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Chrome Masquerade

Dashing do-gooder dog? Accomplished, affable aeronaut? Big-time brony? Lazy lackluster lackwit? You decide!

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How a pony can lick and shush at the same time boggled the buck out of me, but whatever.

Howd they know they were a pony at that point? The next paragraph they open their eyes for the first time XD

Also, some minor spelling errors here and there. Plug this into something to fix them, they should be found pretty easy.

I can't believe I missed that.:facehoof:
Thanks for that.

I look forward to seeing her meet Edge and Brave.

They're definitely going to have some... Interesting relatives.

Why gender bend him? I would be pissed if I was him. Even more so because he seems to still be a straight male from his blush at seeing tits.

I love this! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

this story is good but the first chapter feels short if that makes sense

welp this is random i do need more

Working on it, but like I said, new chapters might take a while in coming.

The cover image is interesting, but I need to see a couple more chapters to see where this would go.

So, is TOR a changeling hive?
Discord could be just a recolored Discord and his voice is now just thousands of voices layered over each other.

Wouldn't Edge and Brave be Chome's children? They're both Chromium browsers.

Edge is the definitive successor to Internet Explorer.
Brave can operate in similar fashion to either Chrome or Firefox, depending on how you set it.

What about Chrome Canary?

with the power of the interent behind her does that matter?

I mean sure, it might be the official successor, but in its programming it's basically a Chrome clone.

After a flash of light, a picture printed from my mouth.

Well that's bound to be interesting if that's how saving files goes.

It's pretty important if you want a family or a relationship, and considering he was impotent in his last life I'm sure he wants these things.

Several other reasons, too. all of them I can think of in 60 seconds; GO!

  1. The Google pony OC is female.

    The SOUL has no gender

  2. A largely asexual being wouldn't have a preference of gender either.
  3. Nearly all of MLP's major plaayers are female.
  4. What he chose to take with him was major enough to require a... sacrifice.
  5. Mares in Equestria outnumber stallions 4-1 or so, so there's a far higher chance of being reborn as a female.
  6. 'He' was being reborn, so it's not necessarily gender-bending, per se,

male in one life female in another

All sound like excuses, also the soul could be thought to be the mind so no the soul does have a gender if they think of them self as one or the other. Could of just said the picture wouldn't work for a male. Really you want it this way even if it doesn't make the most sense or just didn't think about it. I only commented asking why because it felt forced (out of place) a bit and should of been one of the first things mentioned by the MC themselves.

"*Click!*" *Flash* *Bzzzzzzzt*

My father tripped and fell over when I took my second picture. Mom chuckled at that.

At one point, my vision shifted and I found that I could sort of make out lines of code written into the clouds themselves.

So far, I still could not quite grasp at what happened in this story. I mean, normally when you children could produce photo copy from their mouth like that, wouldn't the normal parents panic and look for professional advice?

Then the ability to see source code like that remind me of the 'View page source' function of Chrome. Does this mean our protagonist is literally a walking web browser equipped with extensions?

The first is a character quirk. Though I might have them do that.

The second is like... one of those Magic Eye things (Which I honestly could never see) but more technical.

Also... Kinda, yeah. That's more or less the family joke.

"It turned out to be a cloud house! Or, a cloud space, if you will."

an internet browser that...….. lives in the cloud. this makes too much sense

Is this an intentional pun? How could I miss that?

Well, I did add to the description that there would be computer puns.

Mostly asexual. Damn all the adult content she'll be in contact with when she grows up will be awkward :rainbowlaugh:

Those two are adorable. I wonder, where does IE fit on the family tree? :rainbowhuh:

  1. Mares in Equestria outnumber stallions 4-1 or so, so there's a far higher chance of being reborn as a female.

Wait, has this been proven?

Even if it hasn't, this is tagged as an Alternate Universe, and is clearly such. If the author decrees mares outnumber stallions 4 to 1 then so it shall be.

I for one am really enjoying the story, and hope to see more. It's been awhile since a good browser pony story has come up.

I'm thinking of That One Uncle. You know, the black (or at least dark gray) sheep in almost every family that's like Zephyr Breeze but older. My uncle Len, for example. He doesn't have a job, doesn't do much, has a messy home and stiffs you with the bill when inviting you for lunch. THAT guy.

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I'm enjoying having some inspiration, as long as it'll last (knocks on nearby table). :raritywink:

Really good, I wonder if you could incorporate console gajinkas also, like in maryweather's comics, like Switch-chan, but otherwise, really good, and want more.

I just might do that. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

Mom seems a bit slow. She might need more memory.

Power list
-Can take photos
-Cry ink
-Can shoot lighting (might just be a reflex thing or controlable)

and if the first chapter is anything to go by, eventual access to the internet.

meets twilight and instantly know her internet history

imagine her gaining the ability to use the human internet and post things there. chaos

Another quirk I have in mind is -if she doesn't warn them- when someone makes a photogenic expression, she prints out a meme instead.

If you've heard Pentatonix by Daft Punk, (or better yet, Pentaponix), reach 'technologic'. Add those to the list.

i will update the list as the story progresses. adding it before you put it in the story seems a bit cheaty

na it seems like fun. might not do a edit or a full list each chapter but might have my comment go like an achivment unlocked kinda thing. btw would chrome getting time stop or bullet time be possible?

Unfortunately, the prognosis is wrong. Chromium is actually infected with a bit of spyware called Google. Everything she sees is sent back via "telemetry," which is why she's constantly taking pictures.

The only cure is an invasive surgery known as ungoogling. On the bright side, you get a cool new nick name: Ungoogled Chromium

I... hadn't considered those. :rainbowhuh:
An Edit command is in the works, but who knows? One of those might be in the next update. :ajsmug:

just wait till there search engines kick in:pinkiehappy:

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