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Raleigh Leanne "Rally" Woods saw an advertisement for a spellcaster listed on her favorite fanfiction website, under the name of one Lord Zulu. Naturally, she decided to have a little fun and mess with him, calling him up and asking to be turned into a pony in Equestria, knowing full well that there was no risk of anything happening to her. Or so she thought until her wish was fulfilled, in the way she asked for but not the way she wanted.

This is the legacy version of Wish Fulfillment, which, for now, is being kept up as a reflection of the things I did wrong in the telling of this story. You can find the corrected "official" version of the story here.

Cover art by Mayhem Moth. You can find her work here.

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I'm first like!

Looks like this will be a fun story I'm gonna be following this one.

Never piss off your sorcerer, especially when contemplating a spell on your person that transports you to another world.

I have taken a liking to this story, keep it up, dont let it die young

Luckily, I have about the first 8 or 9 chapters written, and will be continuing to write them, because I think this has the potential to be my best work yet.

rally is trans? and now that spellcaster dude made her a stallion??? wow, what a fuckin transphobe

Okay, you learned several important things.

One -- you are so very far from Canterlot that Luna has trouble with dream stuff, but not so far away that she couldn't hear you at all. Where you are is considered Equestria though, and it is a cold mountain top. If I were to guess, I'd put you somewhere in the Crystal Empire or further east in the Yaket range. It wouldn't be in Yakyakistan directly because that wouldn't be Equestria.

Two -- Luna is around and still doing her dreamwork. This means you are either contemporary with the show, or pre-banishment. You aren't in the period where Luna was banished to the moon.

Three -- There are apparently laws that Luna can't invade the dreams of peoples that aren't Equestrian Citizens. I would have at the very least tried to say "I consent of my own free will that I allow you, Luna, to visit me in dreams // help manage my dreams." I wouldn't make any other assumptions about whether or not Equestria can interact with you. It frankly makes sense that other nations would want treaties disallowing Luna from doing her dreamwork on them because all kinds of secrets could be revealed that way. This might actually make pre-banishment Luna more possible because, unless the kingdoms of Equestria move really quickly with laws, anything with Luna in it would be 1,000 years out of date. Though such treaties could be fresh in the mind of a Luna who had recently returned from the Moon but didn't look into them later.


Difference is Zulu was the real deal. A spell-caster for general hire who advertises openly is contra-indicated in this reality due to the unwanted attention it would get.

Heh, Zulu could always use that weakness against you even if that was coincidence. Everhoof huh? Well, that was in the range I figured, but I didn't think he had it *THAT* bad. It seems if he recognized the pony, he knows his background ponies even better than I do as I do not recognize there being a caretaker of Everhoof in canon.

Well, I'm just a little disappointed that none of the spells work.

Great chapters, can’t wait for more!~

great chapter!~
I would pay anything to go to equestria to be honest, even my soul XD

keep it up!~

this story goes over this like, weirdly specific fear i have of something like this happening? being isekaied into another world, but i have a wrong feeling body again - this chapter really encapsulates why, and it didn't disappoint. i really hope raleigh can get through ok and have a body that feels right again, be that pony or human ;-;

That was a mistake however, because the next thing I knew, I was slipping. This time, though, I wasn’t able to catch myself, my back hooves slipping completely off the ledge they were on. I screamed again and closed my eyes, certain that this would be the end of me.

Does anyone know how many chapters are planned for this story when it is finished?

Not sure, but I already have 14 full chapters written

Wow, that's impressive. You're a pretty good writer.

And now, Another goes to Equestria.

Interesting. Very interesting.

oooh a friend coming through? how nice!~

Shorey is smarter, setting all of the important details.

Pfft, testosterone poisoning. I'm suddenly picturing this super roided guy, unable to move because of his bulk xD

"she and her sister" referring to Cadance... Hmm.. What sister is this? I mean technically Twilight would be a sister-in-law.

Twilight is the sister he's referring to, because Cadance was married to Shining Armor before she ruled the Crystal Empire, so that's just how she's known.

much smarter indeed.

Comment posted by Caffeinated Pinkie deleted Apr 11th, 2022

Already messing with canon... Golly, there's no way that having the mountain-keeper try to detain Cozy Glow could go wrong, especially with him underestimating her.

that and the crystalis and Tirek there too

Think Shorey at least asked what their friend looked like?

Lets see where things go

I hate and love the dramatic irony in this chapter. Good job

Griffon is an interesting form choice. I mean you get flight and prehensile claws, at the cost of being somewhat of an outsider in pony culture and having a cutie mark. Of course nobody has asked for the cost of the big A. Somehow I think that would be pricey if possible at all.



Of course nobody has asked for the cost of the big A.

I believe you need to sell you soul to Hasbro first for a toy line....

Bit of a rough start, as her first impression demanding a service and refusing to pay at all makes her look kinda dickish. Although when she actually dissappears it's likely to instead make "Lord Zuzu" look like some dangerous or horrible individual who abducted or killed her.

First chapter had me disliking the protagonist, but now it'd be heartless to not have sympathy for them. Dropping her into equestria like that is straight attempted murder.

Rusty doesn't seem to have much reaction to her saying she isn't a stallion, but given this is equestria explaining it with "magic happened" would make it more believable. Or maybe he only really cares about helping someone stuck on the mountain. Either way he seems like a good sort.

I hope this guy is smart, and has multiple people in the room with him recording video at the moment the spell is supposed to go off.

Heck, even being in a video chat at the time would be better than nothing.

Probably not, Shorey typed, but if Rally’s in Equestria, she’s probably having the time of her life right now.

About that... :twilightsheepish:

What he should really be doing is recording his phone call with this guy, and ask exactly just what happened to Raleigh, then turn it over to police.

Do we really know Zulu went out of his way to make Rally the wrong gender? Somehow I don't think he even knew enough about Rally to make that determination. Most likely the spell just made Rally a stallion because she had a Y chromosome. It was Rally's fault not specifying a gender.

Going by the fact that it takes extra expensive components to specify specifics, I'm not even really certain that Zulu purposefully sent Rally to Everhoof. It could have been completely random. It could have even been karma biting Rally in the rear that Rally got something Rally didn't pay for. That Zulu was angry could have guided the spell to make it more dangerous for Rally, but what good would getting Rally killed do? He wanted to get money from Rally's friends, and Zulu is succeeding in that. Had Rally died on Everhoof, Rally's friends would figure that out and potentially the powers that be in Equestria might come after him. As it stands they might be upset that he is acting as a wizard for hire sending humans into their dimension, but that isn't the kind of crime sending humans to die in Equestria would be.

Probably not, Shorey typed, but if Rally’s in Equestria, she’s probably having the time of her life right now.

Oh how wrong you are

I was on the verge of a breakdown, one that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull myself out of, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a white hot flash of light.

inb4 its just a random flashbang

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