• Published 15th Jan 2022
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Beat the Heat - Some Leech

If you thought nigh-immortal alicorns didn't have marish needs, you'd be mistaken...

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"Age Difference" doesn't begin to cover it, yet at the same time she's so youthful-looking that the story probably doesn't satisfy those looking for it.

She's like the hot, kinda awkward giga-cougar

You published on a Saturday? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

What a fitting climax :raritywink:


Wew. Love the whole dynamic of "taking charge" with the princesses. Always fun to play with. Also really nice addition of the choice for what hole. Not much more than a slight change of wording but it definitely is nice for those that may strongly prefer one over the other still.

69 likes...niceeeee

Hah! You finally wrote porn in the first person, and even from a mare!??? Well done bro! I have noticed for a long time that there is a shortage of stories on this site in a similar style (first-person porn, mare + man).

Heh! I was also inspired when I wrote about three Kirin mares and one man...

this was a wild and sweet chapter I loved both sides.

Both the art and story are wonderful. I hope you continue the series with Celestia and Anon, I really liked that.

This would be my first round and after 10-ish minutes go for the Donut β™‘

On and on he went, steadily moving faster and bucking harder with every passing second, until he slowed. Straightening up, leaving his cock firmly lodged in my rear, he gave my behind a resounding smack. Seizing around his tool, stifling a whimper, I was desperate for more, but I dare not give voice to my desires. Unfortunately for me, he wasn’t willing to accept my silence.

Small mistake there, seeing as he’s supposed to be in her vagina this time.

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