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Tell me I'm wrong, baby.


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Another sick fuck makes it into the featured box ugh..

This is absolutely amazing, and so precisely hits the moral failing fetish I have. There's so many layers that make this sort of thing work, the blissful, positive encouragement between partners as they push themselves into depravity that could never be accomplished alone. The explicit, straightforward, no holds barred dirty talk. The everpresent disparity in power and base addiction, that isn't quite as one-sided as it looks. All that is rare and would be amazing to find at this level of quality anywhere, but the mix of exciting alien interspecies action and fat fucking Princess cock makes this wildly on point.

I can feel from your tone and rhythm that Julie's going to be a horny little slut and totally willing; and Celestia and Mary aren't going to actually do anything morally atrocious at all, while still getting plenty of fun, heavy, ridiculous indulgence. But God I hope I'm wrong for once, because I really want to see her be a bad pony that no one can stop. And I want Mary to think about the crushing, spirit ruining guilt she feels for spurring that into existence for all of three seconds before feeling how warm her Princess is.

We'll see. however it goes It'll be some nice dark chocolate I expect.
I'm more curious how Luna or Twilight deal with magic that doubles as an aphrodisiac. Maybe they're even more messed up if the hinting about Luna is any sort of chekov's gun.

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Still not as messed up as IRL politicians, at least according to the Epstein saga.

I'd rather see it exactly as you foresaw, she being absolutely willing and the non-con to remain in the characters heads. There wasn't true non-con in the prequel and remaining so would be amazing.

All the other parts remaining as they are would be appreciated though, their relationship truly had multiple levels, both emotionally and in debauchery, and that's lovely :twilightsmile:

Haha yass, more slutlestia. :trollestia:

She put her face right against Celestia’s flank, examining the way the fur lay against the Princess’ hide as she stroked gently, touching the design all over and following its outline with her fingertips. She pressed deeply into the fat buttock, feeling the strange play of steel-cord musculature underneath pleasing softness.

Oh glorious zebrahorsebutt, tell me your secrets :trollestia:

This is still absolutely perfect and I want to use better words but it's too hot. Just keep going and trusting yourself, please.

two-foot-long, pink and black slab of thick fuckmeat, as big around as both of Mary’s thighs

This story is hot as fuck but that proportion always takes me out of it. Mary's THICC, it was established in the previous one, so that's at the very least 16", most likely 18". That's, for a 24" cock, the same as a 6" one being 4~4.5" across. That's thicker than a beer can. It starts looking more like a cube you spun around than an actual penis.
Besides that and the occasional use of come instead of cum the story is awesome, not being into ass to mouth apart.

Your execution of the wanton debauchery with huge insertions is laudable, one that I've seldom seen, and anxiously await for more :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I tend to play fast and loose with proportions. It’s more about how it sounds than whether or not it makes sense, but I suppose there is such a thing as too ridiculous. Something to think about.

.... Wow.

Does May actually seen kinda cruel to anyone else? Is it just me?

"Mister President, she has done it again." the C.I.A. operative stated calmly. "We Still need to learn the secrets of this "magic", politely request a new ambassador be sent from this Canterlot." the President stated

Luna is the goddess of the night and princess of dreams, how many times do you thing the average human would hold out to the same recurring wet dream about "taking the Lunar Rod" before they'll willingly take the Lunar Rod.

Cadence, the princess of LOVE, and maybe SEX, can literally force you to blindly love what ever the fuck she wants you to.

Twilight, if she is a alicorn at this point, is the only one I can see having any self control.

Woah, Mary’s an asshole. Blackmailing someone into going beyond their limits when they ask not to is dark as fuck. Darker than Celestia for sure. I just hope Julie gets through it without becoming a broken mess like the reporter from before...

Fucking weird ending.

Mary is not a good person.

You are absolutely correct.

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