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While playing a game of scrabble with Rarity, Twilight Sparkle accuses her of making up a word.

Rarity disagrees.

Dedicated to Carabas.

Special thanks to SigmasonicX for the prompt, and RBDash47 for the scrabble rules nitpicking.

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And thus Twilight had to levy new taxes to pay for a year of smugness, bringing the pony kingdom to ruin and starting Gen 5

Thank you for the story, Mono.
It's great to see you posting stories again

Hmm, actually you posted quite a few things this year. I just need to read them again.

Indeed, this is a very silly story.

And utterly delightful. :raritywink:

That was amazing and beyond anything I imagined when I gave the prompt. Best parts were when Rarity tricked Twilight into guessing the meaning and, of course, the ending. Once Rarity got that letter, I was racked with anticipation.

Shy of her holding the publishers hostage this is really the only way.

Sillier than Pinkie Pie, whom I love and cherish and adore, even when she nearly burnt down my boutique last week.

She nearly what?

"I may as well get it over with," I muttered, opening the envelope and taking out the single page.

I think I know where this is going.


om·​i·​nous·li·e·rest | \ ˈä-mə-nəs-lē-rest \

: Beyond ominous

And there's the punchline.

"Darling, dearest, sweetheart, Twilight Sparkle," I said. "I hope you've saved up because I'm ordering everything on the entire damn menu."

I mean, fair.

Goddamn adorable as always.

But the pedantic in me wants to point out that an overly educated student like Twilight would both point out the grammatical impossibilities in Rarity’s explanation and the fact that dictionaries intentionally include false and nonexistent words.

its ok to point it out, I knew when I posted this that I'm not Smart enough to cover all possibilities so I'm ready for it jkdsjkdsjkd

Also I'm glad you liked it!

Silly and humerous. I can recall having similar debates with my friends over scrabble games, but there was always that player who insisted on using Shakespearian words...

Just one query; was ominouslierest actually a word in Equestrian Ponish, or did Rarity arrange for the word to be added to the Dictionary?

It was added in! I updated the text to make this clearer.

Examples of this include 'esquivalience', which was added as a copyright trap to an American dictionary. You also see it on maps; a 2002 map of Manchester included 'Philpott Street', which doesn't exist, and American maps of the 1970s often featured a 'Mount Richard', which is also made up.

No worries!! Thank you for reading c:

Sorry, no. Scrabble is named by name in the story, and that means the Scrabble Dictionary rules supreme. End of argument.

it's okay because this is Equestrian scrabble and they have different rules! we're all good c:

Assuming the Scrabble dictionary is the same in Equestria as on Earth.

Frabjous. Simply demectorate. Empuisite.

A delightful little story in it's sillyness. And why being on good terms with royalty can pay dividends.

Okay no joke, how many of us actually googled the word right away to find nothing?

This was indeed a super cute silky story. That scrabble board must have gotten dusty has hell though lol

Why?! WHY would you DO this to me?!

Now my OCD won't leave me alone until I'm able to work that word into a sentence with someone! Hmm...maybe my daughter...we converse by phone on a weekly basis...this will be just the thing! (rubs hands with glee).

If only I could see the look on her face...

Thank you very much, Mono, for the laughs (even if they caused me to start coughing because of my sore throat).

Well that was deliriously delightful. It honestly may be silliestier than anything else you've written. This whole story made me frownn't, but the last section really had me grinningly.

I love a good silly story.


Frabjous. Simply demectorate. Empuisite.


Edit: Wait! I remember! Charles Dodgson!

Incredibly delightful, and I love the punchline.

I believe that you've truly captured Rarity's voice. Well done.

Good ant totally untranslatable. Words in Russian are created by adding the suffixes, prefixes and word endings. An all of them are legit.

I am happy now

This was adorable. Thank you for writing this.

Celestia appaerantly is on Raritys side.

That was delightfully silly.

Site Blogger

From the official Scrabble rules:

Before the game begins, all players should agree upon the dictionary that they will use, in case of a challenge.

So the Scrabble Dictionary doesn't "rule supreme" -- it's just one possible word source players could agree on.

Howdy, hi!

Oh my gosh smug Rarity is the best and this line kills me:

Sillier than Pinkie Pie, whom I love and cherish and adore, even when she nearly burnt down my boutique last week.

Just *casually* slipped in there at random.

This whole piece just really nails Twilight and Rarity, the petty argument, the use of some strange word, and everything in between. As per your normal high quality, the chemistry between Rarity and Twilight is fantastic. Just a fantastic piece of work.

Thanks so much for the read~!

Reminding me of a Scrabble game with my older sister, when I triumphantly played ‘Roc’ to finish the tiles… and my school-teacher sister pulled out the Scrabble dictionary and was not gracious in defeat.

That I had explained what a Roc was hadn’t helped, I think. There was no more holiday Scrabble. Too ‘contentious’. I miss Scrabble.

I’m just surprised Rarity had that many vowels on hoof…

This was indeed very silly. Thank you for it.

It's a perfectly cromulent word.

I swear to you, it looked like she wanted to throw the board at my face.

This was indeed a very, very silly story. I love it.

Scrabble rules also dictate that we don't eat the pieces but that's never stopped anyone.

To go with the silly, Twilight should have just put all her tiles down in any order and make up a definition to her new made up word.

Even before I read this story, this comes to my mind:
Bart: Kwyjibo. K-W-Y-J-I-B-O. Twenty-two points, plus triple-word-score, plus fifty points for using all my letters. Game's over. I'm outta here.
Homer: Wait a minute, you little cheater! You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what a “Kwyjibo” is.
Bart: “Kwyjibo” Uh—a big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin.
Marge: And a short temper.
Homer: Well, I’ll show you a big, dumb, balding ape!
Bart: Uh-oh! Kwyjibo on the loose!

So... Trollestia attack again?

I loved every moment of this, for Scrabble has a special place in my heart. And my goodness, I could practically feel the smugness radiating off that final line.

Trollestia strikes again! :rainbowlaugh:

I was expecting Celestia to just write a letter to them using it in a case where it was clearly the one correct word to use (even if the only reason to say it was contrived for this purpose).

This was a fantastic and hilarious read.

Rarity getting only a single present was ominouslierest but what better present could there be? A very silly story indeed C:

Cue Rarity laughing like Mad inside, XDD

I giggled out loud at the last line

Zoquo. Let's see if anyone remembers that one.

I wish I could've laughed at this, but it struck me as petty rather than funny.

Sorry. :pinkiesad2:

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