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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


Never in her wildest dreams would Sunny have thought she'd meet a unicorn, unify the three pony tribes, and overthrow a power-crazed despot, yet she'd done all three over the span of less than a week! With the excitement of her adventure behind her, and a bright future ahead, her outlook on life couldn't be better - sure, she may have lost her house, but that just meant she'd get to spend plenty of time with Izzy, her new friend...

Artwork by Aer0Zer0 (Twitter @Aer0Zer0Ri2k)

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Okay, I did not see that ending coming.

You, have a surprisingly vast portfolio, don't you?


Maybe there is a reason on NOT trusting a Unicorn these days. Especially HER!!!! :twilightoops:

At least the Pegasi are still good in here, hopefully? ( Unless there is another cliche Rainbow Factory reference in here, again! ) :facehoof:

I actually used to write horror on /x/
And I did a few SCP entries as well

What is this strange T symbol next to Leeches story......?


It's a board on 4chan that I used WAY back in the day


Read it and see for yourself
Izzy may just be misunderstood...

Wow, this looks like something from Squimpus McGrimpus. Lol

This story was totally unexpected for me.

I still love it.


I did read it. That's why I comment that. Misunderstood? Tell that to Sunny when she finds those particular glasses. :pinkiesad2:

wow don't mind if i ask what SCPs you made.

God tier stuff. Reminds me a bit of Cupcakes.

A great and mystifying horror story. The most mystifying part of this story is that I can't unequivocally call Izzy a bad pony. She's not murderous, for example she didn't try to kill Sunny. She only takes already dead bodies and preserves them. The AU Izzy shown here reminds me of the Toraja people in Sulawesi island that traditionally preserve their dead for many years after they die, and continue to consider the dead body as part of the family.

Just make sure the Cloverleafs doesn't find out about Izzy's secret. They may sell out of their overpriced tin foil hats.

Thanks for writing this.

I'm still struggling to figure out if the cerulean coated pony is referring to Argyle or not. And if so...how does that make her "misunderstood"? How did Argyle die? Did Izzy exhume his grave? This confuses me.

I left it intentionally nebulous. She somehow got hold of Argyle's remains, though she wouldn't dispatch anypony herself.

Ooooh! You did SCPs??
Which numbers!?


It's a secret, but they were written before the migration - back before SCP entries needed approval
I know at least two of them made the migration though

Insanity done right
Sunny be scarred for life

Petrified, Sunny tracked the carefree mare with her eyes alone. By any reasonable measure, she should have excused herself. While she didn’t necessarily feel threatened, the knowledge of her friend’s ghoulish proclivities was anything but comforting. Spurred by her insatiable lust to understand, telling herself that Izzy was by no means a malign creature, she turned in place and trotted after the blithe unicorn.

sunny's need for knowledge is a great excuse to get her into trouble in fics

“Izzy, you don’t need these friends anymore,” she uttered, extending a foreleg to remove the sickening veneer, “you have real friends now…”

good point

They taught us unicorns were super scary maniacs...

And why do I get the feeling that the cerulean coated pony was referring to Argyle?

Your assumption is correct...


G5 needs more creepy stories!

Though, now that i read it again, seeing as shes Pinkie's... reincarnation... I can see this since we had cupcakes

Wow that was a dark. Take my fave! If you don't like that too bad deal with it.


This was beautifully horrifying

See? That's exactly why people in Egypt only took out the intestines and cover the rest with white covers to make a mummy. Seeing dead bodies are too gruesome for a living life to bear. They're too similar to a living one and the idea of death itself is horrifying for one to be reminded.

Like, we don't need to be reminded of the dead this way. The thing is when we see a body, we just can't help but imagine that They're alive and suffering from the actions being done to them.

Needless to say, Izzy took the "death" thing too well. She just can't move on.

At least she knew that grim life is better than "smiling" dead. Otherwise she'd be killing other unicorns left and right.

Oh, and if Argyle is the one at the end, I'm just wondering what's the status of the corpse. Sure, Izzy is indeed the type to wander around, and considering her actions, she would certainly find Sunny's relatives and try to bring them back to life. And seeing how much of an outcast Argyle was, no one would really notice it. (except for Sunny. She's going to put two and two together next time she go to visit the graves. By then Izzy's hobbies will need to be removed.)

Great story. Especially because it made sense more than I originally thought it would and because it's not depressing like a typical tragedy.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read some fluff to take my mind off of it for a bit.

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