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underrated Drake

Just a regular guy who has very little knowledge on MLP but a lot of creativity.

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I’m surprised rarity didn’t just leave him.

Wayne studied at the local university to become a Lawyer and like many college students he had taken on odd jobs to make ends meet.

Who's Wayne?!

most likely the original name, sometimes I do the same thing, when writing and getting stuff typed I'll use an alternate name, so if someone pops in and read my stuff they'll see some regular character.

Hey no shame in that as i said i do it also plus helps while working on my normal books i convert while in rougj draft

You do what you gotta do... thing is I used to write for fanfiction.com but never made it big, but I found d this page and I enjoy it.

I really liked how you wrote to Dash here, will there be more of her from you?

I have a few more fics.... 20 in total, but I have to rewrite them and make some minor changes... on other words... maybe.

Sequel? I’d like to see another story with Dazzie and Crystal. I’d also like to see a description of them both in this story as well.

I added to my group

“Curse me for teaching you that, and why?” asked Spike



Wait what the heck was that taught for? Lock picking class?

“I don’t think so, however, you have to admit, it is quite comical,” said Crystal as she handed Dazzie her coat.

Well they have a point. But still I’m surprised the next one isn’t going to be about them having a boy before the other.

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