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(Mike's first adventure on FiMFiction!)
When Mike tries to escape his biggest enemy, he fell to the interdimensional portal which sends him to Equestria. Can he get used to this new world?
Can he make new friends?
Can he find the way back to his world?

(This is my first story. If you find any mistakes, please report in the comments. Thanks!)

This story is dedicated to my ex GF.
(This part is in my native language.)
Viki, ak toto čítaš, tak vedz, že mi je strašne ľúto, čo som Ti spravil. Urobil by som čokoľvek, aby som Ťa získal späť.
Stále na teba myslím.
Stále ťa mám rád.
M. Š.
(Those inicials are mine.)

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I was expecting Mike (The fan character from Deltarune) or Mike (The crazy mafioso)

I don't know who this other mike is. Can you tell me where this Sitckman Mike is from? Or did you make him up? Is he Henry's 3rd cousin twice removed?

Well, you're right in one thing, and that is I really maked him up. This Mike is my own fanfic stickman!
I created him in the 5th class and now I still draw it!

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Well, yeah, all my friends think he's cool.
So, if you wanna be my friend, let me know!

I am regular stickman in the world called Stick-Earth, where all of the stickmans live. Its only country is Stickmenia, and our main city is North City, where lives fabolous stickmans, like Jackie or Stant (both are my friends, of course). I am a very special stickman; because I have some super-powers, like I'm super-strong, I can run and fly super-fast, and I can also teleport ; but just when I have full energy, and I get extremely tired after it, so I don't use it alot, just when I am in some VERY dangerous situations. And this was VERY dangerous situation.

I'm not very familiar with the stickman fanbase, so is this the world than Henry Stickmin is from, or the one that Hyun's (Is that the right name) Dojo is in? Or maybe it's the one that had the character that partnered with Fortnite?

Again, no. I created it myself.
It is (it's all, sure, fictional) a planet of stickmans on the other side of our galaxy.
But who knows, maybe it's true!
We never did explore all of our galaxy, so maybe it's hidden somewhere! :pinkiecrazy:

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