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Great story love Rarity and Pistachio stories, keep it up.

Not bad at all. Enjoyed it.

Pistachio clop! Always a pleasure to see others writing fics about this cutie.

Considering you wrote the majority of Pistachio fics on Fimfiction, I had a feeling you'd approve. Sorry for infringing on your monopoly.


Good, emotionally positive and mellow story. Very nice!

Rarity would never say 'gotta', though. :duck:


Rarity would never say 'gotta', though.

I always studies episode transcripts and comics before writing dialogue for a character. You'd be surprised with the stuff Rarity actually says.

Haha, that's fair.

Though she'd never admit to it. :raritywink:

Loved it

I had originally planned to publish this in time for Christmas, but, as it turned out, spending the holidays with my family wasn't a very conductive time to write horse porn. Who would've thought?


This was so sweet. Virgin Rarity was a surprise, but a nice one. All three ponies in this were just too cute.


Sassy and Kerfuffle weren't invited?

I guess the harem doesn't fully form until 4 or 5 episodes into the season.

Young stallion, having a romantic sexy time with two wonderful mares….

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