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Chaotic Visage - newbie

sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurrrrt meeee... A comforting lie. Isn't it?

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Ch2- Mage's Tower

Diary Entry #1

This ain’t a damn science report.

Dear Diary

Too generic.

Greetings, future self, it is I, past Typhon. The creator of all your woes.


I believe that recording my recent experiences would be healthy. Self-discovery and all that. Where to start?

Oh, the beginning, what a wonderful idea. (yes, I really did write those dots out). Anyways after I first contacted Star Swirl, him, a few of his coworkers, and I began studying chaos magic. It’s been a couple months, and we made a couple of discoveries. Yaaaaaaay! I find it quite interesting how blah blah blah blah

Bah, this is pointless.

Blue flames covered the book, consuming the magically created hardback leaving nothing behind, not even ashes.

Why do people write diaries in the first place? Do they have memory loss? I don’t want anyone else to read it, and if I know the story already why would I read it? Bah!

With that, I stood up, pushed my chair back, and splayed my arms out. Satisfying pops emitted from my shoulders and back as I twisted in place.

Time to greet the world, I suppose.

My knees groaned in protest, and my eyes drooped. Sighing, I shook myself like a wet dog and plastered a large smile on my face. I spun on my hoof, hopped into the air, and drifted through my wooden door. After phasing through the door, I took a left and began traversing the maze that is this stupid wizard’s tower

As I was turning a corner, I bumped into a dark blue unicorn mare with a curly black mane.

“ ‘Sup Hexy. How’s it goin’?”

‘Hexy’ scowled at me before growling a response, “The great and powerful Hexane Lulamoon is not in the mood for your games today, beast. Your inferior magic was producing confounding results in the conversion chamber… again.”

My eyes narrowed and teeth ground. “Oh I would apologize, but I really. Can’t. Help it.” Hexane snorted. I continued, “Maybe we both just need a cup of coffee, eh? Personally, soda is more up my alley, but I think some of that liquid gold could do us both a favor.”

She glared at me as I snapped up a pair of mugs, with steaming dark liquid inside. She eyed her cup, and flicked her gaze from it to me and back again. I shook my head before I took a gulp from my coffee. Hexane sighed before begrudgingly taking a sip of her own. Her eyes shot wide open, her magical grip tightened, and a smile cracked her face in two.

“You should’ve introduced this to Hexane far earlier. This would have made dealing with your infuriatingly inferior magic much easier.”

My smile strained further as I began floating down the hallway. “Yes, yes; my mistake. Have a wonderful day.”

Hexane’s cackles sent shivers down my spine as I sped away. Taking random turns in a single-minded attempt at escaping from the insane mare. Left, then right, left, left, right. And before I knew it, I was in the middle of nowhere in this labyrinthian building.

“Dammit,” I sighed in exasperation as I started a far calmer journey through the halls. Several more turns, up a floor or two, and still nothing.

Why do they have so much damned space? There’s what, twelve unicorns in this place?

The gray brick walls here were covered in layers of dust. Some bricks were cracked, others chipped, and a few had even fallen out of their places. I continued admiring the mangled masonry as I floated down the corridor, but my ears perked up at a faint clinking noise coming from down the hall.

Are those… Chains? Why are they rattling like that?

An airy feminine voice called out from somewhere beyond the confines of the passageway

Moaning? Oh god, that’s a mare. Ew ew ew ew ew ew. I hear nothing I HEAR NOTHING LALALALALALALA I’M DEAF.

I had no interest in finding out who the culprit was so I took a full 180 and shot off like an arrow, phasing directly through the far end of the corridor, through a couple more hallway walls, and out into the open air. I took a couple moments to steady my shivering before I floated down to the ground in front of the main entrance.

“Never. Again.”

“Never what again?”

“Gah!” I jumped at the sound of Star Swirl’s voice before I spun to face him. “How are you ponies so quiet on your hooves?”

“I believe that you simply need to pay more attention to your surroundings. By the way, why are you down here? Shouldn’t you be at Dr. Health’s lab right now?”

I grimaced as I hopped into the air to float once more “I got lost while on the run, so I decided to just pop out a wall and go in through the front door. Much easier to navigate from there for whatever reason.”

“Why were you running?”

My face went from grimace to scowl as I spoke. “Let’s just leave it at I’m never going up to the higher floors again. I think I’m going to need some brain bleach.”

Star Swirl tilted his head “I don’t know what this ‘bleach’ is but I didn’t think you were that afraid of ghosts.”

“That’s not what I thought those noises were.”

“What? What else would make those sorts of noises?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Star Swirl sighed before shaking his head while rubbing his muzzle with a hoof. “Enough dilly-dallying. Dr. Health’s time is invaluable, and next time please just be more mindful of where you phase through walls. I’m getting sick of fixing the tower’s shell enchantments.”

“Sorry bout that… but at least I didn’t knock out the whole area by teleporting, right?”

Star Swirl’s glare was all I got in response. Chuckling nervously, I began floating into the gray-stoned wizard’s tower. The clean gray bricks passed me by in a blur as I darted from corridor to corridor until I reached a red wooden door that had a white cross painted onto it. I took a deep breath as I mentally braced myself for the trials ahead. My loud rhythmic breathing slowed my own heartbeat. I swallowed and carefully touched down, slowly inching towards the door. My eagle claw was mere inches from the door when…

“ZER YOU ARE. I’ve been looking all over for you. Where have you been, Typhon?”

“Oh, you know, ran through corridors, got a lil’ lost, think I heard a ghost, jumped out a wall, and kinda just went in the front.”

“A ghost, you zay? How positively ridiculous! Everypony knows ol’ spirit stays in ze upper tower.”

“As I said, I got lost.”

Dr. Healthy Needles brushed past me, opening the door before stepping inside and beckoning me in with a hoof. With one more breath, I followed.

The stone walls were lined with various surgical implements, the most prominent of which were needles. Some needles were filled to the brim with red, green, and an assortment of other colored liquids. My eyes locked onto a particularly sharp bone saw, its silvery sheen marred with an old red stain. The white tile floor had little dots of crimson. A liquid far more purple also speckled the ground, though it proved rarer than the red. I took a couple more deep breaths as I sat on a medical cot. A few more lined my side of the wall, one even having a pony in it. Dr. Needles’ horn lit up as he dragged a pair of long metal-tipped needles off the wall. With a dramatic flourish, he twirled around to manically grin at me.

“Are you prepared…” his voice trailed as he stepped closer, and in a much louder voice “For your examination?!”

What is it with German accents and crazy people? Is it a fashion choice or something?

Reality, uncaring as always, neglected to answer my questions while I was stabbed with inch-long metal needles. Though oddly enough, it didn’t hurt, it tickled. I had to muster every last grain of willpower to avoid squirming under the metallic instruments of medicine, but the effort was worth the quick escape. Dr. Needles dragged a foreleg across his face while admiring the purple blood that was supposed to be inside of me instead of the syringes.

“Phew! Zat took vay too long. Try to keep your veins from moving so damn much next time. I have other zings to do, you know!”

“Or you could just aim better,” I grumbled as I got up from the chair he had me in. Before the crazy stallion could say another word, I bolted out the open door, took a right, and began searching. Bear claw marks were scored into the top of some doorways. Following the claw marks lead to a final wooden door. It was just like every other door in this God-forsaken tower, but behind it lay a treasure beyond value. No amount of gold, jewels, or other expensive knickknacks would be worth the contents of this chamber.

The door swung outwards easily on well-oiled hinges, and I took in a big whiff as I entered. Books, hundreds, maybe even a thousand, lined the walls of the tower library. A grin split my face as I strolled through the treasure trove of knowledge. The old book smell pervaded the area. A candle could be found on any table, and they glowed a deep, icy, ocean blue. The odd little highlights revealed no other ponies in here. I made no noise as I floated down the aisle of low tables and chairs, all wooden, all cast in deep shadow. All was quiet.

Finally, I reached the far corner of the room. A special little desk and chair made out of cheaper scrap wood greeted me. My smile waned slightly as I lit the normal candle on the wooden plane. A faint red glow highlighted my little brown desk. Several stacks of books were also engulfed in that faint orange glimmer. A history of Equestria, one of Griffonia, and a half-inch thick book on Saddle Arabia.

The other two kingdoms had plenty written about them, but Saddle Arabia, oh no, they were far more mysterious. Traders, mercenaries, legends, those were all that reached the west. I knew there was more though, no culture subsisted completely on such things. Where were their rulers? Where were their wars? Where was their damned kingdom? All the book gave me was conjecture. “It is said” or “rumors have it.” In other words, that entire desert was one big, blank expanse that consumed vast quantities of paper on every map. The smooth whiteness taunted me, beckoned me. I felt my feet pulled east, my head constantly wishing to turn towards the rising sun. The siren's call for discovery was almost irresistible. Almost.

With a sigh, I rubbed the top of my snout, screwing my eyes shut as I tried to work out my frustration. Opening them once more, my gaze fell upon a particular line of a book left open from my previous night’s perusal, a short one, so seemingly insignificant.

“And with great joy, I leave this Celestia forsaken hovel. These inbred mongrels had no sense of propriety. They had the GALL to charge ME. A unicorn prince. I should’ve…”

It was Prince Tungsten (being the fifteenth child in the royal family didn’t leave him many good names it appears). I remember that he was noted as one of the worst diplomats in known Equestrian history and if memory serves… AHA!

A book by the title of The Woeful Wandering Of The Worrisome Windbag. The humor was too dry for my tastes, but it did have an account of Tungsten’s more horrendous blunders. Including a little travel account done by a guard sent with him to Saddle Arabia!

I had my teeth sunk in deep. I had a clue, I had more leads, I had the will to continue… and a lot of wax left on my candle.

-Several hours later-

I stretched out my arms as I felt several vertebrae pop in my back. My cavernous maw erupted with a ground-shaking yawn. Two unicorns in the library glared daggers at me

“Thanks, Clover, don’t know where I’d be without ya.”

Clover chuckled before whispering. “Probably perusing some hero’s tale”

“I’ll have you know that I am very serious about this endeavor and would do no such—”

“Ahem” the two not-so-happy other unicorns were still glaring at me.

I blinked a couple times. Then, miling sheepishly and apologizing, I rose and too zip out the door. When I passed the doorway, my arms and legs drooped down close to the floor, my wings went limp, while my eyes drooped, but a cheshire grin grew.

Finally, I got a coordinate… I think. Eh, it's anywhere between the thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth parallel. Shouldn’t be too hard to find if I go there.

After what felt like moments, I had reached my door, my room, my bed. As I was about to phase through, the faint rattling of chains and feminine moaning stopped me. I almost jumped to the same conclusion as I had the first time, but I managed to swerve that train of thought onto a different rail.

Ah, the ghostie. Must be lonely, with everyone being so scared… Wait, why are they scared? Are they scared? Maybe they’re just assholes and the ghost keeps a distance? I mean it’s just a ghost. There’s bound to be ways to fend an angry one off.

I shrugged, but before I tried to phase through the door, I heard another moan. It was louder, and the chains were starting to echo. I shook my head.

The poor thing sounds bored.

Once more I was about to step into my room when I heard a breathy voice whisper. I couldn’t make anything out, but I swear I heard the air speak. More voices joined, their volume began to rise, creating a whirlwind of gusty conversation, and I had enough of it.

I furrowed my brows while a frown adorned my face, “Would you cut that out? If there’s one of you, that kind of thing is insanely annoying, and if there's more, then please find somewhere else to talk like that.”

The whispering stopped

“You… aren’t afraid?”



I quirked an eyebrow

“Have you hurt anybody?”


“Do you want to hurt anybody?”


“Then why should I be afraid? You have no track record of violence, and you don’t seem very angry at me.”

“...the others are”

My eyes rolled violently in their sockets.

“Yes, we all have our irrational fears. Cats are scared of pickles, I’m scared of heights, and unicorns are scared of ghosts… Might help if ya cut the ominous whispering thing.”

“It’s hard, I need to focus a lot to stop it… And heights? You have wings.”

A sigh escaped my lips as I responded, “I’m well aware, but that doesn’t keep my stomach from going on a merry little jaunt up my throat.”

The feminine voice giggled at that. I smiled in return. “Well, my ghosty friend, it has been nice to meet you, but I really should be getting to bed.”

The ghost gasped, “Friends? You’ll be my friend?”

“Why of course! You’re far more pleasant to speak with than most ponies.”


“Well you see, they have a tendency to scream, run, shout, blast, and any other response they reserve for monsters when I’m around.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound nice. You’ve been a lot more friendly than any monster I’ve seen.”

I snorted, “Yeah as I said before. We all have our irrational fears. Now before I get dragged into extended conversation, I really need to go to sleep.”

Bags had developed under my eyes. My wings were still limp, and I barely managed to stay afloat.

“Oh. ok, see you...” Her voice left a question in the air.

“Tomorrow, after my daily checkup. I’ll find a way up to the upper tower, and we can have a chat. Sound good?”

Another airy giggle echoed through the hall “Why, that would be wonderful, I can set up tea, biscuits, and OH I’ll have to clean up a room or two. I’ll see you around.” Her voice went from confident to sheepish in a split second. “I don’t believe I caught your name, sir?”

“Typhon, and yours?”


“Well, good night, Spirit.”

A lance of pain rammed through my eyes.


I forgot to draw the curtains over my window last night. While grumbling about the oversized lamp that we call the sun, I got ready for my day. Teeth were brushed, a quick breakfast was had, and I even debated putting on a shirt or something… Nah.

After I felt all ready to go, I did hop, skip, and a jump right through my door. Taking a left, I began skipping down the hallway… Until I remembered that I could float, and jumped into the air. I passed by a couple of hallways, took a couple turns, annnnd there’s Hexane.

I sighed as I steeled myself for another conversation with this twit. I thought for a moment, I inhaled, ready to belt out a greeting.

“SILENCE, Hexane doesn’t have time for you! The conversion chamber blew up again, and we need another-”

“Really, again? Is this a weekly thing, or are you just screwing with me?”

Hexane gritted her teeth before growling. “If you could CONTROL your magic then we wouldn’t have to replace EVERYTHING in the chamber every. Other. Week.”

I rubbed my eyes with my bear paw. “Fine, just let me check in with Dr. Needles. Don’t really fancy annoying him again.”

The annoying little unicorn showed some common sense by shivering at the mention of a demon, like good ol’ Needles. “Yes, Hexane will see you then.”

I nodded as I passed her. Down the hall, I went. Left, right, down this hallway, down these steps, annnnnd there it is. The red door crossed with white, the door to health, the door to needles, the gateway to Tartaru-

“Vell vell vell looks like you managed to get down here on time for vonce. Come come, this shouldn’t take long.”

I sighed. Will I ever get to finish a dramatic thought?

I followed the good doctor through the door whilst mourning my inability to be dramatic. Stepping inside I was greeted by the same sight as yesterday. Needles, saws, scalpels, vials, and speckles of blood all over the floor. Cots line one side of the wall while the tools of medicine hang on the other. A warning to the sick. The crazy unicorn spun to face me with a straight face.

“Vell then, let's get zis over vith.”

No needles, no stabbing, just normal checkup things. I sat down on the cot nearest the door while Dr. Needles grabbed a few of the tamer instruments. He measured my temperature, checked my blood pressure, and all that good stuff. After he finished, I was permitted to leave. I scrambled out the door, phasing through it without bothering with unimportant concepts like “opening the door”.


My frantic scrambling took me down a few different corridors. A left here, a right there. A few more twists and turns and I arrived at a blue door. I forced myself to enter normally instead of phasing through it (Starswirl was incredibly miffed the first time I accidentally broke the enchantments here). Vats, machines of various sizes, tile flooring, rune crusted walls, and a pedestal covered by a glass dome lay beyond.

“Finally, The Wondrous and Illustrious Hexane has been waiting.”

“Yes, checkups take time, I got it. Just be happy he didn’t need any blood samples.”

The annoying blue unicorn huffed. “Fine, just hurry up. Hexane doesn’t have all day.”

I sneered as I crossed the circular room. “Only for you, Hexy.”

Runes surrounding the pedestal lit up as I stepped onto it. A glass dome descended from a hole in the ceiling. The transparent bowl clicked as it touched down around me. A few moments passed as a whirring faded into audibility. Twin tesla coils lit up on opposite sides of the room. Lines of purple spread out from me as violet lightning erupted from the draining dome. I turned towards the back of the room to inspect the progress.


The unicorn snorted “what is it now, you insufferable cretin?”

My frown deepened into a full scowl. “Why are there two canisters? I thought we agreed on only one at a time.”

Hexane sighed “Hexane needs more of your magic. Yesterday progress was made, but the canister cracked. The princess is coming soon, and Hexane needs to be ready! The great and illustrious Hexane is close to making a breakthrough. Just a few more tries… That's all Hexane needs. Please just one extra. Please.”

I glared down at the pleading unicorn, “No.”

Hexane’s eyes went wide, “What? Hexane believes she misheard you. Would you please repeat that?”

“I said no.”


“No, Hexy. This is important to you. Not me.”

“This could get Hexane a job as the princess’s personal student, or a position on her personal council!”


“So this is important. Besides, you only need to stay there for a few more minutes,” she waved her hoof at me dismissively. “It really shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

“Normally you would be right, but I have a friend expecting me after this, so I suggest raising the drainer in about oh…” I looked at the pair of canisters in the back again, “thirty seconds”

In the given time. The unicorn flitted around the room, flipping switches, readying other machines for further processing. I watched her, like a hawk, with crossed arms. Eventually, she went to the back to grab the first canister. Then left as the machine began to fill up the second. I scowled at the obstinate mare.





I cocked a fist back, ready to punch straight through this glass cage. “Three.”

I twisted my body for maximum effect. “Two.”

I took a step towards the edge prepared to swing. “ONE!”


A blast of dark blue magic whisked the glass dome away. I calmly stepped off the pedestal and hopped into the air to float off while ignoring the ranting unicorn. More twists, more turns, and surprisingly, I wasn't lost. After a couple minutes of quick floating, I had managed to get into the upper tower. I kept an ear out as I took random turns, wandering the halls like a lost sp-

Whispering. Faint airy voices began tickling the edges of my hearing. Building and building into a veritable whirlwind of gusty conversation. Before a louder, more feminine voice, cut through the rest like a knife through butter.


“Spirit? Is that you?

“Oh. Yes, it’s me!”

“Might I ask where you are?”

“Sorry I forgot. I’m right behind you.”

I spun around to find a transparent mare floating before me. Her mane floated around her in tendrils, her eyes were pits of void, and chains were latched onto her hooves with links fading into nothingness. She smiled at me.

“There, that's better.”

“Yes. I love what you did with your mane by the way. The otherworldly floating looks good on you.”

I swear I saw her cheeks go slightly pink. “W-why thank you. No one’s complimented me on it before.”

I floated forward to swing an arm around her shoulder. A very cold shoulder. “Well, what are friends for? Anywho. You said we’d have some tea right?”

The ghost blushed again.

Seriously, how DOES that work?

“W-well I did, but I couldn’t find any. All of the tea I could find was in the lower tower, and the unicorns don’t like me being down there.”

I waved a talon dismissively as we entered the room. The dust had been cleared away, the cracks were minimal, and the place even had an intact couch! “Screw what the unicorns think, you shouldn’t let them confine you here.”

Spirit mumbled something.

“Sorry I didn’t quite catch that.”

“They hurt me.”

I growled. “What?

Spirit cringed at the venom in my tone. “Th-they hurt me if I go. Down. There”

My frown descended into a murderous scowl. A grin slowly spread across my visage as my eye twitched, “You know. I think I oughta have a little CHAT with them about that. Don’t I?”

A shy smile flashed across the ghost’s face for a moment before she looked down again. “You really don’t have to.”

“But I do. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't have your back on something like this. Now, tea time! We can worry about the rest of this tomorrow.”

“But I don’t have-”

“I have the power to rip this tower out of the ground and swing it around like a twig. I’m sure that a little tea isn’t beyond me.”


A bright light flashed over the table as a few cups clinked onto the wooden surface. My magic pulled a couple of worn cushioned chairs up to opposite sides of the table. I hopped into one while Spirit floated onto the other. I drew out a teapot in the air with lines of white magic that were left behind by my claws. Then I plucked it out of the air before starting to pour tea for the two of us. The cup was halfway to my lips before I noticed Spirit hadn’t touched hers.

“There something wrong?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Well. Ya haven’t touched your tea.”

Spirit’s head tilted “Ghosts can’t drink. Didn’t you know?”

I shrugged before I slumped a little. Then a light bulb lit up above my head. I drew a knife as I had with the teapot. A quick yank led into a quick downwards stab, and voila. A murdered teapot lay on the table in pieces. Liquid everywhere, some staining the knife, some on my muzzle. Spirit just stared at me in shock until a glowing transparent tea cup floated out from the broken pieces of fine china. I grinned.

“Catch it while it’s hot.”

She yelped before leaping into the air to grab the teacup before it could float through the ceiling

“What? How does that work? It doesn’t make any sense!”

The temptation to repeat that world-famous Discord line rose and rose. Bubbling up inside like an unstoppable tidal wave, but I resisted, I tell you. I. RESISTED.

“Hah! I’m a walking menagerie that can float and phase through things like a ghost, interact with the physical world like a normal pony, wield magic never seen before by ponykind, am intelligent, and friendly. Meanwhile, a teacup ghost is the strangest thing you’ve seen today?”

Spirit glared at me for a moment before sighing. She took a sip and gasped “It’s. Warm?”

My eyebrow raised as I took a sip of my own “Yes, that tends to be how people like their tea, right?” I snapped my fingers while my eyes widened. “Oh wait, forgot about iced tea. Do you prefer iced tea? It really wouldn’t be any trou-”

“No no, I like this.”



“Ok, so why the fuss?”

She lowered her head a little before answering. “I’m not used to warmth. Us ghosts are always cold. No way to warm up. Freezing forever. Alone. Hungry.”


“Well, not anymore I say.” With a flourish, my murderous knife was brought down on a candle, a blanket, and even another knife. The objects flashed a pale blue before copies of the dead objects floated up a couple feet before Spirit snatched them out of the air.

“I still don’t get how you do that.”

“I make a knife, and I-”

“I know what it looks like, but I don’t know why you’re able to do it.”

I shrugged before summoning a lollipop into my mouth. “Well, ghosts are just people with unfinished business right?”

“Kind of, but someone can be cursed like this in any number of ways.”

I shrugged again while sucking on my treat. "I gave each of them a soul and a purpose. That teacup wants to be drunk, the candle wants to burn itself out, and the knife wants to kill everything. When you’re finished with that cup, it’ll move on, if someone melts the candle, then it’ll fade away, and the knife I kinda just tied to your needs. If you want something but can’t have it cause it ain’t a ghost, then stick your new toy in it for your own ghostly copy. When you move on, the knife’ll go away too.”

Sprit stared at me with wide eyes and a slackened jaw. Flicking her gaze between the items and my own chaotic visage, she gulped. “S-so whenever I use the knife, I’m k-k-killing something?”

A grimace adorned my face as I leaned back in my chair. “Ehhhh. Not sure. They weren’t alive, to begin with, yet they get a new un-life?” Another shrug. “I really don’t know, it kinda depends on your definition of ‘killing.’ But I really don’t see a reason to care.”

The ghost shivered before meekly nodding. She huddled into her chair with a newly acquired spiritual blanket. I settled into my own and brought my own tea closer. We both stayed like that for the majority of the night as we talked. She told me about dirty little secrets she heard in the tower. Crushes, a couple fetishes (ew ew ew), hell there was even talk of a new weapon being developed. How crazy is that? Meanwhile, I related to her how my days went. The horror of Dr. Needles, the stupidity of Hexane, the quiet library, and I even got her to listen to my research into Saddle Arabia! Hexane always scoffs, Star Swirl is busy, I’m scared of Needles, and Clover only fakes his interest. Spirit though? She seems to love it! Maybe she’ll come with on a road trip!

Spirit sighed as the funny chimera left. She thought Saddle Arabia was interesting and all, but she still thought that Typhon was a little too excited. He rambled on and on about his theories about their economy, politics, and even military strategy. It may be a little mean and she may be a little lonely, but Spirit was still glad that the draconequus was gone for the moment, just the moment.


With that, She began wandering the decrepit halls once more. Oh, I really do need to get around to fixing this place up soon. She shrugged while maintaining her course. She passed through a wall, down a corridor or two, and into a doorway. As she was about to turn the corner, Spirit heard whispers echoing down the hall. For a moment she considered eavesdropping before shaking the idea out of her head. I hate those damned horn heads. Just as she was about to move on, a voice sounded out above the others. It was smooth as butter and held the warmth of the noon-day sun.


Spirit’s ears perked up as she turned back towards the sound. In her mind's eye, the ghost remembered hearing screams, her screams, and the buzz of magical lightning. She shivered in place as she began to back away. Another scream joined her own. A silky smooth voice, a funny dramatic voice, her only friend’s voice. The twin screams echoed in her head, rooting the ghost in place.

-“We’re… friends?”

“Of course! And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t have your back?”-

Spirit shook away her fears with a swipe of her head and floated down the corridor with a determined look on her face. She pushed up against one of the walls and ducked closer to the ground. Eventually, the whispering became intelligible.

“Of course princess. However, an increase in funding could prove very beneficial in our latest endeavor.”

Spirit reached a wooden door. The planks were attached perfectly, so the only signs of it being multiple pieces of wood were the mismatched grains.

The warm voice responded. “Oh, what may that endeavor be?”

Spirit slithered up to the crack between the door and the floor. A singular eye peeked past the wooden barrier.

A pony with a star-speckled hat spoke. “A new type of magic containment or draining device.”

Spirit stifled a gasp at the pony that Star Swirl spoke to. The tall regal white alicorn tilted her head. “What might have prompted this new line of research, my little pony?”

Star Swirl rubbed his muzzle with a forehoof. “A chaotic being of unrivaled power. The guest I mentioned earlier. He just popped up out of thin air one day and showed the capability to just walk through any and every enchantment we had in this damned tower. I swear, I’ve had to replace the enchantments on every major research room, all because he forgets to open the door like a normal pony. He’s been cooperative so far, but we don’t know how long that will last, my princess.”

Celestia’s face took on a grim expression as she nodded. “It sounds reasonable. Though, I would like to know more of this creature.”

The old unicorn stallion nodded in return “As stated before, his name is Typhon. He shows several chimeric properties but claims to be a draconequus. His hands, specifically his fingers, seem to be his arcane conduits…”

Spirit began to tune out the conversation happening before her. Containment? Draining? Why are they making this? Are they trying to hurt Typhon? OH NO, THEY’RE GONNA HURT TYPHON. I gotta warn him!

Spirit almost started to slither back down the hall before a realization hit her like a wall of ghost bricks. He won’t believe me. She drooped slightly, depression sinking in. He won’t listen. Then they’ll get him. I’ll be alone. again… alone… cold

Spirit shook her head. No. I just have to prove it. I just need something! With that, the determined ghost slid back to the crack under the door. The old unicorn held an open notebook in front of the alicorn. He droned on in a monotone voice for a few moments before setting the proof down on a nearby table. Spirit scanned the room. The place had a couple of tables, and a short staircase leading to another larger raised table. The bottom tables were littered with various scientific instruments and books. While the high table had a bunch of empty chairs positioned at it and papers spread across it. Celestia moved to the table to look at the scattered sheets of research while Starswirl dropped another book to follow. Seeing an opening, Spirit carefully slid under the door. Why aren’t there any wards here?

As if reading her mind, the princess spoke out. “I just realized that I didn’t sense any wards on the chamber. Isn’t it common practice to ward every doorway at the very least?”

The old stallion shook his head. “Typhon is far too nosy for his own good. Too many wards and he would be drawn to the place like a moth to a candle.”

The princess nodded in response before turning back to the paper-covered table. Spirit tuned them out again as she slipped along the bottom corner of the room. Following the shadowed area until she got close to her objective. Making sure that the two ponies were occupied, Spirit hopped from the shadowed wall to the underside of the table. She checked again. Still occupied, good. With that Spirit slowly lifted the book off of the wooden plane before whipping it down into the shadows. Another confirmation of distractedness, and she dashed along the shadow once more before arriving at the door. She was mentally cheering until she realized one crucial mistake. The notebook wouldn’t fit under the door.

Spirit spun around to see the conversationists rambling on about one thing or another. She twisted back to the notebook. I need proof. This thing is proof, and I need it past the door…but I don’t need the whole thing do I? Spirit flipped through the book before she got to a diagram of a weird-looking cage. Symbols were surrounding the containment device, and Typhon’s name was littered throughout the description. Spirit gripped the entire section surrounding the diagram before getting ready to rip it out.

“What in blazes!?”

Spirit whipped her head around to see a pair of very bewildered ponies staring at a floating notebook. With another twist, Spirit spun back to the door, ripped the pages out, and bolted through the crack in the door. The old unicorn’s echoing voice followed Spirit down the halls as she flitted from corridor to corridor, hall to hall, door to door. Searching. Hoping.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the tell-tale claw marks. All she had to do is follow the trail, and she should end up at Typhons room! Excitement burned through her body like adrenaline did when she was alive, and it flared when she heard a pair of galloping hoof steps with voices attached.

“I’m telling you, princess. I do not know why this ghost would want this research! The only ghost we have around here is a timid earth pony ghost that I told you about a few years ago.”

“I suppose we can finish this conversation later then, but I do expect answers Star Swirl.”

They were gaining on her! Spirit continued her mad dash. While making sure to follow the scored stone. Another turn, another hallway, and finally, an unassuming brown door. Spirit dove right through the wooden barrier. Beyond lay a room with a simple bed, grey stone walls, no windows, and a small wooden nightstand with a burnt-out candle on it. The simple bed held a not so simple occupant


I was having a wonderful game of chess with Clover. He was down to twelve rooks and three queens, I had four more of each. The multi-planed chesscube rotated in the air before us. My eyes squinted at the spinning structure, piecing together possible patterns, openings, counters. I reached forward, ready to move a queen with a mad grin. Checkmate frie-


The chess cube, my opponent, and even the table we were sitting at got blown away in a violent shockwave, leaving only me in a white room.

I scowled and growled. “This better be important.”


I snapped up through my blanket and rounded on the intruder. “This better be-”


“Wha? Who? Wh-”

“Starswirl is making a cage to catch you. Then he’ll hurt you. then he’ll hurt you. Then I’ll be alone and. And.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, slow down for a minute.”

Spirit took a couple of deep breaths while I laced my fingers, and pulled out a bubble pipe before sliding it into my mouth. “Now dear, let’s start at the beginning.”

The ghost nodded quickly. “It was just after our little tea talk. I decided to go for a walk when I heard voices.”

“That’s worrying.” a cheeky grin spread across my face as the ghost huffed

“No, voices of real ponies! They were actually talking about you!”

“Only nice things I hope.”

“STOP INTERRUPTING, THIS IS SERIOUS.” both of my eyebrows raised as I put my hands up in a sign of surrender. Spirit glared at me before continuing.

“No. They weren’t saying nice things. Typhon they are out to get you. They’re just biding their time, waiting for an opportunity to strike. You need to leave before they can hurt y-.”

My finger went to her lips as I held a slight frown. “Calm down, I’m sure this is a misunderstanding. All we need to do is let me go talk to them and this will all… what are those papers?”

A confident grin was all I got in response as Spirit handed me the pieces of loose leaf. I began scanning the contents, and the longer I read, the deeper my scowl got.

“Whose plan was this. Why would they do this? And why do you think they would hurt me in the first place? I mean sure, this is worrying, but-”

Spirit’s smile showed significant strain as she took a deep breath and revealed her true appearance. My scowl deepened and my teeth ground. Lightning crackled between my horns as my eyes literally caught fire. The ghost’s eyes misted as she recounted her story


The stone walls shuddered from the violent wave of sound. Small rivers of dust streamed from the ceiling. A couple of the looser bricks rattled in place, as the binding magics strained to keep them in place. Star Swirl and Celestia stopped for a moment to shoot each other a worried glance before hesitantly walking towards the scream. They turned a corner just in time to see a wooden door get blown off its hinges and into the opposite wall where the wood proceeded to disintegrate. The two ponies in the corridor worriedly stared at the door’s ashes before flicking their gazes to my scowling face.

“Nice to meet ya again Celestia, but I believe that Star Swirl and I should have a lil itty bitty chat.” Cracking knuckles punctuated the threat.

Celestia glared at me. “You will not harm any of my subjects. I admit my sister was hasty when we first met, but I will not allow you to harm one of my little ponies.”

“And if your ‘little ponies’ harmed my friend? Do they not deserve justice?”

“If justice needs to be served, then the courts will see to it.” Her gaze remained hard as flint as I beckoned Spirit forth without looking at her. The ghostly mare limped through the air. Numerous cuts and magic burns littered her body. The chains had remained shackled to all four of her legs.

The white alicorn gasped “what happened to you?” She rushed to the ghost's side, administering magical aid.

I sneered at the old stallion. “Star Swirl and his lackeys happened, princess.”

Celestia returned her glare to me. “I refuse to believe that my personal research staff would do such a thing.”

My eyes narrowed at the stubborn princess before I, shook my head in regret. “I have no hard proof, so I got nothing.”

Celestia smirked slightly. “See? I told you. My team would never-”

“Shut it! I don’t care that I can’t prove it. I know it happened. And it could happen again!”

Celestia quirked an eyebrow before I continued. “Oh and might. I. Ask. Why is your personal research team? Developing weapons that specifically target ME?”

Celestia shook her head. “Oh they are developing better anti-magic fields, but I assure you that-”


A single piece of paper flashed into existence directly in front of the princess. Certain sections were underlined in red. The diagram showed a caged draconequus. The poor chimera was banging against the cage walls, and being electrocuted for his trouble. The princess’s face went blank.

“We don’t know how long you will remain friendly. We have no way to combat you if you decide to go on a rampage, so I thought that having countermeasures just in case would be wise. Similar to buying a sword. You don’t always intend to use it, but you never know when it may be necessary.”

I nodded. “so basically you don’t trust me?”

Celestia paused before nodding. “But in time I’m sure-”

I stared into her fiery magenta gaze with a pair of dead eyes. “Then why should I trust you?”

“As I said, in time I’m sure you’ll find your place in society, and no one will have to wor-”

“No. If you don’t trust me, then I can’t trust you with a proverbial knife at my throat. No matter how much you say that it’s ‘just in case.’”

‘Snap’ ‘Snap’ ‘Snap’ ‘Snap’ ‘Snap’

Celestia blinked before looking around, then locked a suspicious gaze on me. She venomously spat out a question. A simple question with a very simple answer. “What. Did. You. Do.”

My dead monotone voice matched my cold emotionless eyes. “I removed the knife… hey Spirit.”

The ghost meekly answered “y-yes?”

“Ya up for a road trip?”

“I would love to, bu-”



The cold grey halls were torn away in a flash of blinding white. Spirit and I were both floating outside the tower. Clouds floated around a few dozen feet below us while the sun shone its final rays of light for the day. The ghost turned to me.

“T-Typhon I can’t go with you…”

I quirked an eyebrow “why is that?”

“My chains. They hold me here. As long as I’m tied here, I can’t go-”


The chains disappeared as I began to grin at her. “Well, how bout now?”

A slack jaw.


Spirit’s eyes began to mist as she brought her hooves to her face.

“Hey, are you alright? Did I do something wrong? I could put them ba-”

“NO. Please don’t put them back. It feels… wonderful.” She whimpered after finishing.

I tilted my head. “What does?”


I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess getting to travel is nice and all. How bout you pick the first stop? Since you’re probably dying to go to someplace.”

She giggled as tears ran down her cheeks. Her body began to glow more brightly as it also began to fade. She was becoming more and more transparent by the second. I began to panic before I noticed the serenity in her posture. Her smile spoke of sadness. The strain at the edges of her mouth, the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, and the tears that slathered her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Typhon, but it’s time for me to go.”

“Wha-what? But We just got here! All I did was remove some stupid pieces of metal. You don’t have to leave.”

“I’m sorry Typhon.”

“NO! Please don’t go! We have places to see, food to eat, things to do! Please. Don’t leave me. I was there for you. Please… don’t… go.”

To my dismay, Spirit had already vanished into the aether. I could only stare. Stare at the void where she floated. Stare at the emptiness. Stare into the abyss, and ignore it staring back. The twilight faded to full nightfall. I remained floating. Fixed in place.

Eventually, the morning sun rose once more, and I spotted a white alicorn headed towards me. Her scowl slowly transitioned to an expression of confusion, then… Pity?

“Typhon. Do you want to talk?”

“Betrayers, the lot of you…”


“Ponies, can never trust ponies.”

Before she could respond I whipped my head eastward and teleported several hundred miles away. I yanked a carpet out of thin air before sitting on it. My ride acquired, I began my journey east.

Why. why. Why. Why can’t I trust them? I try to talk to one? She blasts me. The second just smiles and waves. The next few experiment on me, trying to develop anti-me weapons behind my back. That stupid white alicorn comes back to stab me, and then my only friend just up and leaves me? What is it with these ponies? Why bother with them. They’re just gonna. They’ll.
They… Ok, maybe Saddle Arabia will be different, maybe it’s just these wretched Equestrians. They can’t all be that bad… right?