• Published 31st Jan 2022
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Fighting Games Aren't Just For Mares! - DizzyChicks

A human gets dragged to a new arcade that was recently built in Ponyville. He soon learns the law of the land. "๐˜๐˜ช๐˜จ๐˜ฉ๐˜ต๐˜ช๐˜ฏ๐˜จ ๐˜จ๐˜ข๐˜ฎ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด ๐˜ข๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ง๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ ๐˜ฎ๐˜ข๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด." He'll see about that. (RGRE)

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Nothing But A Spammer

Damien wasn't a pushover. Despite living in probably one of the most sexist places to ever exist, he wasn't about to let some sore loser spoil his win. Damien put his hand on his cheek and flashed the smuggest smile he could muster.

"Oh yea," Damien thought. "This will send her over the edge." It sure enough did. The light orange mare grinded her teeth together, making an ear-splitting noise. Damien winced. Perhaps he shouldn't have made this situation worse.

"You colts have ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE OF HONOR!" The mare wailed. "Just spamming AND-AND-AND- REPEAT!" She stamped her hooves on the carpet with each stutter. That touched a nerve for Damien. He hated it when someone undermined any of his victories. No matter how trivial it was.

"Well, maybe stop walking into them."

"If THIS game didn't suck so much, I wouldn't!"


Damien crossed his arms and stared at the mare with contempt. He had enough with these excuses and began to leave. For once, he was a little bit happy in Horseland, only for it to be snatched away in a second. That was the final straw. Damien was just going to meet Rainbow at the front and leave.

The light orange mare noticed Damien leaving and quickly started stammering.

"Wha-what-WHERE are you going?" She asked while her eyes were still glued onto Damien. She ran to her arcade cabinet and sat down. "I want a rematch, best out of five." She swiped her card and Hoof Fighter powered back on as she selected her character.

Damien frowned. "Why should I play you again?" You were quite rude and you couldn't even handle a little zoning." To add insult to injury, Damien pretends to shoot a fireball from his hands.

"Because this time, I'll throw in some bits." The mare replied determinedly. She quickly pulled a sack of bits from under her chair and put it on top of the arcade machine next to her. "Gotcha." She thought.

Damien wasn't a fool. He knew this mare meant business and she wasn't all there. He turned away from the arcade machine and started walking away.

"Fine, leave. I figured you were a chicken anyway." She patted the bag of bits and stuck her nose up in the air.

Damien stopped walking. He wasn't a fool, BUT he wasn't a chicken either. He walked back to the machine and sat down. He swiped his game card and selected Iron Hoof again. He took a deep breath and looked at the mare.

"How many bits?" he asked.

The light orange mare smirked. "Fifty bits."

Damien whistled. "Deal," he responded.

The predatory grin on the mare's face widen. "By the way, the name's Sunset Petal. Just wanted to get that out there so you remember the name of the mare that trounces you." She ran her hoof through her mane and stared intensely at the game.

The lone human responded. "Damien Freeman. The human who's going to trounce you again."

"Where the heck is he?" Rainbow Dash muttered. She told Damien to meet her at the front in an hour. The cyan pony looked at the clock on the wall closest to her and rubbed her hoof through her brightly colored mane. It was already ten minutes past their agreed-upon meeting time. Rainbow Dash began tapping her hooves on the table closest to the exit. "Stallions," She thought as she stifled a yawn. "Always running late." She stood up and massaged her legs. She hated sitting still and could already think of Damien taunting her about it. Rainbow Dash decided to go back to the arcade machines where she played Poneout Paradise earlier to see if Damien was still there.

"I totally could have beaten him more in Poneout," Rainbow Dash reflected to herself. She remained deep in thought until she hears a commotion coming from where she last saw Damien. Super nosy and annoyed with Damien's lack of punctuality, she followed the noise and stumbled upon an enormous crowd cheering over a game called Hoof Fighter. Rainbow Dash couldn't make out much in the cheering except Damien's name. She pushed closer into the crowd which formed a circle between two arcade machines. In one seat was Damien, his eyebrows furrowed and hands moving faster than she had ever seen before. In the other seat was a light orange mare whose eyes were open so wide, Rainbow Dash was afraid they might explode.

"What has Damien gotten himself into this time?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Fuck!" Damien cursed. He lost the fourth game in the best of five. It was all tied up two to two. He took a deep breath and looked back at the screen. He had some good things going for him. For starters, all of his fighting game muscle memory came back to him. He couldn't really believe it himself but he was actually playing better than before. He was breaking throws, kara canceling, and inputting supers. On the downside, Sunset Petal was quickly adapting to his playstyle. She was a lot more patient with Hugger, opting for Damien's character to make the first move while she punished accordingly. Damien had also played very impatient and basically gave Sunset Petal a free game four win. There was also a crowd. He didn't notice them before but it was extremely annoying. The sexist and rude comments managed to sink their way into his psyche.

"It's just trash talk," Damien whispered. He heard this type of trash talk before but HE was never on the receiving end of it. Damien eyed the crowd. It was mostly mares and an occasional stallion. There was one pony that even looked like Rainbow Dash. Oh wait, that was Rainbow Dash. She didn't look happy. She flew up to him and frowned. Damien thought it was pretty cute.

"I thought we were supposed to be out of here by now?" Rainbow Dash asked still looking cross.

Damien sighed.

"I got a little caught up in something."

"Yeah. I can see that."

"After this we can go but I need to set this mare straight."

Rainbow Dash's face softened a bit. "Mare?" She asked with one eyebrow raised. She pointed at Sunset Petal. "That mare? She's the one that's bothering you?" Dash asked impatiently switching back to her frown.

Before Damien could respond, a massive group of ponies in the crowd pulled Dash back into the crowd.

"You can't disrupt a match like that!"

"Yeah! Wait your turn! That stallion is mine!"

Damien watched as Rainbow Dash disappeared in the sea of ponies. He shrugged. He'd get her back after he finished turning this pony into glue.

Sunset Petal moved her seat and smirked at Damien.

"Ready to admit defeat?" She said. She hums in a triumphant manner.

"It ain't over till the fat lady, I mean mare, sings!" Damien retorts.

"What fat mare?" Sunset Petal asked with clear confusion in her voice.

"Your fucking mom."

The crowd erupts into gasps and laughter. Sunset Petal felt her face getting hot as she chewed the inside of her cheek.

She clears her throat and rolls her eyes. "Classic stallion. Clearly outmatched and resorts to ad hominem."

Now it was Damien's turn to roll his eyes. She literally started this entire fiasco because she couldn't keep her ego in check. He doesn't respond and looks at the select screen. Damien wasn't feeling too confident in Iron Hoof anymore. Sunset Petal was predicting his every move. He was certain of this.

Hoof Fighter was exactly like Street Fighter. So, he wasn't in any new territory picking another character. The question was.....who? The answer came to him quite quickly. He selected Hugger and waited for the game to load.

The crowd gasped. A ditto was going to be the final match.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! This is my first ever fic and I'm pretty happy how its turning out. I will try my best to update it as much as possible. I'm am also open to any critiques!