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About twenty years have passed since that day in the Everfree forest. Since that day Applejack managed to save Fang's life.

But at what cost?

There are forces at work that neither know of or comprehend, forces that seek to change the world as they know it, or bring it all to a blinding end. How will they fight this? How will Fang handle the side effects of his extended life?

And will their son Timberwolf be able to outlive his father and found a family of his own, or will he fall prey to the evil that now surrounds his world and find himself in a shallow grave?
Well everyone, I promised it, and here it is. The sequel to "Of Druids and Ponies". Hopefully it will outshine it's forefather, and bring many smiles, laughs, and tears to you and your friends as you read. Cover image is just a placeholder for now, hope to find a better one eventually. Anyway, yeah, have fun.

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Nice work! Hope you make a lot of new chapters!:pinkiehappy:

1310766 I'll definatley try! thanks for the feedback.

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