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The good: Top-notch material, as usual: Wonderful story, great clop.

The (sort of) bad: I was eating when I read this...now I don't feel so hungry...BUT THE STORY'S STILL GOOD.

Verdict: 10/10. Have a Fluttershy.:yay:

...okay that was new :rainbowwild:


Heh, not bad at all. Made me smile, got a few good chuckles out of me, and I like the relationship between Donut Joe and "Pinks," here.

Thanks for this'n :pinkiesmile:

I think my favorite part was how he kept having to make her focus. ^^

I got to say that was HOT in a twisted way. :pinkiehappy:


My Pinkie sense is telling me someones going to get it... hard.

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that was sexy:trollestia:

a...........seed...........filled donut.............i have offially seen it all :rainbowhuh:

Aww, how romantic. I love Pinkie:heart:Joe Clop. Good work thumbs up! :moustache:

I cannot comment on this, as I have no idea where my feelings are going right now.

What's really terrible is that the Pinkie Pie 'Fighting is Magic' theme was playing all through my reading of this fic.

When I was in highschool I made a lot of food jokes with my best friend. One of them involved Boston Cream donuts. I told him that a bakers wife wouldn't put out or stop nagging him. The baker decided to make her a donut. Only instead of filling it with jelly he filled it with his jizz. When the baker's wife ate it she demanded that he make enough for her friends to sample and thus the Boston Cream donut came to be.

Your story brings back so much nostalgia. Anyway good job and have a Derpy. :derpytongue2:

I dunno if I can ever eat a Boston Cream again! :pinkiesick: Thanks for that :pinkiehappy: Good job keepin the Pink's personality on par! As Hancock would say "Good Job"!

Score: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::moustache:
followed by a:

a donut filled with semen? thats disgusting:rainbowwild:
but funny at the same time!:rainbowlaugh:
take all my LOLs

I guess you could say that Joe...
...busted a dough-nut.


*logs on for the first time today*

*sees 48 notifications*

*cracks knuckles*

127389012739421274253127441312746541274753127480012758271276218 Thanks all!

1273930 Opinion.

1274586 Good 'n' hard. Thanks for the read!

1274778 Talk about your background music...lol. Well, even if your feelings are going berserk, I thank you for the read anyway.

1275377 That is freaking hilarious. Now I'm glad I don't like Boston Creams...

1276487 Very nice. Thank you, David Caruso...thank you.

Out of curiosity, did you KNOW that the 14th was Cream Filled Donut Day (at least according to the Bizarre Holidays app I have...), or was it just coincidence?

1277608 Holy crap, talk about your bizarre coincidences...

It was well written, even if it was a "Dafuq I just Read" moment the whole way through, and left some really confused feelings in my heart for donuts (not sure I can ever have a custard-filled donut ever again) it was still pretty fun to read.

1286847 Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And don't worry; unless the donut was served to you by a miniature pink equine who's married to a baker from Canterlot, the chances that it is filled with anything...unsavory are practically nil. Practically. :pinkiehappy:

I really hope the windows are covered....or not, I don't really know.


1290418 Depends on who's watching, I suppose. Thanks for the read!

I know, but my irrational half is taking no note of these logics you speak of.

And the whole "Almost" is really catching there... Oh well, It's not like can go insane-er, right? :pinkiecrazy:

Read this like last week, but hadn't commented or faved on grounds would do so later, when had some time. Anyway, I have to say even though never read your other story with this pairing (been meaning to) and I don't know how managed to happen, in time since I first saw your stating that have a stallion for each of the Mane 6, you've like convinced me this is probably the one straight ship with Pinkie Pie and a canon stallion that works! :heart: And for some reason, I could maybe see Pinkie doing that thing with the doughnut with Joe, if the couple was canon and off-screen, of course. :pinkiecrazy: Well, not much I can say, other than nice clop story and that I'd be curious to see what else you would do with this couple in the future, when you get an idea (even if might not be in same continuity as any other). :pinkiehappy:

1313722 Thanks for the fave and review! And you should totally read Between Bakers when you get a chance; it'll shed a lot of light on how Pinkie and Joe came to be together.

Well, in all honesty, I have sort of opened it a few times and read the beginning, but I never made effort to finish for some reason. Nothing wrong with the story mind you, just me being lazy, I guess (what with the length of it, being one of, if not your current longest one-shot, as well as probably second longest story in length currently, with exception of Cadence/Armor and OC couple on honeymoon story). :twilightblush: So yeah, I kinda recall your theory about how it started after the whole "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" episode. But I will try to, someday soon! As again, even if don't know how without reading, I've been convinced thanks to you (maybe a few of my own thoughts), it works as the one straight pairing with Pinkie/canon stallion!

Right, off the bat it started interesting enough. Not overly porno, but a bit. And can't handle more than two orgasms in an hour? Bah, lightweight xD Writing as I go, so will see how this turns out. Hope it will be neatly "balanced" however. Can kinda see where it is going from here. Semi-abrupt break, but still hoping for "it" hehe. Oh, and before I forgot, find it a slightly interesting mix to part Pinkie with Joe. And heh, almost expected him to be prude, or whatever it's called, so porn-like/stereotypical xP Kind of got a second re-assuring with his speech afterwards, semi-went against what he said before... I think heh. And when I at first thought something interesting would happen at "fill up a pie", I immediately after had second doubts, sounds too corny, But might get surprised, sure hope so heh, rather tired of the ones that just go with bland porn stuff.

Right, looking "bad" so far, but guess it can go either way from here. Could've needed some more "description" on her marehood imo, but ah well. As for the "pleasing her", can argue, seeing how he is about as much pleasing himself, not to mention just going vaginal. Then again, equines clits are internal, so they might actually be able to cum from it. But yeah, his goals were to get off himself. And as said, it's very "ponry" in the description and assumptions. I can however see Pinkie as one that actually makes sounds during sex, so to me, people can have her scream all they want hehe. All the hard and whatnot indications were somewhat boring, but they can work. And eh, 3 ain't that high. Maybe for a beginner, but one can get there quite easily. Might be a bit sore, but still.

Righto, nothing I was expecting came, or well, only what I assumed from norms and guessed, but nothing I had hoped for to be more precise. Overall, it was quite good. A tad bit generic in many ways, had some interesting parts, and was rather well written. Could as said have been a lot better, or at least a lot more interesting. Might just be me wanting more interesting and less generic stuff, but ah well. Things I'd thought been more interesting, or at least less "porny" would've been if he said he was in the mood for some pie and ate her out, and her saying something about how she loved to paint his face with her affection, or "sugar coat/glaze" it with her mare juices. Then perhaps "stuffing the pie" after that. That he got her to squirt into some pastry as well, alternatively with as well being less "ew, my own sperm I make her swallow loads off". Or my personal "favorite", having her doe the squirting thing, fill a pastry, to which they then decide that making an entire cake or something with their sexual fluids over the course of a few days, keeping the "ingredients" in the freezer/fridge in the meantime as they "prepare" it would be a good idea, and likely end with that concept/suggestion. So yeah, it wasn't bad, wasn't overly good. Rather decent imo, could've been better. Hope my random ramblings made sense and wasn't offensive.

I have ate a dount filled with horse semen before...

I still have nightmares

Hmm Good story though pinkie pie eating a semen filled doughnut? :pinkiegasp: Unexpected defiantly.

1471026 Would you expect anything less from Pinkie Pie, the queen of random? Thanks for the read.

Lol, that was good.

1484655 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

I can dig it. :moustache:

Very unique pairing...kudos:ajsmug:

1666497 Thanks! You should check out Between Bakers if you haven't already; it gives a more detailed story of how the two of them came to be together.

...oh. It's been ages since I first read this, and I came back as I was going through old memories. It's only now that I realized that it was Donut Joe.

1858524 Heh, nice. I appreciate that you thought it was worthy of a re-read. Glad you enjoyed the story.

I cannot say I liked this one of yours, partially because I more prefer Joe and Mulia being romantically involved (no proper reasoning why, it just helps keep my composure in check for whatever reason). I gave it a like all the same, but won't add to my favourites let alone re-read it. :ajbemused::derpyderp1::rainbowderp:

As for Between Bakers I approve that one regardless of Joe and Pinkie not being a preferred couple of mine but mainly for the lack of... we'll say "Joenuts" shall we? :twilightoops::unsuresweetie::applecry:

2072293 I completely understand your lack of a fave for this one, and I'm not bitter in any way. It's definitely my most...unusual and "out there" piece, but it was worth trying something different just to see the reactions from my readers. Thanks for the read anyway, as well as the like.

Also, "Joenuts"...I don't know whether to be amused or incredibly disturbed.

2072323 I had to put some sort of spin(?) on it to make it easier to mention what put me off most of all. How you take to it is up to you.

I think i'm now going to write my own Pinkie/Joe fanfic. Thanks for the general idea

2194706 You're welcome! I hope you enjoyed this story, and I look forward to seeing yours as well.

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