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The Crystal War is about to end, the era from which King Sombra ruled the Crystal Empire to its height is coming to a close, with the Kingdom of Equestria at his nation’s doorstep, he plans to make one last stand on the Frozen North Valley path.

As fate would have it, the Royal Sisters also had a plan, one to ensure a victory that would save as many lives as possible.

But when the night rises, and on the first break of dawn is in sight, a new era for Equus, and especially for Equestria will come forth.

Unfortunately, the Shadows of a Bygone era still stood at the position, guarding the Frozen Valley pass like the souls that have reawakened them, just like they have done from worlds gone by. Truly, tonight was going to be a long night, one that wouldn't be easily forgotten.

Some heads-up:
The story doesn't "necessarily" have humans in it, but they are related to the plot of the story. Their souls serve as the "Shadow of Bygone Era".

And I provided some video “references” for you to enjoy.
Said “references” are just that, references. (Its “Union of Salvation”).
I personally enjoyed the sound design and acting of the film.

Clearly, it is not one of my best stories, I think there are a lot of things I could have improved and ironed out, but I’d leave the story as is, I did what I came to do with this story, and it was both fun and painful trying to “research” some of these topics, and since I am really tired from just writing this, I’ll just... leave it as is.



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Queen of the battle... field artillery.

the concept was great, and the story itself was alright. However, it kinda felt like the narration was all over the place. First, it sounded like a historian, then the POV swapped to the lunar guard, then the shadow army (name fits, but I don't like it much either), then back to the lunar army, then a weird halfway between POV that just had the shadow people show up. It made it feel halfway between first and third person which made it a little harder to read.

Some of the scenes were done great, like with the lunar commander that watched waves of his soldier get cut down, but those moments were few, and usually ended too quickly.

Overall, loved the story though, and keep up the good work :')

This is... pretty good, I genuinely love the insight you gave, and I'm genuinely happy you enjoyed my work.
That said, I gave this one too much effort than what it was worth since this was supposed to be a quick one.

Again, thank you for the insight and comment, more things to come :)

Artillery and Cavalry, it shouldn't be a surprise that one outlasted the other.

Just read The Charge of the Light Brigade. Although, truth be told, they attacked the wrong Russians at Balaclava.

Sabes qué, técnicamente los ponys deberían entender ésas órdenes ya que tienen el idioma Prancés.

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