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My name is Vancas. I remember because a hobo wrote it on the corner of the cardboard box. It takes twelve steps to get from the brown box to the street. And the sun hurts my eyes. And these pedestrians are stingy. And I could really go for a taco right about now.

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Sad comedy? You're scaring me here, Only... :unsuresweetie:

In b4 Regidar.

A parody of White Box? I am there!

You said you were gonna. And then you did.

That cover art is almost as good as mine :pinkiecrazy:

I passed this over a dozen times before I realized you wrote this.

I'd better go ahead and read it.

MUST READ. :yay:

That was hilarious. I actually read White Box only semi-recently, so everything is still fresh in my mind. Too bad about Chromosome; the ending did seem rushed, but it was still a nice story.

Grammatical corrections:
"What do you think your doing."
"by comparison her's are"
" I close my eyes and let the feeling pass through my body, my mind was never good at retaining information anyway."
*suggested semicolon ( ; ) instead of comma ( , )
"I trotted over to Bristle, who's brush "

I didn't like White Box.

1795223 that's too bad :fluttershysad:

1795382 I mean, I didn't hate it, and I know it's your favorite(that's why I read it all those months ago), but it wasn't... staying.

1795414 I wouldn't say favorite, I thought it was a good story though.

1795432 What IS your favorite? Unless you're one of those who can't choose...

1795447 I don't read enough fanfiction to have a favorite. I'm impartial.

1795701 Fair enough. :moustache:

Just finished reading.

U R Weird.

1796903 I take that as a compliment

Seriously. What the hell happened to the no meta rule? Can someone please explain to me why The Only is exempt from this?


36 likes, 7 dislikes.


What is this?

1797285 It's called, why didn't this happen to me when I posted six fics in a row that didn't get featured?

1797285 1797306 The amount of time in which it accrues these is also factored into the featuring algorithm.

1797265 It doesn't seem to be meta. More of a fan-made sequel.

1797356 Meta: indicating change, alteration, or alternation

Technically it is. But upon reading back on Poultron's blog about it, he never said anything against parodies of other stories, only things about the site and users.

So, just like My Little Stashie, this is a clever loophole.

Nice. It's sad that Chromosome left. But this is a nice little piece of memorabilia so to speak.
Not as deep as white box and there is just something about it that lacks the Chromosome touch, but it is still a good short story.
Excellent tale good sir!


Well it certainly wasn't an insult.


Meta: indicating change, alteration, or alternation

If I recall, the rules were given in the English language, mite glossa uperattiokos i amphilalos. Calling it a 'loophole', especially a 'clever' one, is a bit of an overstatement. Parodies have been allowed since time immemorial.

How did you get past the "No combination of the Sad and Comedy category" rule?

The following category combinations are invalid and will result in a story failure: Adventure & Slice of Life, Comedy & Sad

I mean, I have an Adventure/Slice of Life story myself, it seems like they're are really not that strict when it comes to this rule.


Since there's no featured box anywhere but the front page, less people see and read featured fics. Since less people read them, they're less popular according to the featured algorithm, and at the same time new stories get more exposure before falling off the front page because the new story list is more condensed. Put it all together and fics easily break into the box but are easily bumped out by new fics.


1798865 Yeah, but I've noticed a select few fics sticking to the top of the featured box like before. So it's more like, a few fics hang at the top, while others go in and out quickly.

Poor guy. He has an amazing talent and everypony hates him for it.

Good fic, but once again I have to point out...

Sad + Comedy = not approved (generally)

so how did yours get approved?

1799382 The conflicting tags rule is very much down to the moderator's personal ideas. Certain mods wouldn't have passed this, while others would have seen no problem.

1797306 Don't get me started...

1799382 It's meant to be a parody/comedy, but retains a sad ending/falling action. I know the tags are never meant to be together, but the story has two sides. Meh. If asked to change it I will make it just comedy, as that is what it predominantly is.

wut about the orange box?

Oh my... I love White Box....BUT I AM INTRIGUED...meh, I'll read it tomorrow. :rainbowlaugh:

So I read through it. I was surprised. This was better than what I was expecting. I mean it's not perfect of course but I don't think that perfection was your intention. Anyway, I enjoyed it. The last part after he gets to the box again is pretty good. I might suggest adding a bit to the last sentence or a bit before. I could see the jump you were trying to make but I think it needed one more step, imo. I could be wrong though. lol

Anyway, looks like you had fun with this. :twilightsmile:

It is without the slightest doubt in my mind that Chromosome would smile upon this if he were to see it.

Dude, I didn't realize you'd actually done this! I thought you'd forgotten and moved on after I'd left...

Anyways, this was pretty damn hilarious, even if it was rushed towards the end (admittedly by my fault). I especially liked the way you even managed to poke fun at my rather verbose writing style. That bit got a chuckle. Despite the flaws in it, it's a pretty great parody, and I'm sitting here wishing you'd gotten the chance to go on and do more for it. But, bygones and whatnot. Great work, TheOnly!

2700233 Thanks, it means a lot to know you liked it.

After you left I did just finish the story up and post it so ya, it did get a bit rushed, but whatever. Good to have you back.

That's sad. I bet his cutie mark is making paintings come to life.

Chromosome's back!



Author Interviewer

Aw, it's a shame on the timing of this.

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