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Author Tempus


Author Tempus is what you might call a reaper. He finds ponies who are bad, hunts them down, tracks their lives and kills them. He then uses their hide to write their biography, which he sends to a mysterious "editor" which all the other reapers send theirs to.
He only does it to bad ponies though. That's just his job.
But sometimes all the power and responsibility can go to your head...

Meanwhile, other reapers do their jobs, and Twilight and Fluttershy investigate recent killings. (Seeing as Pinkamena killed Rainbow Dash and herself, Rarity is a sadistic whore, and Applejack refuses to leave the barn, they are the only two able to investigate.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 6 )

Very well written, but too messed up for me to track it, I bid you 4.5 stars and good luck sir.

I can sum this up with two faces.


It was... interesting. We shall be watching this one.

Definitely gives me the chills. The story gets a bit too fragmented near the end, but I assume that's for effect. Definitely a keeper.

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Thank you guys so much! I'm really glad that my first grimdark-ish story is going well! :pinkiehappy:

''Hmmm verry very interesting. I shall be looking into it. Good luck eith your writings :duck:''~ Wishes you good luck and flutters off.

Not bad. Continue writing, I'd like to see where this goes.

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