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Not much to say. I read stories, try to support the ones that touch me. Now I'm starting to give more. It's a good feeling


Trailblazing. That would be an interesting cutie mark, right? Scootaloo, Seertie Belle and Applebloom thought so! And what better place than in the Everfree Forest?
Little do they know though, that within the dark forest is a gateway. A gateway to a world so unlike their own and so terrifying, that nary a soul will speak its name. Nor the name of those who reside within... Ancient forces of primeval and infinite power within their domain.
They have been watching for generations. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Equus. Never seen... but always watching. Always meddling.


Set in the universe of Storms of Change though, reading the prior is not required.

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