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You may know me from my DeviantArt account with the same. I'm not the greatest writer, but maybe you will enjoy my take on MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK (Profile by Brush-Prism DA)


Celestia discovers that the royal pantry is out of her beloved desserts, so Luna suggests that she bakes a cake for herself. However, it turns out that doing pancakes and cakes are completely different for her. Luna decides to help, giving each other time to reminisce about their younger days and spend some quality time together.

Artwork is by Buryooooo
Title Pancakes!

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“The castle is out cake!” Celestia sounded almost at the edge of crying.

This reminds me of another story I was reading, in which the 'disaster' was that a guy in a movie wanted to kill himself and a girl watching it acted like it's the worst thing that ever could happen. Btw, this story was funny enough to land in shelf comedy!

Thank you very much ^^

When she puts it like that, Celestis realised that she may have gone slightly overboard. The sound of snickering confirmed that and a stone-hard glare from both the Royal Sisters caused the guards stationed at the to return to their stoic positions. “With most of the maids and chefs going home for the day to return early for breakfast in the morning, there’s hardly any bakers left for a good slice of cake before I retire for the night,” Celestia whispered to her sister.


Alight, sister,” Luna commanded, “Start whisking and I’ll add the eggs.” Celestia simply nodded as she started gently mixing the milk with the mix. Luna opened the fridge and cracked three eggs, her expert eye checking that no eggshells. It was then that Luna noticed a smile on her older sister’s face. A sort of caring, loving smile, her eyes full of nostalgia and a slight hint of sadness.


Aww this is actually a really sweet story of Princess Celestia and Luna and it is so funny for Celestia have a cake craving but it's also nice to see them bonding with each other I really like that keep up the good work

Thank you and all corrected ^^

No problem 😊

Very well written characterization. A simple story but quite enjoyable

Very cute story. I like the way you decorate mundane events with colorful prose. It really elevates your fic's atmosphere. Keep it up!

Luna opened the fridge and cracked three eggs, her expert eye checking that no eggshells.

You're missing a few words here.

Thank you very much ^^

>actually posting source of the cover art
I'm pretty sure that's like, illegal. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

Thought I was just sourcing it. I didn't want others to think I was claiming the artwork as my own and others to think of it as stealing it. I draw a lot of inspiration from the artwork, and it felt right to let others see where it came from.

The comment was meant in a tounge-in-cheek manner. Most people seem to have a massive aversion to posting the source, even when it isn't cropped from an adult image. :twilightsmile:


Ah, right sorry. I take things to literally :twilightblush:

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