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Это пиздец, а не жизнь.

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That's clearly not something I expected to see here, but I'm certainly glad that you took the effort to translate one of Motherlands finest. :twilightsmile:

I really liked this chapter! It has that slow build up of insanity and resentment that I love seeing in Luna VS Celestia chapters or stories.

Your talk about her paintings during a process of death of personality make me remember that one song, actually a whole track, that is made to represent the loss of your own sanity.

Poor nightmare, made to live one of her own by her own creator...

Unusually you say... What about me not feeling hunger and thrust for two days - is it usual thing for alicorns or not? I speak my question out.


Thanks for pointing this out.

Oh wow, this fic just flew right by! Great job on the translation, because beyond some strange turn of phrase, everything was quite clear cut!

Just by reading the description of the story it is already heightened my curiosity and furthermore I can't wait to read this once it's fully complete I'll keep an eye on this with putting this in my favorites I just don't like reading something that's not complete yet because you have that feeling of we want more and so that is why I wait until the story is complete but I feel like I should break my own rules and read this so yes let us begin

This story really deserved a translation and the result is very good!

Even though the story is not completed even in Russian, I just wanted to marinate you in the same situation as the author did with the Russians - though you won't have to wait like four years to see the end, your luck.

Brutal reality.


The story is completely finished, it remains only to proofread it, which is what I'm working on now. "Four years" - there was no such thing! Three, and if you count from the moment of publication - only two and a half!

Yes, the author also looks here, hello everyone! :) If you have any questions, you can try to ask them. In a literate literary language, because my knowledge of English ends in the same place where the capabilities of Google.Translate end :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story :)

I have problems with memory sometimes.

I'm not complaining! You should have made a joke in return :raritywink:

I'm excited to see how this ends!

Like for WerWolf_54
Hello. My knowledge of English ends with the fact that everyone calls "Yandex", but this does not prevent me from translating.

this needs someone who understands English grammar and sentence structure to go over it because it has way to many instances of phrases and sentences being worded in a way that no native English speaker would say them and it's so jarring that it instantly takes you out of the story.

I knew this comment will appear and I want to cut my throat open:
I'd been looking for an editor from the US, Britain and Commonwealth countries from like november-december to february-march, I don't really remember.
The result was four guys, and I won't reveal their names - if they see it - hello, how are you doing?
The first two were from the US and just disappeared into the air without saying anything.
The third one is Sombra, which is not able to do much work since he's not in his country at the present moment.
The forth one is... I don't know, just forgot about this.
This is not my fault that the English-speaking people I've found here and on the discord server are such... Well, trustful and answerable.
You don't know how much of a strain is it to me to not just yell at the people sometimes when they ask about this. My blood is fucking boiling right now.

I don't know, I am a Native English Speaker, and the grammar of this fanfic is much greater than several other fanfics of native English speakers I've read.


For example: Ihavereadonefanficthathadabsolutelynospacesorpunctuationinanyofitexceptforfinishedparagraphs
Or: A fanfic whis, for some reason hap mary spelling and grammr erors, and no tjust on, but enugh to make it hard to flw the story.
Or Even: A fanfic which had [spoilers]errors in the font manipulation and every apostrophe coding. isn36&t it annoying?[/spoilers]

The sad part is that in certain stories, these were intentionally done as part of the fun. That was probably one or two of the many, many badly constructed fanfics. Compared to those, the grammatical errors in this one was easily glossed over in my mind, leaving me to enjoy the story.

I'm afraid to upset you, but the closer the end, the more boring the story becomes.

see to me it's the almost fine part that takes me out when I find a grammar or phrasing oddity, it's like this old joke from family guy

It hits that uncanny valley that just slams on the breaks for my reading flow because I have to stop and try to pars out the actual meaning behind what was said. now the story is in no way bad from what I did read but mistakes like those I've mentioned make it read like like a not as bad version of the "beautiful Duwang" translations for JoJo's bizarre Adventure diamond is unbreakable from way back when and it kind of hurts the quality of the story.

Celestia you needed to pit your hoof down with the nobles. Yhis was entirely your doing.



As my dear comrade hazz said, "More concrete, ay?"
Just point at it and say how I should write it. I know there are people, who are better than me, I'm not the best English-speaking person in this sinful world.

This story is about speaking to yourself/others and doesn't contain that much of action, I agree on that, but - at least for me - it's interesting to see characters' inner fight.

Luna do not blame yourself. Celestia did this to herself.

Ok. The story is a bit... Off in places. Not the best translation, but there is no actual perfect way to translate without making changes.

But. I'm looking forward to reading more. It's different, and unique in the way it is written. And that's worth extra points to me. Hope to see the next part soonish.

The English kind of broke down halfway through this chapter.

That end, anyone else get this right away?

I agree, this chapter was a hard read. I absolutely love the concept - a human living as Nightmare Moon! I don't want to disparage the translators, as I'm sure they've done a lot of work to get the text to its current level. But many parts still feel like they've been mangled by Google Translate. The problem is, to fix these translation issues would almost require an entire rewrite of the text.

“Oops, almost forgot! We’ll have to do a party for the Black Smug, when she’s alright! Pinkie jumped and started to bounce to the exit, but after she didn't hear the others coming, she turned around.

One quick correction here. In the English version of MLP, Pinkie calls Nightmare Moon "Black Snooty", not "the Black Smug". The word "smug" is a synonym for "snooty", so it's an easy translation mistake to make.

I'm not interested in being hailed as the best translator ever - I'm not FDR, I'm not Churchill, but I'm interested in errors and mistakes I've made. I just need something more specific than just "This pile of letters is unreadable piece of garbage". I know you didn't mean this.
And if you say this whole chapter is in a need of a reconstruction - I'm completely open about this idea. Just tell me how to do and I will do this.

You can congratulate me: the book is written and proofread, I have started publishing its final part in russian :)


Jokes aside: I'm going to my village in a few days, so I won't be able to translate things, but I'll read your final part. The only thing I saw was that типа очень важный спойлер всего сюжета.

Comment posted by GameHunter deleted Jul 20th, 2022

esto es muy oscuro... estoy facinado y la vez algo impactado

algo muy bien aprovechado, si un ser pensante apenas puede soportar menos de un año solo... cual seria el resultado de estar mil años solo? Incluso si aqui son 600 años... aun es bastante tiempo

I don't speak the sombrero language.

Maldita sea, espero con ansias el proximo capitulo traducido, esta historia de "Reencarno en Nightmare Moon" es una de las mejores hasta ahora, detalla bastante lo que piensan los personajes, mas aun él- o mas bien dicho La protagonista, la cual esta carcomida por los recuerdos que son, y a la vez, de ella, lo que piensan y se comportan los demas sobre ella, su nuevo cuerpo con adiciones extras y sobre todo... el comportamiento de los demas a lo que consideran la Norma

I can see it now...

Once the guards drop Nightmare off outside Ponyville, she/he does the only thing they can think of...


Papers Please...

Thanks for the words, even though in Spanish.

you don't need to do it, after all there is the translator... although sometimes it's not good xd

I was too busy reading the story to answer in English xd I think that the translator is much more useful to Spanish since most of the time if it translates things well, sometimes there are bugs (of errors) that make the paragraphs not understood ok or they repeat but it doesn't happen very often

I just found this and I have to say that this is a fun read. The translation is rough, but not unreasonably bad.

I think we have all sat down and asked ourselves what would we do if we were Luna or N.M.Moon. Me I would do a little research then leave Equestria. There are tons of small countries ruled by tyrants or crime cartels. Depose them and you would have the unflinching love of the entire population. Of course, Celestia would completely loose her shit, but thats her problem.

That would be my plan.

"I could kiss this guy right now, but I should probably not, I doubt these guys are Italian." -Dadecious

Hey, I would not be opposed to the idea of proof-reading the story and fixing a good chunk of it

It's a great story, it's just that there are lots of parts that you can still see it was a translation. Things like words or phrases that mean slightly different things used in place of other more appropriate words or phrases, punctuation being weird sometimes («guillimets» aren't really used in the English language), and etc. As I worked with a few ESL people in my time, it's easy enough to understand the true meaning of the words, but I would like to help to make the story flow a bit better in English.

If you have a google doc or something I can contribute to, I could mark up a lot of the issues for you.

Seriously Twilight. What a fail. Didn't arrive to pick her up and didn’t notify your friends. You get an F

You see, Twilight haven't had time to notice Rainbow about your coming, and she...” Pinkie silenced mid-word, when I turned my head to her and stared at her savagely.
“Who... What... To notice?” I squeezed out, still not believing in what I’ve just heard.

The surprise of the protagonist here is a consequence of the nuance of the official localization of MLP into Russian lost during the translation of the book, in which for some reason some proper names were partially translated, including Twilight Sparkle (Sumerechnaya Iskorka) and Rainbow (Raduga), which was one of the reasons why many people do not like the official localization in the Russian-speaking community. In the original of the book Pinkie called these translated names, which caused the Nightmare a slight panic attack :)

Admiral q pony form, can you tell me the status on rainbow danger dash story

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