• Published 9th Dec 2021
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Taking Heat and Blurring Lines - Postmodern

Mary and Celestia learn to appreciate modern video technology, and a fantasy scenario leads to a very real, very submissive new playmate.

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Comments ( 6 )

.... Wow.

Does May actually seen kinda cruel to anyone else? Is it just me?

"Mister President, she has done it again." the C.I.A. operative stated calmly. "We Still need to learn the secrets of this "magic", politely request a new ambassador be sent from this Canterlot." the President stated

Luna is the goddess of the night and princess of dreams, how many times do you thing the average human would hold out to the same recurring wet dream about "taking the Lunar Rod" before they'll willingly take the Lunar Rod.

Cadence, the princess of LOVE, and maybe SEX, can literally force you to blindly love what ever the fuck she wants you to.

Twilight, if she is a alicorn at this point, is the only one I can see having any self control.

Woah, Mary’s an asshole. Blackmailing someone into going beyond their limits when they ask not to is dark as fuck. Darker than Celestia for sure. I just hope Julie gets through it without becoming a broken mess like the reporter from before...

Fucking weird ending.

Mary is not a good person.

You are absolutely correct.

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