• Published 26th Feb 2022
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Wish Fulfillment - Boopy Doopy

Rally saw an advertisement for a spellcaster listed, so she decided to have some fun and asked to be turned into a pony in Equestria. She got what she asked for, but not what she wanted.

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(9) Forests And Beaches

“Is she really still not online?” Forrester asked Shorey in a group voice chat. “There’s no way that Lord Zulu guy was real. She’s probably punking us.”

“I don’t know,” he responded. “The police haven’t found anything. They said they checked the security cameras by her apartment and didn’t see her exit. They said she came home from work and never left.”

“There’s just no way that’s real, as cool as it would be.”

It had been four days since they’d heard from her, almost three full days since Shorey called Lord Zulu. Sixty three hours, his phone said to him. Forty four hours until he was supposedly going to be pushed into Equestria, according to that spellcaster, and Rally, judging by her absence. It made him both nervous and excited to think about the possibility. He was wishing to be a unicorn in Equestria, one that would be built to give him the life he wanted. It made his chest fill with butterflies to think about.

He wondered what Forrester would think if– when– he followed him if it happened. He knew he wouldn’t care. Why would he? He made jokes that he might be secretly that way he was all the time. No one in their group chat would care about that... well, a few people, maybe, but they wouldn't say so out loud, probably. There wouldn't be any real repercussions within his friend group. It didn’t make him less nervous though. He wanted to vomit thinking about it.

Rally’s gonna have a blast with this if it happens, Shorey thought. Probably take me clothes shopping first thing. That sounds like what she’d do. She said before that she wanted to.

The idea of being that for real almost made it hard to concentrate. More than once he looked at the timer on his phone, watching it count down, as he did now. Forty four hours. Forty four hours, and then all of his dreams would come true. Hopefully. More than likely though, nothing would happen, and he’d be left slightly disappointed, but unsurprised.

“I’m gonna call him up, too,” Forrester decided. “I’ll put him on the line right now and see–”

“Don’t do that,” Shorey cut him off. “I already called him, and I don’t want you sending your money until I go missing. I have a timer set for when he said it was supposed to happen. There’s forty four hours left on it.”

“I can afford three hundred dollars,” Forrester argued. “If this is real, I don’t want to wait on going to Equestria just so you can go first. I want to be there! Don’t hog the glory!”

“It’s three hundred if you just want to be whatever the heck he makes you,” Shorey explained. “It costs two thousand dollars to pick the things you want, and I don’t want you sending out money until we know for a fact that this isn’t a scam.”

“Wait, did you send out two thousand dollars?” someone else, Davey, asked. “I’d expect that from Forrester and Rally, but not you, Shorey.”

“He’s just trying to hog the glory,” Forrester continued, feigning anger, but mostly joking. “Then he’s gonna be the first one to go and brag about it. He’s vitriolic like that.”

“Well, that’s not how the word ‘vitriolic’ is used,” Shorey countered, “and Rally was the first one to go there, so she’s gonna get all the glory, if there is any to hog.”

“Then this is clearly a plot to keep me down because you hate me so much,” Forrester joked. “I know it.”

“Sure, you can think that if you want.”

“But why would you do that?” Davey asked. “You have to understand that this is a scam, right? What did you see that made you think it was a good idea?”

“She’s not in her house, her brother said he hasn’t seen her, and neither has her family, and her last message was twenty six hours after saying Lord Zulu would send her to Equestria in twenty eight hours. It all lines up.”

“You know Forrester’s right, though,” he continued. “She’s probably trying to prank you, or it’s a coincidence or something. Spellcasters aren’t real. You should know better than this, Shorey.”

“Well, sometimes I have a very tiny brain and make dumb decisions,” he responded, “but that doesn’t mean I’m advocating for everyone else to make dumb decisions along with me.”

“Okay, but if you go missing, too, then can I do it?” Forrester asked. “Because I will. There’s no way I’m gonna miss out on my opportunity to be a griffon if I can. I wanna be as cool as Gallus is.”

The opportunity to be a griffon was what Forrester wanted, and was something that made Shorey chuckle. His friend was in it to have fun, unlike Shorey, who was seeking something he'd been missing for an entire lifetime. He didn't know how surprised they would be to see that he wanted the same thing as Rally, but he imagined that they'd either be completely shocked, or not at all.

“Sure, but we need to make a plan about all of this,” Shorey told them. “We can’t just go into this not knowing what we’re doing. For all we know, this guy could be looking to send us to Ghastly Gorge or something. We need to be specific about what we want.”

“I’ll be specific,” Forrester said. “I’m gonna ask to be a griffon in Ponyville. Or no! A griffon in Griffonstone! That’s what I’ll tell him!”

“Why would you pick Griffonstone if you could go anywhere in Equestria?” Davey asked. “I would just go to Ponyville if I could and then meet up with everyone there. That makes the most sense so no one’s lost.”

“I actually like that idea,” Shorey agreed. “If this is all real, which is a big if, then everyone who can should be asking to go to Ponyville so we can all be in the same spot and not in the Mysterious South or Saddle Arabia or something. I’ll meet up with Rally though and tell her that that’s where we’re going in case she’s not there. I asked him to send me there so I can do that.”

“Can I tell everyone else about this?” Forrester asked. “We should be asking to cure cancer if some guy can do all of this. Honestly, it’s kinda messed up that he wouldn’t.”

“Well, if one person going to Equestria is two thousand dollars each, then that’s like twenty trillion dollars for the whole world to go. I bet curing cancer would be like a hundred grand per person.”

“Yeah, I agree, fuck those cancer patients,” Forrester joked. “Why cure cancer when we can be ponies in Equestria?”

“You know I’m not saying that,” Shorey said seriously.

“I’m just kidding, jeez,” Forrester laughed. “It’s not like any of this is real anyway. You got scammed big time.”

“Well, I probably did. I hope I can get my money back at least. I hope even more the police can find Rally. It’s sad without her here.”

The conversation moved elsewhere from there, but Shorey still had it on his mind, as he did since he sent the money over to that spellcaster. There were about ten people in the group chat he and Rally used. He didn’t know how many other people he wanted knowing about this, but certainly no one outside of the fandom. Maybe not outside of their group chat either. Even saying he spent two thousand dollars on this to his friends felt like a lot. He wasn’t normally one to make such risky decisions, but the facts of the situation got to him.

He looked at his phone. Forty three hours. He might as well have told people, except in a kind of vague way. He didn’t want to give out too many details, just in case he ended up looking like the fool he probably was. It would have been great if he could get messages in their group chat to be sent at a certain time, but he’d just have to work with what he could do.

Look guys, he told them, pinging everyone in the chat, I’m at a loss for what might have happened to Rally. Police don’t know where she’s at, and her family doesn’t either. They said all of her stuff is still where it’s supposed to be, and her car’s still in her front yard. The camera footage they reviewed shows her entering her apartment and never leaving since then. I’m starting to think that whoever she talked to, Lord Zulu, was actually able to do something to her, as crazy as it seems.

I’m going to test that theory out. I already talked to him, and he said I should be sent to Equestria forty three hours from now. If I go missing, then we can conclusively prove this guy is legit. In that case, I was thinking we could all head there and meetup in Ponyville somehow. An even number of earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns would be great, if we could, too. The more people we could have there, the better.

Please don’t do anything until we confirm that I’m gone. We can’t be sure this isn’t a scam, and I don’t want people sending money to someone who’s unconfirmed. The amount they’re requesting is at least three hundred dollars, although I was told it would cost sixteen hundred dollars for my spell. The more specific you are, it seems, the more it’s gonna cost.

The chance isn’t great that this is real, but it’s large enough that I’d like to coordinate this out right now if we can. Also, if we can keep this to ourselves for now, that would be great. I don’t want this kind of thing getting out yet.

It wasn’t long before members of their group made their opinions known.

You’re really falling for a scam, you know that, Shorey? someone, Moberly, said. You’re supposed to be the smart one of the group.

I have precautions set up for if it is a scam, he explained. It's why I don't want you guys paying anyone for this yet.

Well, I have to say, you're dumber than Rally is, and he's an idiot. He, at least, didn't pay anyone.

If she's in Equestria, then she's smarter than the rest of us combined.

I have to agree with Moberly on this, Davey commented. Honestly, I would think someone hacked your account if I wasn't just voice chatting with you. Cause that’s what it seems like. You’re not normally this big of an idiot.

That’s why I’m only telling our group chat, Shorey said. I don’t want anyone else to know about this. Also, I said don’t call him or anything unless I go missing. I’m allowed to be an idiot, not you guys. If you send Lord Zulu anything, that’s on you since I told you not to.

Nah, he’s just super based and trying to show us up by going to Equestria first, Forrester said. Rally and Shorey are working against us. We need to spend our money on this scam first! Don’t let them win!

Probably not, Shorey typed, but if Rally’s in Equestria, she’s probably having the time of her life right now.