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This was great!! Love Buttoncest!!

and their mother would rim their buttholes

:pinkiehappy: Yes! :twilightsmile:

Truly a wholesome story that warms my heart and possibly other things :rainbowdetermined2:

Good premise.

Terrible execution.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes abound.

If this was a serious piece, 4/10.

If this was a troll piece, 11/10.

Sounds about right.

This was painful to read because of the poor grammar.

damnit, foiled again.
Can you give me some examples of whats wrong?
That could help.

I could tolerate the poor grammar; I hardly noticed it most of the time. My issue with this story was that it felt like every other sentence was some paraphrasing of "and then they fucked and it was hot".

I’d honestly just ask someone to edit it for you, would be a lot quicker.

in fimfiction? good luck for me.

11063189 Same. Why skip the sex scenes, especially the orgies?

this feels like a troll fic

This... could have been good. It was a good idea. But instead... it just feels rushed, slapped-together, and it reads as if it were written in a drunken stupor by a drug-addicted monkey

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