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"As a writer I make my own rules. If I wanna start a sentence with a full stop, I will." - Garth Marenghi


"I'm not sure you wanna take that job, Spike. The score-keepin' can get a mite intense."
"Yeah. Starlight used to do it, but now... Well, I can't even say the word "trivia" around her."
-Applejack and Sunburst, A Trivial Pursuit

Starlight tells the harrowing story of her experience score keeping at Trivia Trot.

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What's game night without a little sedition?

Damn Cover Art Starburst looks like he's a 13-year-old Channer about to drop the N word on a Discord server.

If there aren't torches and pitchforks in use by the end of the night, can anyone really say it was a fun night? No, no they can not.

Celestia: That's not very Friendly, Twilight. Maybe I should strip you of your title and make you Princess of Obsessing over Trivia instead?

“I think I read in a comic that she was…” said Spike.

Oi! Spike! You don't break the fourth wall. That's Pinkie.

That explanation for Equestrian leap years makes so much sense. :trollestia:

Starlight shook her head, “I don’t know. I never bothered to find out, I’ve decided that I’m putting the whole experience behind me. I’m free of Trivia Trot.”

Twilight used her *influence* to demand the game be continued in the event of a tie. So when she and Sunburst showed up, they want her to end the saga

Fun little read, you got a few chuckles out of me. :twilightsmile:

This is an instant glim glam classic. I sometimes felt that only her and spike saw the insanity that was equestria.

So many Chekhov guns and references that actually paid off.

Only character that didn’t really shine was Matilda… and Luna.

“Leave him.”

Starlight looked up into the cold, uncaring eyes of Twilight Sparkle.


Leave him. If he can’t stand on his own four hooves, he doesn’t deserve to be part of Trivia Trot.”

That was the best.

I hated "Trivial Pursuit," but I still enjoyed this fanfic because it seemed like a satire of that episode and how over-the-top it was. Granny Smith must have the patience of Job to put up with the players.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Maud-Briar won because Mudbriar answered the last question correctly according to Princess Cadence herself. I would give them the win if I were the judge, at least. :raritywink:

This was a lot

I'm halfway through and I already love this.

Just imagine how much worse it be if twilight and sunburst were on the same team

I havent laughed this much reading a story in a while :rainbowlaugh: i love it

Clearly, the sequel to this story would be Starlight calling everyone's bluffs to teach them a lesson.

That lesson being either, "don't make threats you have no intention of fulfilling," or, "you have to live with the consequences of the decisions you make, including the stupid ones."

Imagine if they were playing something like Mario Party...


It would mean Maud-Briar was wrong, so I think she would accept that.

Forget the trivia, Sunburst looks like he's gonna drop the album of the year.

Why would Rainbow Dash try to eat the scorecards?

How Fallout Equestria really started.

This was a fucking fantastic escalating comedy. When I woke up this evening, I didn't think I was going to read an absurd pony trivia version of Lord of the Flies, but here we are. Thanks for writing it.


Grogarian leap years

Is a criminally slept-on in the comments section pun. Props to you!

As she watched her friends walk away from her, watched Sunburst walk away from her, she got a familiar feeling. A certain knowledge that competing was wrong, that showing off your talent was evil, that the only way for ponies to stay friends was for everypony to always be the same-

I love this little detail at the end. Picking up one of Chekhov's Revolvers from the show and spinning the barrel just long enough to see if a game of Russian Roulette will be fun.

This insanity was enjoyable but man Starlight probably needs a therapist, more than she used to. I mean, we all saw Twilight and Sunburst tug at her heartstrings right?

Hello! Have a review. A very funny comedy and one which I enjoyed a good deal more than the show episode that inspired it. So many highlights that I can't pick out just one. Have a fave!

If only the actual episode was this funny, great fic

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