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Gallus confesses to being the culprit while being interviewed in a Hearth's Warming Club. He tells no one why, and nobody stays behind with him. This is the story of what happened during that break.

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Starlight had shoved a kite at him and taken him up to a hill where they flew kites for an hour and a half. When they finished, she turned to him and said, “I’ve made much worse mistakes than pranking a Hearth’s Warming tree and then actually owning up to it. You were honest, you’re taking your punishment without complaint, you’re going to be fine. You’re not going to go enslave a village or almost destroy the universe anytime soon, which puts you above me at least. Go enjoy yourself. Find some of that disgusting meat you like, you haven’t been eating anything.”

One, you CAN'T just casually talk about your most terrible crimes in existence! You should feel lucky that you aren't properly punished for your unforgivable sins!!!! :flutterrage:

And two, what's wrong with meat, you pacifist bigot?

Thought the ending might've been a bit abrupt - a concern you yourself seem to share, judging by your Author's Note - but aside from that, this was a well-executed what-could've-been. Kudos!

No offense, but your reaction to this feels wildly disproportionate.


Still a bit bitter that somepony like Starlight didn't get a proper punishment for her own sins.

Silver gasped and grabbed his face. “Bring me to it,” she said solemnly.

I love this line.

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