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Hey! I write interesting stories with interesting concepts. Brony since Late 2017, Music nerd & Movie Nerd. Poetry, Philosophy & Surrealism


Opening the door outside the mind.

Profanity Tag for minor use of it.

'Art By Me'

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Here sits a blank room, small room. Walls and floor are yellow colored. A yellow door is in the corner of the room, a mirror lays up on the wall against the wall center placed from the middle of the room. not far from the door. Twilight Sparkle is sitting in front of the mirror staring at it, she has no wings. she seems to be have a staring contest with her own reflection trying to keep her eyes open for a long as possible.

1. Put 'The' in front of 'walls'.

Apart from that, this was great!

Oh wow I didn't even notice that one, nice catch!

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