• Published 23rd Dec 2021
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Chaotic Visage - newbie

sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurrrrt meeee... A comforting lie. Isn't it?

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Ch1 - A New Look (rewritten)

Author's Note:

Ok, finally finished this rewrite, Ch2 is up next, and its gonna get converted into a full arc, so new content will be plentiful in that rewrite. I'll try to get the first rewrite chapter out by end of next week, but nothing is set in stone.



A Noise?


Yes, yes… what is it?


A heartbeat?


My heartbeat?


But I died. Everyone died. A fist, a light, a voice… What did it say, what did it want?


Rebirth. Renewal. I wasn’t ready.


Leaves, I heard leaves. Rustling in the wind. It gave off that wonderful wispy rasp similar to that of paper being rubbed against itself. So smooth. So calm.

I opened my eyes and saw… color. Color everywhere. Numerous shades of green filled my sky. Deep browns drew vertical slits across the landscape. A bright light shone through the green canopy and the golden rays reflected off of the grassy floor. Each blade of grass was highlighted in a warm sunny glow.

An eagle talon and bear paw helped push me onto my new feet. A goat's hoof and dragon’s claw made balance nearly impossible, but I managed. I flexed my new appendages in awe. Knuckles cracked, joints popped, and a feeling of bliss encompassed my being…

Wait, eagle claw, bear paw?

I looked down at my new appendages and found that they were indeed different. Confusion filled my fuzzy mind as I tried to make sense of the foreign limbs.

I shouldn’t have these, they should be… what should they be?

I frowned as I failed to remember. Everything before that immense fist was blurry. I desperately dug through the static that covered my memories. I remembered warmth, happiness, satisfaction, ambition, anger, regret, and so many emotions, but nothing concrete. No faces greeted my search, no events formed in my skull, and no lessons revealed themselves.

My breathing quickened as I couldn’t find anything and my surroundings faded to a blurry mess of random colors. My entire world was reduced to the pair of limbs that made no sense.

Then, a single line fluttered through my head like a butterfly caught in a passing gust.

‘Make sense? Where’s the fun in making sense?’

Abject joy flooded my mind like a tidal wave of positivity as I felt some of the fog clear.

Who said that? Who did they say it to? Why did they say it? What were they?

Discord said it, he said it to the heroes to mess with them. He was a draconequus.

What’s a draconequus?

The image that came forth was one of a chimeric monster with a mismatched form: Discord specifically had an eagle’s claw, a bear paw, a dragon foot, and-

Wait… I…he… am I Discord?

The memories of him were so vivid. The hilarious chaos, the carefree nature, and the magic all seemed so familiar, so fun.

How did I do it again?

I fixed an image in my mind before snapping. As the sound was hitting my ears, a glass of chocolate milk dropped into my open paw. I squealed in excitement as I hopped into the air, willing gravity to let go of me.

Before, every movement took effort. Every twist of the body, every twitch of the hand, everything had some minuscule bit of difficulty. However, while I floated, my hands moved with perfect ease, my body twisted through the air with no difficulty, and my neck felt less strain as I used it to swivel my gaze.

The forest was still surrounding me and the sun had barely moved.

Discord’s back in business baby! And this time, no whiny pony is gonna stop me!

My malicious grin and ominous chuckle were interrupted by another bout of clarity. As another patch of fuzziness drifted away, my head began to ache and my confusion began to mount once more.

In my mind’s eye, I saw faces, furless but not entirely hairless, weird metal boxes that drove by at insane speeds, giant metal birds that flew high above, towers, damper colors, and… and a small magic box that showed Discord’s antics. Not my antics, but Discord’s.

I had hands, not a paw and claw. I had hair, not a mane. I had skin, but not fur.

Am I Discord?

The thought was troubling because if I wasn’t Discord, then who was I? However, each passing moment revealed another memory of these weird hairless things. Humans. They were called humans.

Emphasis on the were.

I shivered as I remembered the fist and light, the fire and cleansing, the new beginnings and endings.

I’m not Discord.

More memories came to me, this time of family and friends, but their names still eluded me.

But I’m not human anymore.

I flexed my new hands.

Who can I be?

My mind ran through dozens of names, some normal-sounding ones, like ‘Rick’ or ‘Sam’ but they didn’t feel right. They felt… dull, lifeless even. Stranger ones like ‘Sauron’ and ‘Galbitrox’ sounded too ominous. A dozen more names passed before one popped into my head that almost seemed to shine as if it was made of enchanted gold.

Typhon, I am Typhon.

With a grin, I spun in place. After a moment or two of celebration, I realized something.

I have no idea where I am.

I spun in the air once more, but to no avail. The trees were completely unfamiliar, the ground an uneven foreign plane of dirt with the occasional bush; even the sky seemed alien.

As I looked closer, I noticed that the trees were deciduous and held full heads of green. The air around me felt comfortably warm, but the humidity made the heat feel far closer to sweltering than it should have. I was either in a tropical area or in a humid climate during the summer.

Great, I just ruled out the poles, and… where else? What am I even looking for?

My eye roll was overridden by a deep frown when I looked up. The sky was such a bright blue that it almost hurt to look at, but oddly enough, the sun was a plain yellow. Sure, the overrated lamp was still bright, but I only needed to squint a little to look at it directly. This was wrong, it should be burning a hole in my vision right now.

The sun isn’t supposed to be dim, where the hell am I?

A moment passed.

What’s Hell? It kinda sounds… like… ok I’m shoving that memory into a box!

I shivered at the images of fire and boiling oil before moving on. I hopped into the air before I wove a cloak of invisibility around me. Hopefully, whatever lived around here didn’t have heat vision or something like that.

Almost an hour passed as I floated through the quiet woods before I came upon the rear end of what appeared to be a horse. However, the small stature spoke of a pony instead.


As I got within a few yards of it I shifted the magic of my invisibility so the air wouldn’t appear distorted. They appeared to be scanning a patch of flattened grass, searching for something.

“Might I be of assistance?”


The blue pegacorn…No. No, these things have their own name. What was it, what was it… Oh, yes, alicorn. They’re an alicorn. Anyway, the blue alicorn spun in place, rearing up onto her hind legs and spreading her wings.

“Who goes there? I am not in the mood for a game, foul beast!”

“My form may be foul but I am far from a beast, alicorn.”

“So you have heard of my kind! Then you should know of me as well!”

“No, I’m afraid, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting one of you in the flesh… Well, before now that is.”

“It matters not. I am Luna, Princess of the Night, and I DEMAND that you show yourself!”

Another patch of memories buzzed, but the fog still remained. It felt as thin as a coffee filter.

I know that name, but from where?

I snapped away from my invisibility as I rubbed my ear.

“Sure, and now that you know where I am, could you tone it down a little? I could- ARGH.”

I was quite rudely interrupted by a magic bolt to the chest. I felt a tingling sensation when the projectile struck and somersaulted onto the ground. I immediately pulled my feet forward as I raised my upper half. After my majestic leap into the air, I began to hover once more while a scowl adorned my face.

“That was very rude of you, ma’am.”

My words earned a snort from Luna.

“Then you should not have snuck up on me, creature.”

My frown deepened before I continued.

“Are you sure you’re not a lemon instead of an alicorn? You seem to be sour enough for it.”

To punctuate my point I snapped my fingers and Luna was covered in a flash of light. When the magical flash faded, it revealed a yellow-bodied alicorn with a head red as a tomato. My guffaws were tainted by only one coherent thought as I rolled about in the air.

I thought I only used yellow.

My cackling was interrupted by a blast to my rear. I spun in the air only to be struck in the face.

“Do you mi-“

A bolt of magic whizzed past my deer’s antler.

“Seriously I’m not he-“

This one struck my nose, causing it to itch something fierce.


The last bolt shot between my legs, only narrowly missing whatever I had down there. Before she could continue, the itching in my nose had finished building and I unleashed a mighty sneeze. After I was done wiping my nose I huffed at the snot-covered, wide-eyed, and likely traumatized alicorn.

I crossed my arms before turning away from her.

“Ya know what, you seem to have things well in hand. I wish you horrid luck in every future endeavor. Good day.”

Before she could send another blue incarnation of her wrath, I teleported away and slipped into another veil of invisibility.

Images of the blue alicorn made my mind throb wherever I kept them. Something was so eerily familiar about them, but I couldn’t place my finger- er, talon on it.

Maybe they were connected to Discord somehow? I know that ponies thwarted him, but I know it wasn’t her. Gah, who is she, why do I know her?!

I shook my head as I started to float again, but jolted at a sudden piercing scream. Spinning in the air in the direction of distress, I began a series of short teleports. It only took me a minute or so to find the source. A white teenage alicorn was cowering before a giant blue bear.

Familiar, all of this looks so familiar.

The beast of blue raised its right paw, ready to slam it down, but a fishing hook lassoed the appendage before I began to reel it in. Now far above the forest canopy, I planted the fishing pole on the cloud I had occupied. I jumped off with an anvil hovering above me like a parachute.

As I drifted passed the terrified bear, I patted it on the head.

“Don’t worry buddy. The cloud will sink slowly in about fifteen minutes, you’ll be fine.”

The bear whimpered after I passed it completely. I finished my slow descent with grace and a bow before the anvil dropped on my foot. I hopped around on my goat’s hoof as I howled in pain.

“I swear that thing was supposed to be light!”

It appears I wasn’t specific enough when I willed the anvil to ‘slow my fall as a parachute would’.

I heard a girly giggle sound out behind me. I hopped around to face her while still holding my foot.

“I apologize for the poor performance, but I swear that the anvil was meant to be weightless.”

“Then either you’re a good actor or a poor magician.”

Her voice was as smooth as warm butter, and I smiled as I responded.

“A little bit of both. The pain was definitely real, but I can put on quite the show. However, I swear that hunk of metal really did pull one over on me.”

I scowled at the offending chunk of metal before nudging it with my heel while the alicorn responded.

“I’m sure if you keep practicing, you will get to be quite the mage.”

A moment of silence passed us by with all the grace of a barge hauling garbage. Fortunately, I was unaware as I had fallen into my thoughts.

My mind was a tornado trying to figure out why I knew this alicorn too. She had the same eerie nostalgia that hovered around her like a silvery fog that obscured any true memory. I knew that I knew her, I knew that she was important, and apparently I knew that I liked her in some fashion.

“Might I ask what you might be? I’ve never seen anything like you before.”

Her words yanked me from my confusion.

What am I? Well, I’m a hu- wait no, I figured this out, come on think Typhon think! That’s right, I’m a draconequus!

The ghost of an image flashed through my mind, it was disquieting. A white alicorn with a rainbow mane stood in front of a statue that looked like me. Or was it of Discord? How was she related to Discord? Why did she care about him enough to build him a statue? Should I be worried about Discord himself showing up?

I shook my head before finally responding to the pony’s question.

“Why, I am a draconequus, my dear!”

The alicorn’s previous nervousness melted into amusement as she giggled at my enthusiasm while covering her muzzle with a hoof. An awkward silence smothered the air after her laughter subsided.

Maybe her name will jog my memory?

I bowed as I began again.

“My name is Typhon, may I ask yours.”

Her warm smile returned.

“I am Princess Celestia, Mistress of the Sun and co-ruler of Equestria.”

Me, myself, and I all applauded while another duplicate let out a whistle

“Very impressive, Princess. Might I know who the other diarch is?”

“It’s-LUNA! Oh, you should’ve been here a moment ago, Typhon he-“

“It’s you! Stay away from my sister, monster!”

I rolled my eyes at the raging, still yellow, alicorn.

“This again? I have a name you know.”

Celestia stared at her sister in shock as Luna, who was blasting several aquamarine bolts from her horn, passed her by.

“Sister, I shall handle this pathetic beast!”

My scowl deepened as I continued to weave my noodle-like body through the air, slithering around attack after attack.

“Again, I have a name, it’s Typhon.”

Several more blasts, several more misses, and a couple of quips later, this was starting to get old.

“Can you please stop? We can talk this over!”

After a blast nearly skimmed the top of my head, I was thoroughly done with this.

“Ya know what? Screw it. Imma go find someone who’s a little less horn blasty than you.”

I scratched my chest where a couple of bolts had landed.

“I mean seriously, what's the point of firing itch lasers everywhere? It’s just plain inconvenient, and don’t get me started on how irritating having an itchy rib cage is. Seriously how-”

This time, Luna fired a continual beam of dark purple energy into my lower gut. For a moment, I froze in the air before falling to the ground in a fit of roaring laughter.

“Stop, stop, stop, I’m ticklish there, please, hahahahaha…”

I squirmed on the ground while being forcefully tickled to tears.

A few seconds later, I heard a smack and a screech from Luna.

“Luna, what possessed you to use black magic on him, have you gone mad?!”

Celestia’s eyes had managed to widen even further and it was getting kind of creepy.

The neon yellow Luna rubbed her horn as she lowered her head.

“I am sorry, sister, but nothing else worked on him.”

Her sister’s glare was all the response Luna got. Celestia turned to me after the short display and spoke.

“I’m truly sorry for what Luna did, if she caused you any pain then I am willing to-”

“Oh, no worries Celestia! No worries at all.”

I had to wipe a tear from my eye.

“I was never in any pain, though I do admit that Luna has a way of making magic feel weird.”

I shuddered before continuing.

“I also must admit she has taught me a thing or two.”

Celestia tilted her head.

“And what might she have taught you?”

I grinned back at her before raising a finger.

“First, she taught me that itchy rib cages are unpleasant.”

Celestia blinked before tilting her head to the other side.

“I would assume so but-”

I raised another finger as I interrupted her.

“Second, she taught me that my liver is especially ticklish.”

Celestia blinked again but said nothing so I continued.

“And third, neon yellow alicorns look kinda… ugly. You actually remind me of a hairy lemon with wings.”

My grin widened as I heard Luna grinding her teeth.

“And have the disposition for it too!”

Celestia remained silent for almost a minute while she stared at me with emotionless blank eyes, and my smile strained before falling to the relentless assault of Celestia’s profound disappointment. After being thoroughly unnerved by the suddenly silent alicorn, I hopped into the air to hover once more.

My grin returned.

“I think I’ll rectify my previous error.”

Celestia just sighed as Luna growled.

“Yes, you will return my coat to its natural color, heathen.”

I scowled at Luna again.

“You know, I was actually going to do that, but now I really don’t feel like it.”

A groan from Celestia preceded a comment.

“Both of you, please don’t act like a pair of petty foals.”

I turned my scowl on a completely unaffected Celestia.

“Well excuse me, Princess, it's not like your sister tried to kill me or anything.”

The condescending air of presumed wisdom seemed to vanish as Celestia flinched at the comment.

“But you yourself said no harm was done, there is-”

I snapped without casting any magic.

“It’s about principle, Celestia, I do not enjoy being attacked.”

Celestia frowned at me as Luna growled again.

“Principle? Principle?! She didn’t do anything to you!”

I huffed.

“Oh please, she still attacked me with a serious intent to harm, not to mention she apparently even tried ‘black magic’.”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed as she shot a glare at her sister.

“Yes, and there will be consequences.”

I shrugged.

“Sure, sure, just make sure that Moonbutt learns her lesson.”

An unholy howl erupted from the yellow alicorn of the night.

“I. Will. End you!”

The statement was followed by an endless barrage of lasers that flew over, under, to either side of, or collided with my hastily formed shield.

I had to shout my message over the warped blasts of magic that dissipated on my guard.

“It seems that a timeout is in order for Moonbutt!”

With a snap of my talons, Luna’s horn was gone. Her glaring eyes failed to notice a lack of magic death rays for several moments before glancing up. Her shrieks of terror, anger, rage, and demands shook the trees around us.

Celestia’s eyes had bulged out again, and her mouth was making fish-like motions. After Luna sat down, gasping, I snapped a tophat into existence and bowed.

“While I did enjoy the light show, I really must be going. Ta-Ta!”

With that, I snapped myself a thousand feet into the air, far above the clouds. The next snap summoned a flying carpet, and the spell following that returned my invisibility.

Celestia was nice, Luna though… probably the most murderous equine I’ve ever seen. Then again I don’t really know much about the ponies from before the show… Eh, just need to stay away from that nightMARE I suppose. Heh…

With that thought, I spun my carpet like a top to choose a direction and began my grand journey to find someone suitably friendly to figure out this world with.

“Look out world, Typhon’s in business, baby!”

My God, this is getting old.

I absentmindedly scratched my chest.

Why is it always the same?

I rolled my eyes at the memories.

First screams, then shouting, and finally blasting.

I rolled onto my back.

Not like it did ‘em any good.

I snorted while thinking about the sheer number of spells that just bounced off. I decided to take another look at the land below.

Oh, a tower? Haven’t been to one of those yet. Wonder what they’ll be like?

A moment later, my carpet dipped into a circling descent, letting me calmly approach the ground. However, I decided to stay around a dozen feet above the forest floor to scout out the place…

Huh, a bunch of horn heads here. All kinds of colors, just like the other ponies, and -wait. That one is staring at me.

My head tilted seemingly of its own accord before I decided to land in front of the wizened old pony.

The tall green hedges surrounding us, along with the distance from the main tower, granted some privacy to my shocked companion and I. Though, the forest’s trees leaned away from the mini clearing, meaning that any passing flier could easily find us.

The pony’s wizard hat was blue with stars all over it with bells lining the rim and adorning the tip. He himself was a grayish blue with a pale gray beard. His shadowed eyes stared at me for a few moments before I heard the snoring…

I thought that the fading light of dusk was shading the pony’s eyes but it turned out that they were just closed!

I’d mistaken the poor guy’s slack jaw for one of wordless fear rather than slumber. I giggled, I snorted, and then I burst out into raucous laughter. The pony’s eyes shot open, then narrowed as they scanned the perimeter of the little hedge circle that surrounded him

“Bwuh, who’s there? I swear Clover if you’re sneaking up on me again I’ll- wait, you’re not Clover! Who are you? Reveal yourself!”

My voice, quivering with mirth, responded from directly in front of him, making him hop in fright.

“Oh, no worries, my friend, I just-I just thought y-you were staring at me for a moment there. Nothing has seen through yet, so I kinda got a little freaked out. How-How was the nap by the way?”

The pony glared at the origin of the voice and cast a powerful dispelling wave of magic, ripping away my spell to reveal a floating, laughing, chimeric monstrosity.

“What manner of beast are you!?”

My weightless rolling in the air stopped immediately as I snapped my gaze to him. I rotated into a standing position, glaring down at the annoyingly generic reaction.

“Really? You know that I can talk, right? I can use magic and you have been conversing with me for the last minute or so, yet you have the audacity to call me a beast?”

I leaned down.

“Do beasts talk? Do they argue? Do they cast spells?”

Each question was punctuated by my head dipping closer to the pony.

“I swear all of you ponies are so damned ignorant. Every time I enter a town it's: ‘Run it’s a monster!’” or ‘Halt, foul beast!’ or, my absolute favorite, ‘I shall defeat ye, ghastly chimera!’”

I snapped upright.

“At least the last one had some originality to it.”

With my rant over, I was huffing, and the unicorn’s self-righteousness seemed to deflate with every sentence until his head was almost to the ground. I face-clawed as I calmed down with a deep breath.

“Sorry bout that, just getting tired of all the screaming, running, and eventually fighting is all. Let's have a do-over, sound good?”

The unicorn smiled faintly and extended one of his hooves as he rose to a more respectable position.

“Yes, let's. My name is Starswirl, what may yours be? Oh, and if it isn’t too offensive, may you tell me what you are?”

I grinned as I shook his hoof before floating back a few feet.

“The name’s Typhon, and I’m a draconequus. I don’t have anything against people not knowing who or what I am, but I make it a point to show that I’m intelligent so that I can avoid the annoying one-sided conversations that your kind seems to have when fighting a ‘monster.’”

Air quotes visibly manifested as small little dot-like clouds when I spoke the last word. Starswirl tilted his head.

“What manner of magic was that? The thaumaturgical focal points were too numerous, and the fluctuation frequencies were too far off for any kind of reversed forecast spell.”

“I don’t understand any of what you just said.”

Starswirl sighed as he shook his head.

“The magic felt strange, and I could tell you didn’t levitate or summon those clouds the normal way.”

I snapped my fingers again, this time refraining from casting.

“Oh, I use chaos magic, and I created them. Popped ‘em right into existence, just a ‘lil twist of reality and voila clouds.”

I demonstrated by twisting my talon as I snapped to create a new cloud from nothing. Starswirl’s mouth dropped open for a few moments before he began.

“B-b-but, the Manipulatauron principles, th-the super and substructure constant theorems, and the basic laws of Thermodynamics!”

I tilted my head.


Starswirl growled.

“You can’t create something from nothing, that’s basic, natural physics. Even with the most powerful of spellcrafts, we can’t create a single atom of hydrogen from nothing!”

I rolled my eyes.

“Sounds like a you problem.”

Starswirls eye twitched.

“Then how about the structure constant theorems hm?”

I shrugged.

“What about them?”

He blinked once, then twice, then every muscle in his neck contracted at once and I saw veins stand out in some places.

“You just cast a spell with no structure, foundation, or even the most basic of webs, and yet it did exactly what you wanted to! Without proper structure and guidance, any spell would just result in an explosion due to loose energy colliding with ambient mana!”

I blinked before smiling.


Starswirl’s head went from blue to a tomato red before he screeched out his third protestation.

“How about one of the basic laws of physics and magic? The Manipulatauron principle demands that a species have a conduit that channels magic for them to be able to cast spells.”

I shrugged again.

“Maybe my entire body is the conduit?”

Starswirl glared at me before his horn flared. I prepared for a barrage of violence but was surprised by a scan instead. The almost physical scrutiny dragged itself across my body from head to toe, causing everything, internal organs included, to itch.

I scowled at him.

“Do you mind? I just got my ribcage to stop itching an hour ago. The stupid thing just wouldn’t go away and I don’t want to spend the next sixteen or so hours finding creative ways to scratch my skeletal structure.”

Starswirl blinked before sighing.

“Fine, I can’t tell for certain, but your theory seems correct so far. Organic leylines, natural magic fluctuation, and all the telltale signs of a conduit are present everywhere. Though I fail to see why your intestines need to be capable of casting, though your species has apparently evolved it… somehow.”

I shrugged again and considered asking after a massage place to soothe my aching shoulders. I really ought to find another way of dismissing questions.

Then Starswirl opened his mouth again and I nearly groaned.

What now?

“That still doesn’t explain why you don’t have a displacement field.”

I tilted my head.

“A what now?

Starswirl face-hooved while muttering.

“Why did they have to name the theory that?”

He took a deep breath before continuing.

“The Yak-thingy principle.”

I immediately burst out laughing as the poor wizard continued.

“States that every creature has a magical field that presses on the ambient mana of its surroundings. You don’t have such a field, why?”

My laughter died down as I looked at him again.

“Perhaps you’re just too close to see it.”

Starswirl growled.

“What the buck is that supposed to mean?

I smiled as I floated closer to him.

“Tell me, what does this planet look like?”

He cocked an eyebrow at me.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Just humor me.”

Starswirl snorted before responding.

“Fine, I suppose it would be a mixture of blues, greens, blacks, browns, reds, and oranges in a vaguely spherical shape.”

I blinked.

“So you’ve managed to observe it directly?”

He shook his head.

“No, but long-distance scans tell us that the world is spherical and common sense tells me the color.”

I smiled.

“Ah, well, if you had neither the data from those scans nor extensive knowledge of the world’s colors, would you have been able to form that description?”

He snorted again.

“Such theory crafting is useless considering I do have said knowledge.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Eh, screw the metaphor. I think my aura is just too big for you to observe it because you are too close to it.”

It was Starswirl’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Oh, that is just unreasonable. The power required for an aura that encompasses such a distance would make one just shy of being a deity.”

I grinned at him.

“Oh, that’s good to know. I mean, if someone were really that powerful, they would be doing the impossible without much issue.”

I floated into the air while creating miniature planets to orbit me as I circled Starswirl.

“Like possibly, oh, I don’t know, creating something from nothing?”

His eyes shot wide at my words.

“N-no, you aren’t a deity, you aren’t even an ascended! You’re too stupid for such titles!”

I frowned at him but he pressed on.

“I mean, you, I. Gah, what manner of creature are you?!”

My cheeky smile accompanied my response.

“Why, I’m a draconequus, my friend.”

Starswirl sputtered, his horn sparked, and his head reddened further as he descended into an inarticulate rage. Then he screamed at me loud enough to blow my beard straight back, freezing it in place as it laid flat against the side of my chin.

“Why don’t you make any sense?!”

I knew that I shouldn’t copy Discord if I could help it. I knew he was a bad role model, but I couldn’t resist. With a Cheshire grin and a glint of joy in my eyes, I responded.

“Make sense? Where’s the fun in making sense?”

I chuckled at my own joke before I noticed Starswirl's eye twitching again and his mouth beginning to froth.

“Ugh, you alright, Swirly?”

“My name’s not Swirly, and no, I’m not bucking ‘alright.’ I just witnessed something break every known law of magic AND physics. Then I watched said rule breaker laugh it off as if it was nothing. Do you have ANY idea what you’ve just done? The sheer number of theories you just tossed into the fire? Why I oughta-”

“Isn’t a scientist meant to seek to disprove a theory, not approve it? I kinda thought this place would be something like that.”

I gestured towards the nearby tower as I continued.

“Ya know, with the whole seclusionary thing, the random spells going off, the numerous wards, and the sheer number of unicorns kinda gave off that lab research center feel. But I guess I was wrong.”

Starswirl narrowed his eyes.

“No, you are correct. This is Stargate Tower. The pioneers of many cutting edge magics, grand scientists from all over the kingdom, and some from beyond even, put their minds together here to push us into the brightest future possible!”

I leaned back to lounge in the air in front of him.

“Then I feel that this should excite you if anything. I mean really, how often do you find something that goes against everything that you know?”

I turned in the air to face him.

“What did you miss the first time? What is there to learn? What new possibilities lie just beyond the small campfire of current knowledge? What are the true rules that govern us all?”

I grinned as I rolled over again to lay on my back.

“And no I don’t know how many theories I just trashed.”

Starswirl’s right eye twitched while he sucked in air through his teeth. After completing his reverse hiss, he glared into my eyes. The red had faded back to his normal coat color and the froth was, thankfully, gone.

“You have a point, and since you seem so eager about science, or burning down several branches of it at least, you may have a place among us.”

I spun to Starswirl with a grin.

“Does that mean I’ll finally get to meet people without all that screaming nonsense?”

Starswirl nodded silently as he began walking towards the stony monolith of a tower, and I cackled in joyful excitement.