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As noble as we see Ourselves to be, we never quite live up to the standard of our own principle.


Princess Luna was always known as the solitary princess. She spent much time in her room, attached to none else other than her sister for their trade of the heavens. She was a very lonely princess, even if it appeared that she preferred the isolation.

Twilight Sparkle found an odd book in her shipment from Princess Celestia. Hoofbound and unlabeled, reading it opens a door she cannot, and will not, close with the youngest diarch.

She will not let one of her friends hurt alone, not on her watch.

Coverart is temporary until I can make my own.
(Featured 2/24-27/22, huzzah!)

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That was a great little story, Cheers

I really really enjoyed this. Great job ^^

Sad, but oddly hopeful. Would be a good prequel to Luna's journey.

This reading was powerful, and very emotional! Good job!


I think it’s spelled hors d’oeuvres. Also, really good story, works really well as a standalone and leaves me with a pleasant feeling.

Noted and fixed, thank you. That's late night writing for you.

One word to describe this: WOW. Powerful and compelling; the first part had me on the edge of tears. This story got it's point across and left us wanting more. Excellent job.:scootangel:

While definitely not on the same level...I can kind of relate to Luna a bit, I have a metaphorical "million" things I enjoy dabbling in, but have yet to actually complete anything of consequence. I sometimes lay awake at night my brain racing over my shortcomings and sins, the nebulous "what-if's". I could use a friend like Twilight every now and again.

When I first saw this story, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. Now I'm glad I read it. :)

Two things.
1: Damn Luna, don't call me out like that!
2: Whoever dared dislike this story will feel the wrath of The Almighty Discord.


Aw, Lulu. I can guarantee that every stallion in the castle (and more than a few mares) has a secret admirer crush on you.


This was so good! :D
I read it out loud to my cat, I think you should know that he enjoyed it as well. :heart:

A short story with a strong premise. It holds its focus much like a vice and delivers with a quick but firm conclusion, without mincing words and carrying on. A solid read. A good read. :heart:

ok, THIS NEEDS A SEQUEL! seriously, it would be cool to read about a growing friendship between luna and twiggles as twilight continues to help her break out of her isolation, meet new friends, do the stuff she wanted to do, and maybe even help her find a nice guy. it would make a wonderful positive slice of life fic, id be all over that! thanks author for the very well written story! :moustache:

We need more stories like this around here. A solid idea that gets right to point and burrows straight into your mind and heart till the end, which comes exactly when it needs to and doesn’t drag onward. That was damn good.

At my side, a pony stronger and wiser than any thoroughbred.

This implies that ponies have selective breeding lol

There were no worries, no doubts, no self-hatred, only her goals spread before them.

I've heard about internal and external goals from my dad; generally when a person focuses on themselves they become sad, and when focusing on objects, goals, and other people, they become happy. It seemed too general to be true but I could relate. I feel like this part put it very very well


This implies that ponies have selective breeding lol

You know those ancient nobles... :unsuresweetie:

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