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German , Trying to write something worth while. Everyone start small after all. Enjoy the Story fellow Bronys (^///-///^)/)

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interesting, you got my attention

Loved seeing that pony the first time can’t wait to see what you have in store :twilightsmile:

This is pretty cool 👍 I wonder what nightmare moons and Luna's reaction would be
Can't wait for next chapter 😊

:derpytongue2: Tell me why I thought that this had something to do with fluffle puff :derpytongue2: . But regardless this is a pretty good first chapter. I'm kind of interested to see where this might go.

Im editing it right now. Adding stuff... Im a messy Author :derpytongue2: Ones it's edited i release it :twilightsmile:
Hope so. It's from a story i write 2 years ago but got never approved do to grammar. Its also a strong contrast to my more random and adult juice filled story.

I have a lot of lore but i seem to have a bad habit of overdoing it. My most lore heavy story never got approved by the moderation since it had to few mlp in the first chapters apperently
What pony? Faust, Nightmaremoon, Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Marksaline, Fluffelpuff, Raven Inkwell?
I get there in chapter 4 probably. Chapter 3 released today, if i get grammar edited while i'm stuck on the Highway...
Because they are connected like Day and Night?

The Black spiral had filled their minds with revelations far beyond anyones imagination. With it's knownlege could many illness that had no treatment be treated if not completly cured.


First, its spelled once, not ones

Second, you got my curriosity and I will keep track on this story.

i wondered if anyone would ever take a crack at writing out how fluffle's sister ended up being a thing.!

love hw you chaged betewen prspectives! But, is the heart in mother really needed?

Marksaline is a devouring force of life and death. The only thing stopping her is Fluffelpuff. After a year growing as a individual, did Celestia and Cadance got added. If anything is stopping Marksaline from following her purpose and nature... It deserve a mark all on it's own...

Nope. I could totaly leave it out. But i just put all my heart into this unstoppable force of darkness that get derailed every minute of the day of devouring a world as a hole. So... Meh...

Also this silly littel thing keeps entertaining me :twilightblush: When ever i hear it on the text to speech function. It's silly, but damn! I can't get enough of it.
It's like a Mario game soundtrack. You play them for hours on end and don't grow annoyed of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do you one better! I make her the Main Character, while leaving her as support or even a anti-Hero.

The next chapter have a sneak peak in my newest blog. Enjoy :pinkiecrazy:

interesting how you mentioned Derpy. and i noticed, you tend to write necessary wrong

Thanks. My phone english language is rather bad... Autocorrection works only like 2/5 of the time :facehoof:

Personally I have the thoery that just like how Celastia and Candace have the dark and light side so to does Marksaline but unlike the others her’s is a actual separate entity aka Flufflypuff

Grammer could use some work. Some sentences just don’t make sense to me

When Celestia returned to bed for a few extra minutes of snuggels, did Marksaline was missing. The escape artist was a known phenomenon.

“Did she find Marksaline was missing. Her Escape artist skill was a known phenomenon

Thanks. As german i sometimes have a different view on how to construct a sentance. Much appreciated ♡

You payed attention. Well... Guess this will not be that mutch of a 'surprise' later down the road... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

there was one fluffle clicp where discord ...discorded...her...she turned into a pink nightmare moon and thumped him with TOM

It's the counterpart to Harmony construct AB123 trying to pull off his routine.

Next chapter is AB123 and Fr33d0me talking about past, present and future. That will basicly set the tune how things are and how things will be planed to become. If necessary or in AB123 view what will happen once Starlight Glimmer will again ruine everything for the Project. Also how exacly Starlight Glimmer did it. Perhaps i write three short variables.

It was the best i could come up with how the Black Marker got to Equus. I must say, i had to throw two prior attempt away for it... Since i'm running out of time for the Sci-Fi contest this has to be it i guess :duck:

I just noticed the contest running 6... of Januar 2022...

Im stupid... Guess i have time after all writing this and my other storys for the contest... After all it's a month away :facehoof:

Quick question. What is your favorit Blueblood:
- Blue as typical Nobel, just a throw away character.
- Blueblood is a villain that need exterminating.
- Blueblood is outwards a typical Nobel but actually is a nice guy and worth of character development.
- Blueblood as romantic interesst with one of the above noticed characteristics?

O by the way. Can you send me a copy of our chatlog? Im feeling creative and would like to restart writing your requested juicy chapter. :pinkiehappy:

frankly, i never cared much about him but a friend likes the version of him being actually is a nice guy and worth of character development

you should probably look into getting an editor because while the premise is interesting, the grammar leaves something to be desired.

I request it several times in the past. The best i get was the generous offer from users like:
- EmptyPlotFiller
- Al Burk
- GrandAdmiral MitthRawN
- Gambling_Sam
- DestoroyahZ
- SilverDiamond
- Bronycommander

This amazing guys/girls helped me a lot over time.
They helped me improve my english and it's structure more than i did in some of the year's i invested learning it on my own to enjoy Fimfiction ♡

- Airy Words , would be a professional that can be payed. I don't have the funds for that...

Thanks :twilightsmile:
I actually had something totaly different in mind to do but here i am... The Chapter of Nightmare and Luna on the moon need some edits now :facehoof:

Another chapter is ready but i have no time for grammar proof reading it. Should be like 99% ready :derpytongue2:

Anyway enjoy the current chapter :raritywink:

Stay cuddly and snuggel some of you'r fellows :yay:

Happy to hear. There will be more before Marksaline become a teen and later a adult. This is all the prequel before the main story. Noone can accuse me of pulling a Disney Starwars if i have a well established staff :raritywink:

Next chapter is mostly ready.
Unfortunately did i run out of proof readers do to the time of year. If i release it depends if i find the time to do it all by myself i guess.

The other storys of my Account need some proof reading and attention.

Not to forget that time for the contest is running short. One day at a time...

Your Grammar made this hard to read... Plz get a beta reader

Otherwise it is very interesting and I think it has great potential

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