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Just a regular guy who has very little knowledge on MLP but a lot of creativity.

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Who did the cover image?


Found it on Google, based the Solar Kisses on her


I know; after all, I'd found it was off from e621...

Isaac Asimov wrote or edited (with his name on the cover) over 500 books. This included Sci-Fi (MANY series + some stand alone novels & short stories), several mystery series, a biochemistry textbook, a science popularization column for Analog magazine, the yearly updates for The Thinking Man's Guide To Science, annotated several books of the Bible, poetry (Hey, limericks count), an autobiography, and a great many others. He is the only author to have at least one book in every major category of the Dewey Decimal System.

Ellison once said "Asimov had writer's block once. It was the worst 5 minutes of his life."

you forgot to list the fetish/kinks

“Oh, what do we have here? Is this your widdle hymen?... well, you won’t need it anymore,” Wintress said as she shoved the toy further into Solar’s pussy breaking her hymen.

That's not how that works. The hymen is not some kind of freshness seal. To people who think that, I pose the following question: how does a woman menstruate with a physical barrier sealing off the vagina? The answer is: problematically. There are some women who do actually have a hymen that has grown to seal off the vagina, but it's a serious medical problem because menstrual discharge collects on the hymen and becomes a hotbed for bacterial growth, leading to a dangerous infection. There's actually a surgery specifically for this kind of mutation, to cut away the excess tissue. The hymen's a sphincter that dilates during penetrative sex, and during childbirth. It's not the cervix though, that's a second sphincter deeper in. People say the vagina lengthens during sex, but that's not true. That'd be a hell of a trick if it was.

The hymen dilates during sex, exposing the rest of the canal up to the cervix. But it doesn't dilate all at once. That's why you have to ease your partner into it, and why lubrication helps. It's also why there can be a little bit of blood and a lot of pain if you go too hard too fast. Yes, the hymen is tearing, but what that means is simply that you're making it stretch too quickly, pushing it past its breaking point. It's a little tear. When people imagine the hymen as a physical barrier and speak of tearing it, I hate to say it, but if there was actually a physical barrier that bleeds, first of all that wouldn't be a torn hymen; it'd be a ruptured hymen, and second there would be a lot of blood. Something like that would need constant blood flow to remain as living tissue, and that close to the clitoris? Sex would carry a risk of the woman bleeding out, and the act would be inescapably traumatic to the woman.

So to those who still think the hymen is some kind of freshness seal, I say to you this. Consider the ear lobe, its thickness, its flexibility being without any rigid structures. Now imagine the tool used to perforate the ear lobe as a preparation for piercing. The business end is a spike. It has to be to achieve such neat results. If the hymen sealed off the vagina, it wouldn't be something flimsy like saran wrap. The body doesn't make such flimsy structures. The body is made to last, and that is true for the hymen, and would be true even if the hymen sealed the vagina. The body doesn't know how to make structures with the expectation that they be destroyed at an unknown time by something other than the body's own systems. So if the hymen sealed off the vagina, it would be at least comparable to the ear lobe. At the very least. Honestly, probably more than that, because the vaginal canal is a mildly acidic environment. So you have this durable, elastic seal in the way of penetrative sex. You think a penis, with its rounded, or since we're talking equines here, fat and flat tip is going to rip through that? And even if it hypothetically did, well we've just returned to the original problem, so...see above.

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