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Hi, my name is Chris. I love the MLP universe, and I just wanted to share my ideas and read some new ones. Thanks!


This was done for a sort of competition on deviantart. Red Svelt has spent the last years of her life just barely hanging on to her cake shop. One night, a near-death experience changes everything.

Chapters (1)
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The heck is this first comment?

Anyhow, looking forward to more chapters in the future, definitely a nice smooth start!


Spam bots? In FIMFiction? :facehoof:

Like the story though! :yay:

Brilliant one-shot. You needn't go any farther than the first chapter. It was ended perfectly, and it's definitely good enough to get featured. Like+fav.

1274215 Thank you :D I have no plans to take this any further, so no worries there.

I loved it :heart:, it poked my heart with a kitchen knife :fluttercry:

Is there more ?:pinkiesad2:

1274757 :) Thank you for your support! I don't think there will be. This was strictly a one-shot, and personally I think any more would just ruin the first chapter.

I kinda have to wonder how it happened... but it still warms my heart to see the happy ending.

1274767 you're probably right :fluttershyouch: but a man can dream can't he ?:fluttershbad:

It was a well written, if a little confusing, story. Nothing more to say except that I got a thumb for you =3

1275184 With a story like this, you're not supposed to understand, just feel the emotion and appreciate the magic that it creates. Thank you for your thumbs up :D

juding from the comments, this'll be a good story... and i expect no less from one such as you. :ajsmug:

Edit: Silver Bits?! As in THE Silver Bits? Well, i guess that if it is him, then it was no doubt shocking to find out that Silver Bits would hide something... unfortunate. When'd he become so awful?As for the ending, really quite the surprise. I'd ask just what was meant, but if i recall the comments correctly it was already asked.

1275340 Just "giving the devil his due" as they say. (metaphorically speaking. I'm relatively sure you're not the devil. :trollestia:)

1275861 Oh, of course not. :scootangel:

1275526 Heh. Silver Bits is a complicated character, and I plan to expound on that in the SCSD rewrite. The first thing you need to know is: Silver Bits isn't a villain. He's not a nice person, and he's capable of great evil as you've seen, but he's not a villain. He lives for money, and letting Red Svelt crash in debt wouldn't be making him more money. Helping her to regain her hold on her business means more money for him, so it only made sense that he help her.

I'm actually hoping to see more of this. It's a wonderful setting and the characters shine. Good job. :pinkiehappy:

1276221 Thank you for your kind comments <3

I really liked it. Either the poor old made died, or her husband went poof from the cake...? I do not understand the ending with the "Momma saving me" part. Really really good story though. Liked and favd. :scootangel:

1277387 I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Like I've said before, sometimes the mystery is better left unsolved :pinkiehappy:


Sorry, it's my nature to try and find out stuff. Yay for mysteries. :D :yay::yay::yay:

Awesome!!! Really good! I like what you named her, combining her and her late husband's names while at the same point giving her the daughter she had always wanted, and the assistance that she hadn't received since her husband passed away. Really well done. 10/10 :pinkiehappy:

198052510/10?! Coming from you that's a huge compliment! Thank you :D

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