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A writer who writes mostly romance and sad stories with just a hint of comedy. Sometimes, it feels good to give people all the feels and d’awws. Don’t you agree?


After Pinkie Pie sees Fluttershy being bullied by a mean griffon named Gilda, she goes after her best friend and does her very best to comfort her. Fluttershy also confesses to Pinkie Pie that she actually remembers Gilda back from flight school, and she also ends up telling Pinkie just how badly Gilda treated her back then.

This story takes place during the episode “Griffon the Brush-Off”.

Also, thank you very much for getting this story featured!

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Fluttershy gulped. Oh, boy… what did Pinkie Pie do now?

Pffffffffffffffffffft. Yeah, that's Pinks for ya.

I think there should be a follow-up where Rainbow finds out what Gilda did to Fluttershy, that's be really interesting

Yeah, I actually have that in the works. It’ll be out… eventually :twilightsmile:

A cute moment between two friends, a scene that I would have loved to have seen in the actual episode, and a rare positive portrayal of Angle?
This story has it all :scootangel:

What did you think of it?

Nice, adorable fluffy story involving two of Best Ponies.

Alas, I have but one like to give to you.

I’m glad you think so :pinkiehappy: and thank you very much!

It's nice to see some Pinkie/Fluttershy friendship and bonding.

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