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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


The Duke thought that having Prince DeSoutter packed off as envoy to Equestria would keep the aggravating boy safely out of the way and while it generally does, he does also come back every so often, often with things that the Duke really doesn't want to hear.

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clearly the princess are thirsty, and are using the vegetables as a way of conveying them wanting there thirst quenched by their dear neighbors

A novel interlude, some nameless duke bewildered and bemused by the doings of his behooved neighbors. Quite lovely.

So what you're saying is that some pipe needs to be laid? To provide a deluge of thirst-quenching fluid directly to where it's most desired?

I was expecting the Duke to give DeSoutter a jolly good tongue lashing :p

Take your like and get out! :rainbowlaugh:

Do the princesses do this weird stuff for thier own amusement, or perhaps purposely Infront of Desoutter because they know he will report it to the Dunk a d baffle him as a way to punish the Duke for indicting Desoutter upon them? I could see them doing this kind of thing to just co the the nobility of course. But is funnier if it's a passive agressive way to annoy the Duke for sending an annoying prince to Equestria.

A loose tongue will get you into tight places, so they say. And who doesn't enjoy a bit of brown nosing?

Must ensure the pipe is slotted in tightly, of course, otherwise precious fluid might be spilt, and no-one wants that.

I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity here. The three princesses with non-sex-related domains were all doing Suggestive things, as it were, but what about Cadance? She could have had an entire carnival of performers in her courtroom all copying the other princesses' acts while sitting prim and proper and not batting an eye, or attaching similar produce goods onto effigies of the other princesses and having her guard going to town on them.

Score, with the prior art of my comment I'm gonna make a mint from royalties. Sweet sweet Youtube bux, here I come!

Well clearly it's to annoy the Duke, scandalize the nobility, see what they can get Twilight to do, and one up each other all at once.

When you return please give my fondest wishes to our equine neigh- heh, never noticed that before

I never noticed it either! :pinkiegasp:

We all know what Celestia would do in an attempt to win this competition.
derpibooru: 842766

The ennui is deliciously strong with this one.

I know it is marked as "human", but I cannot help but think of the Duke and DeSoutter as Diamond Dogs with the Duke absolutely sick of all the whiny pony diplomatic s:yay:t he has to put up with and DeSoutter's bounding, inappropriate enthusiasm, like an overweight Labrador who thinks he is still puppy sized...

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