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I'm a six course meal, you're just burnt toast. Writing porn that normal people won't.

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Lol, dongly-wongly, it's six thirty on a sunday morning and I'm trying not to laugh so hard that I wake my house mates up. And your making it hard. TINGLY-WINGLY-DONGLY-WONGLY

I'm making "it" hard, you say?

Great job with this. Super duper cute. You captured the childish innocence well. I approve! :twilightblush:

Big thanks! Appreciated.

“ah childhood, such a sweet and sexual time”
roger smith as Dr. penguin

Dan #7 · Nov 22nd, 2021 · · 2 ·

I'm torn between downvoting this for being very wrong or requesting a chapter with Izzy.

Maybe after the series drops and we get some more characters from Bridlewood. Maybe they'll introduce Izzy's childhood friends (or brother?). Alphabittle is too old and OCs are more difficult to make sexy.

Maybe Gloomy Sonnet? Also, Pipp and Zipp may have been naughty with each other as fillies.

Dan #10 · Nov 22nd, 2021 · · 1 ·

Alphabittle's age was never established. He's just big boned!

There's a reason I love reading mature fics for actual story. Sometimes they can be really nice.

I find this one cute.

I see this and I am scared.

Like how tf does someone write this stuff and make the front page when I'm out here puttin in the work and I don't get half as many views

Just gon shake my head and sigh real quick


Yeah, this is a thing that happens.

As someone else already told me, that's just how it goes sometimes. One of my recent ONESHOTS did way better than the main STORY I've been writing. And I wrote said oneshot in a little under an HOUR EARLY IN THE MORNING!

i wrote a story with kanye west in it so tbh im not expecting the featured box

I was half convinced Argyle was going to come home, having diagnosed a heart condition, find the two in flagrante delicto, and that's how Sunny lost her father.


I thought about that NGL. The condom gag amused me more though.

Yes FBI this is it

Wow. Never heard that joke before.

He couldn't deal with this today. He just couldn't. Not after what the doctor told him.

well shit that got dark

"I think I can fit right in."

"You're gonna fit right in?"

:facehoof: :facehoof:

Excellent. I was disappointed nopony had commented on that.

FBI: We don't care. Go away.

Hitch's ding-a-ling was feeling tingly-wingly dongly-wongly again.

Go to horny jail, Hitch. You too, LavenderLace.

Wait wait wait, what did the doctor tell and give him!?!

"Hey, daddy, we have a question for you."

Argyle: Ugh... they broke something didn't they? Maybe one of my historical artifacts? I bet it was that bell thing...

"Is it possible for a colt to pee sticky white stuff inside a filly while playing doctor? The strangest thing happened."

Argyle: Oh... Oh good god, you have GOT to be kidding me...

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