gonna make the series finale fight like Avengers Endgame, aren't you?

I hope you include Twilight X Tirek from S4 Twilight's Kingdom. But just more dramatic of course.
And I also hope you include Twilight X Sombra from S9 The Beginning of the End. If you do that one, I would really suggest updating Sombra's character and making the scene more action-packed.

Why are So Many Words Capitalised for No Obvious Reason?

This is great so far! I feel it's just a tad bit rushed but otherwise it's definitely better than the original! And strangely, even in my head canon, this is kind of how I pictured the scene where Tia banished Luna.

Alright now this chapter was a blast! I love the action! Just don't rush the chapters and your story will be flawless! It's a shame MLP was made for kids, otherwise this would have been an amazing payoff!

Also can please continue reviewing your story! All I'll do is read the chapters and point out the errors in them so you can fix them and make your story better. Please?

yeah I kinda based the fight slightly on "A Lullaby For A Princess"

I based the fight with the changelings slightly off when Neo fought all the smith clones in "The Matrix Reloaded"

"The Staff" Twilight whispers as her friends hurry up the stairs before the Storm King roars and jumps up crashing through the part of the balcony before Tempest falls down the stairs and grabs onto the staff as she powers it up as the magic surges and it sounds like the staff will explode as she beams it at the Storm King and on it impact he roars in agony as his body disappears and a huge shockwave echos across the city as the staff explodes in her hooves burning her slightly as magic starts coming back to all the ponies, Tempest smiles and then stops as she lays down and remembers her fillyhood as the skies above clear and turn into a clear blue sky, Equestria saved from evil once again.

well that's a mighty long sentence

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