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The God of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, quickest Equestrian of all time at the Ring. Founded Akula-Lauda Racing with Akula 966 (my YT Channel: AppleLauda)


Twilight, Starlight and Trixie got an amazing idea for a fun game. It's called Creaturehunt. There are two roles: The Speedrunner and the Hunters. This story is based on Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series, but here it's a bit different...

AppleLauda needs to defeat Ember in a arm wrestling match whilst he's getting hunted down by his friends. If he gets tackled over, he loses. If AppleLauda beats Ember in an arm wrestling match, he wins. AppleLauda gets 3 attempts to beat Ember. If he loses all 3 matches, the Hunters win automatically.

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