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Set after Season 6 Episode 21- Every Little Thing She Does.

For ruining Pinkie Pie's beloved bakes after flooding the Castle of Friendship, Starlight Glimmer must face a punishment that Pinkie set for her to complete. She's due for a talking with the pink pony at Sugarcube Corner where she will be tested on her skills as an amateur baker, and maybe learn something new at the same time.

Inspired by animation Baking by Szafir87

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Very well written and true to the characters! You captured pretty much the exact attitude and actions of Pinkie and Starlight if they were in this situation and it takes a lot of skill to capture that so well! Great job!

Thank you so very much for your critique ^^ :twilightblush:

“Mess with my bakes, and I will mess with your sanity forever!”

This kids is why you should never make Pinkie Pie angry
remember this... creature can play 10 instruments

without a mouth

“In honour of those desserts that tragically never got the chance to be eaten and digested by the ponies of Ponyville,” Pinkie said with a dramatic sigh that would make Rarity applaud her acting skills, “We are here this morning to bake in honour of those who didn’t have the chance to be enjoyed and eaten with other ponies in love and friendship. May we have a minute’s silence in remembrance of those tragic bakes.” Pinkie’s bottom lip trembled and her eyes began to water as Starlight watched awkwardly at the display. Once that sad move disappeared, Pinkie brightened up quickly.

Amen to that Pinkie Pie

Well that was a pretty interesting story and yeah Starlight should never use that kind of magic on them but it was fun to see Pinkie Pie and starlight actually having fun making cakes and stuff this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

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