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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Equestria, fu©k yeah

Okay this is epic.

Thanks. I think captures the spirit of Team America.

No one let Rainbow Dash know about the Valmorphanize button.


Awesome songs.

Totally insipid and stupid trash. I give it a--WHAT THE?!

*Team America blows up half my place* Not so fast terrorist! You're coming with us!

*an unspecified time later from an unspecified location a broadcast with me in it is sent out*

*a black burlap bag is pulled off my head, revealing bruised and battered face* Voice off-screen: "Alright filthy commie nazi peace-loving terrorist liberal conservative ball licker, tell everyone the truth."

Me totally not being held against my will, have been tortured and reading off a script: "I want to apologize to Team America, Bendy and the good citizens of Equestria. They totally didn't go overboard in blowing up Canterlot, Bendy didn't write a trash comedyfic,and Princess Celestia has the best butt in the universe. Only Team America are dicks. Only dicks can properly fuck pussies and assholes. Pussies get whiny because they get fucked by discks and sometimes they think they can fuck assholes like dicks, but only dicks can fuck pussies and assholes like dicks.Sometimes pussies get so full of shit that they become assholes. But if idcks don't fuck asshole, you get shit all over your pussies, dicks and balls, so dicks have to fuck assholes and pussies."

A grand speech. I salute you for your patriotism.

Ponies just falling in love with Americans for being such big dicks is the funniest thing I've seen today.

No wonder. The chadness is over the charts.

It's beautiful. Sigma male energy

Well, Rainbow Dash is red, white, and blue. (as well as a lot of other colors)

She is a true American.

Indeed. Thanks very much for enjoying this silly story I made.

This actually came up in the context of the MtG Rarity card, where Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash is the only way to cover all five normal colors with one official toy.

Not enough Matt Damon!


A delightfully silly little story. Thanks for writing it.

Matt Damon really had a lot to say.

Glad you enjoyed it. I just threw it together on the fly. Like most of my work.

:duck: And to think our first date was seeing those uncouth American off Broadway singers...
What an awful play
:moustache: I'm not complaining , It got me laid!
:rainbowlaugh: Me too!
:facehoof: All I got are perforated books.....
:pinkiegasp:🎶 Everypony has.........🎵

Sweet baby Jesus.

This is great. XD

Perhaps we need a romantic squeal story where the mane six have a romance with Americans?

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

*Look at dislikes.* Yikes.

:rainbowwild: Buck Yea!
:moustache::raritywink: We can use a Ma Duce at my boutique :unsuresweetie: and two cans of ammo
:facehoof: Crazy Americans are leaving the library in a mess!
:flutterrage: Discord, My turn driving the Abrams !

If I don't see a single use of the word "cockfag(s)" in this, I'm going to be very disappointed.


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