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Perfectly Insane

I've been writing for, like, 8 years, and I still don't know what I'm doing. https://ko-fi.com/perfectlyinsane


This story is a sequel to A Demon's Second Chance

This is a compilation of little short stories a part of ADSC. Some of them you would probably need to read to understand, other can be standalone stories you can enjoy without knowing anything about the fic at all. Read some of them, all of them, none of them, up to you!

Will be updating erratically, you have been warned. Also, fan submissions are allowed as long as they don't mess with the established timeline of events. Feel free to message me if you're interested!

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That probably won’t happen until the day after tomorrow, though. Usually, she liked to read her romance books before bed. She’ll probably be going to sleep early since they’re on break tomorrow, or they’re at least supposed to be on break. He had no way of knowing if Twilight even knew what that meant.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


These little nuggets of the story are absolute gold. Love it, Perfectly Insane, you've outdone yourself!

Is it comments to me or the author?

So... A censoring spell against minors? That could be good, unless a foal think the page is blank and is not important so they write in it or draw

I don't think it matters on these sorts of things.

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